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BofA’s bank services are fine for my needs. It’s convenient in the fact that I can usually find an ATM nearby when needed across the country (except Hawaii) and that I can withdraw money in select foreign countries (UK, China, etc) without fees

The website seems out of date and clunky. It can be difficult to know who to reach out to for specific needs.


Well established bank with great online systems but kooky customer service and fraud protection procedures.

The bank of america app is on point.


I had an account here but cancelled it

It seemed like I was constantly hit with one fee after another and the cutover service was lousy.


Too big, too complicated, too long to get things done.

Our mortgage was switched to them and servicing is terrible. They have made mistakes in paying our tax bills and are slow to respond to requests for assistance.


Customer service has a ton of room for improvement.

They bought our mortgage from another bank. When we called to make an inquiry, we somehow wound up in a collections category. This brought many unwanted phone calls to our home and cellphones.
It took over a year until we finally got someone who actually listened to us, reviewed our record and agreed…no late payments in the entire decade they’ve had the account…FINALLY, the phone calls stopped. But, it took a few more calls to get the negative marks off of our credit report.


Taking advantage of consumers (More than the average bank).

If you over-draw, you WILL be charged per item. However, if they overdraw, they just go ahead and hold on to that for you.

I recently paid the full balance of both of my BofA credit cards. A couple weeks later, the company withdrew the same amount because I had automatic payments set up. Somehow, Bank of America has not figured out how to fix this issue, of drawing twice from an account, and then when you have over paid, they do not refund you the money, they just give you a credit. Therefore, your money sits in their account, possibly without your knowledge, earning interest, until you use up your credit or give the bank a call. I have never had this issue with my Barclay cards, Capital One cards, or my FirstBank card. This is a very dishonest practice meant to take advantage of the consumer. If you want a more consumer friendly, honest(ish?) bank, go for Capital One, Barclay, or even Chase.


Not very good at communicating changes or fixing errors

I opened a joint account with my for paying taxes on a shared investment. We tried to open a two tiered type of account (with higher interest for a Cd type) and ended up earning only .05%… Also, they weren’t very forthcoming about changing the total number of digits in the account number which led to a returned check and penalty from the IRS. My mom had no interest in going online and I figured I didn’t need to – but maybe I would have seen the screw up on the tier account or found out about the added digits.


Abysmal customer service

I went to a branch to get copies of statements for closed accounts. Simple,right? WRONG! The branch would not print the statements which would have taken 5 minutes. Rather they gave me the phone number to customer service and told me to call them. The agent assured me the copies would be sent. They have not been delivered!
BOFA is one of the LEAST customer friendly businesses. Be smart and bank elsewhere.


Unfair transaction balancing

I don’t think any banking institution should balance it’s accounts in such a chaotic, disorganised, manner. Bank of America’s mobile app and online banking styles are constantly conflicting with each other. Neither of them shows transactions, bank fees or other fees, as they occur. Pending transactions can sit in limbo forever. Yet every morning and night BofA recalculates balances without those transactions and fees. This can be very misleading if you only use your mobile app. If you are like me and have short term memory problems, you might not remember every transaction and definitely aren’t going to automatically formulate in all possible fees. Every month I end up having extreme problems, leaving me literally broke, begging forgiveness from BofA; as well as all the businesses that decline due to negative balance. Also, a lot of companies like Lyft, Uber and hotels do temporary account verifications, with random amounts and no regularity, which again, appear and disappear at will. If ill timed, this can put your balance on a precarious perch. Left lingering too long, one might either fail in other transActions. BofA then overdrafts you for however many failed occurrences, including the temporary holds. Since they then recalculate daily, those charges can reoccur daily until the holds fall off. Maybe BofA will then remove some of those fees. But with all of those oopses and delays and fees, you still end up in debt and minus all of the other business transActions being completed.
I regular stay in hotels. Until I opened this account, I never had My problems like this. Since I opened it in June, I have now lost my standing with seven different hotels.
It seems to me those temporary holds, account verifications or whatever else they like to call them; are almost ethically unfair and almost certainly done in conjunction with banks to cause the exact failures that occur. BofA has been way to accepting of them, yet they would never allow customers to temporarily put the banks money in limbo for verification. My transActions with those businesses get paid or I don’t receive services. That should be the end of the matter. Not an open door to playing bookie with my money or my life.


Overall my favorite

Most big banks have their issues. Even though I’m treated as a number and not a person, every incident I’ve had has been fixed - leaving me overall happy with the experience


No complaint so far

I have had my Bank of America checking account since 2008 and have liked the experience so far. Customer service has been helpful when i wanted to transfer large funds overseas.
Also. they have a great mobile app which makes personal transfer and credit card payment easy.


Terrible customer service

They have terrible customer service. I had a problem with my online banking auto pay not working correctly. I told them about it numerous times and they never even acknowledge that there was a problem. They keep saying that I did not set it up correctly. So I had them help me set it up and when I was done setting it up with their help, I asked if it was finally set up correctly and they said it is now set up correctly. A month later and the auto pay still did not work. I called them again and they said the same thing. They still say I did not set it up correctly even though the last person I talked to from Bank of America said that it is set up correctly. They still don’t acknowledge that there is any problem with their online banking auto pay and continue to blame me even though the last person from Bank of America said that my online banking auto pay is now set up correctly. Even though they don’t acknowledge the problem they keep saying that there are other ways to make payment as if, even if there was a problem with auto pay not working, it doesn’t matter to them. They didn’t show any interest in investigating further into why the auto pay was not working correctly. They just keep saying that it is not set up correctly. Even if that is the reason that it is not working, then the person that told me that it is set up correctly lied to me. Or, maybe not even their own employees know how to set it up correctly in which case how can their customers set it up correctly. Bank of America showed no interest in improving their services or their customer’s experience. I have no idea whether this was a problem only related to my account or if it is a problem that other customers are experiencing, but I’m tiered to dealing with Bank of America so I paid my entire balance with a balance transfer to another bank and I probably will never use Bank of America again. Many people will probably not have this specific problem but if they deal with their entire problem this way your experience with them will most likely be the same as mine. Website glitches and communication errors happen all the time in some of the best companies. Many of the major companies that I know of have had some website error or communication problem at least once if not many times. It happens even to some of the best companies. Bank of America’s customer service acts like it is impossible for their company to have any problems, which makes working through the problem with them a very frustrating experience. Good luck getting any problems resolved.


Very Happy

Very good customer service and very easy to work with.

Thanks Bank of America.



One month ago I opened a savings account at BOA as a way to save a little $ for vacations. I figured that they have ATM’s all over the place so it would be a good choice. Tuesday I checked to see if a transfer from another bank had made it into my account only to find that my account was closed. I called and was disconnected, kept on hold, transferred 4 times and told that in the Depositors Agreement the bank or the customer can terminate the account at any time for no reason…and that is what they did. I went to the Portsmouth and it was too late to talk to anyone that day. I set up an appointment and went there today. Not only do they give the customers the runaround on the phone but they do the bank staff as well. Finally they put me on a phone where I went through the same thing as I had on Tuesday only to hear the same thing, based on the Depositors agreement they opted to close my account…no reason need be given and they wouldn’t!! I guess I was getting a little loud in the bank (imagine that) because they asked me to leave. I can never open a Bank of America account ever again!! I guess that is why they have such bad reviews.



If you like fees for any giving thing then bank with Bank of America. If I’m broke why would you charge me a fee??? You put holds on my own money drop the hold then dig into my other accounts without my permission to put money back into that account that I didn’t want to money in in the first place. I will be closing my account in three months to go Navy Federal!


worst bank of america

every single phone call to them takes at least 1 hour.
last 30 days ive been on the phone with them for over 20 hours dealing with a simple thing.


The absolute worst

BOA has been the absolute worst banking experience I’ve ever had. Very first payroll check I deposited had 72 hour hold placed on it, they then released it, I used funds available and THEN they decide to put the entire amount of the check on hold again for another 10 days. They said there was something on the check they “couldn’t verify”. It was a payroll check drawn on Chase Bank… Of course they charged overdraft fees which I then had to fight to get back. Their customer service agents are the most unfriendly bunch I’ve ever spoken with. I’m still waiting for the hold to be removed so that I can then close the account. My advice? Run. Run as fast as you can.


Never rewarded for my loyalty

I have been a loyal and good customer since 2009 and BoA never did me any favor when I asked. Worse, they refused to waive the very few fees (wire transfer for instance) that I found ridiculous and unfair. I come from Europe and such fees are don’t exist. I am now decided to leave BoA for another bank because I am sick of feeling treated like a golden goose.

The only pros: good ATM presence countrywide and online apps.


Worst Bank I Have EVER Had -NEVER USE THEM

They only thing good about them was their app, beyond that, I have nothing good to say. They charged outrageous fees and when I moved out of the area and switched to a local bank, I drove a hours to shut down my accounts in person. They got me the check/cash for all the money and said it was done. Little did I know that it wasn’t. Its take me over 4 MONTHS, countless phone calls with who knows how many hours and every time I get off, they say its fine and taken care of, then I get hit with a fee or a statement in the mail declaring my account is still open. They have been horrible! I would never use them again - EVER!