Bank Of America

Bank Of America
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Great Experience with potential for more value

As a young person, I really enjoy the mobile app and website. Moved to this bank recently from Chase and am very impressed. The rates are poor, however, but I like that you can bundle your services with their Merrill Lynch products to get more value. The new premier credit card also makes up for the bad rates that I would normally get in the checking account. So my strategy is to keep as much as possible in high yielding assets through Merrill Edge and get “preferred” status to maximize my rewards on the credit card. I couldn’t be happier with the customer service. I recommend to my friends and family, which is usually met with some resistance because the bank has a bad reputation from the mortgage crisis. I think it’s time for people to think giving them another shot.


Great bank

Love this bank


Great Treatment

Really the best Bank i ever had in my life.


ATM Pioneers

I’d like they’re atms a lot.


Great branch accessibility & online platform, horrible rates & fees

Great branch accessibility & online platform, horrible rates & fees


Great service, but not cheap

If you’re looking for great coverage and service, go no further. It’ll cost you though - this place ain’t cheap and it’s interest rates tend to be pretty low too


Not my favorite

Called to reissue new debit card that arrived damaged. Charged 5$ then they shut it off and made me wait 45 min to get a temp card. Not happy. At. All.



Should of opened accounts with a credit union!


worst customer service

After talking to a computer that couldnt understand numbers that it asked me to give. key input not vebal and finally getting a service rep after 23 mins of waiting to her e them say that it takes BoA a full week to confirm that funds are in a business’s account( athing a grocery store can do instantly) this calls to question the level of tech or absolute bullshit they put out.


Bad Customer Service

They will never have more than one teller. It is 21 customers in line 10-10-2017 only one teller ,who is in Charge it is always this way!!! 1 he in line really!!!


great customer service

i really like the online interface, very intuitive


Terrible wait time for any transaction

Terrible customer service if you go into any bank or drive thru the wait is always 1 hour or more…the have no employees …Terrible…


I like it

It’s a great bank for personal use


Average bank

Nothing really special to offer customers and many fees


Convenient for ATM users

Went with BofA ages ago because of their better ATM usage policies.


Big bank great locations

The fees can be high but for the convenience it’s worth it.


Worst Company

Don’t use Bank of America. Aside from the mobile app, they do nothing but take advantage of you. They charge me with fees at any given day and I can do nothing about it. Worst company, strongly reccomend to use anything else


Terrible company

Terrible company, terrible employees. So not use Bank of America, they are a scam.


Horrible Inconsiderate People

They Lie about everything!! They Steal your money!!


Look elsewhere…

I’ve been in a tight spot for the last year and BoA does nothing to help that. I have to constantly wrestle with their “protection” in order to access my money to pay basic expenses. The fees are ridiculous, the interest in savings is basically non-existent, their customer service is atrocious. They force these new chips on every customer and they never work and every time I speak to a representative they try to force me to download their worthless app which locks me out without warning.