Bank Of America

Bank Of America
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does not have an option of auto payment

with Chase or Citi, I can set up an auto payment (minimum or full statement)


Slow service

Had incoming wire transfer and it took 5 buisness days for it to post to account. But they charge overdraft fees as soon as you swipe card. International fees are outragous also… $5 atm fee PLUS 3% of withdrawan amount on top of foriegn atm fees. Do NOT recommend for those that travel.


Good one stop shop bank

They are amazing for customers like me who bank with them almost exclusively for my banking needs. I am still not sure if they will be my choice for investment accounts or a competitive credit card. They lost the “rewards” credit card game for some time IMHO.


I love bofa

Easy to use online. Brick and mortar locations everywhere.


Not sure I love it…

It’s kinda hard to get someone on the phone


Bank that careless about you

I made a deposit at bank of america. 10-14-2017 when I originally made the deposit everything went well no problems, like normal bank of america took 300 hundred dollars and made it available to me right away and it stated on the deposit that the remainder of the money because it was a check it will be ready on the 16th of the month, so i went ahead and paid for my cell phone bill, come Monday
i noticed a problem in my account and know it stated that the money would be ready on the 19th of the month so my wife went ahead and made arrangement to pay for the house and the car, so on the 18th I checked to make sure that the money is all set, not only my account was in the negative, I called to see why this happen, I was told that the bank deemed that the owner of the check could return the check so know they have to hold the check till the 24th of the month, i asked then why did bank of america released fund and took them back, the check did not bounce, plus the owner of the check was willing to call them or go down to the bank to talk to them so they can release the funds( keep in mind the funds were available to bank of america at this time) and that the person that wrote the check called his bank and talked to his banker they told him and they can show proof that the check has been cleared on their part, the customer service rep told me that I am pretty much telling a lie, that the bank would not tell the person that wrote the check if the check has been cleared or not there is not way any one could know that, no remorse or sympathy he pretty much told me that the bank will not reverse anything or do anything for me because they do not yet know if the person that wrote the check is going to say it was not him that wrote it. did not make any sense to me so i kindly asked him to transfer me because he kept on telling me he understand and he cant help and no one can, and i stated to him again and again that he does not understand that I cant be late on my mortgage payment nor my car and that they have to be paid, that bank of america does not make it clear to me that my funds will not be in they changed the due date 3 time on me why, he did not know so i asked again to be transferred because he was rude and heartless, then he said yes i would transfer you but i need to set up expectation that no one is able to help you. I told him that I did not care for his attitude and the expectation i just wanted to talk to some one else. it is a shame a bank as big as bank of america would treat some one in distress this way not caring if they are going to become homeless or car less. I tell you one thing whenever you start giving people empty promises like bank of america gave me, and how they do not care for their client well being I would urge everyone that is thinking of becoming a bank of america customer not to do it, because you will be treated like a number with out regards that you are a human being, and be aware when you make a deposit they do not stand by their due date nor would they care even though everything is on the up and up, I am 44 years of age a father of 3 I have never in my entire life been treated so badly and like this. I asked every one to be aware of bank of america and think twice before you do any business with them period.


Worse Bank

Do not ever get their credit cards they will hook you with 0% interest but you will end up paying up to 29% and when you pay it off you will still continue to get billed for interest their customers service needs to be trained better I will soon remove all my accounts over to Chase bank


Customer Service overall very poor.

open an account on Monday just today Wed I was informed my account will be closed because they had a second review they have the right to close my account. Today I went to withdraw my funds I have 2400 they could not give me my money because they need to call a different to get the approval. I called that number they were open they person told her on the other line give her them there funds they have money available in the account. I’m never ever doing business with bank of america. I open a student account. they suck completely.


Horrible experience

Shut down my.account pretty much right away. Was charged $10 service fee for a savings account I didnt even have, my job doesnt do direct deposit so there was also a $12 fee for that and the kicker: i deposited a check from work and they put over half of it on hold so I couldnt access it for TWO WEEKS!!! I have bills to pay, food to buy and transportation to work to get and I cant do any of those things now. Never had to wait so long or deal with such petty fees from my bank before I moved. Would not recommend to anyone. Sad too because the employees were very kind.


Just don’t bank here!

They have fees for depositing checks, which is super old-school. Justin go with a credit union or a small-town bank. Way more privileges and services



So I bank with boa and I have 2 gym memberships coming out my account… Which total around $44.00. I didn’t have the money in the account so they denied the payment,which is fine… I didn’t have the money,so boa have every right not to pay it… They still charged me $35 twice for a NSF… So you don’t pay the gym fee for me,but you still charged me $70. If you paid it I don’t have a problem with paying the fee. But the customer service Representative was like all banks do that… I’m like no, I bank with Capital One and they only charge you the fee if they pay it for you… So what I’m gone do is close out my account soon,cause that don’t make no sense…


Bank Has Gone Downhill

Have four accounts with them including my morgage and soon to close then all. They have closed every branch and ATM with in 1/12hrs away. I called to ask if they would have ATM fees from other Banks since there are no BOA ATMs near me they said NO. That’s the straw that broke the Camel’s back. I hope they go out of business world wide like they have locally!!!


Solid bank

Like all the branches!


You have to know your rights otherwise you are ***** .

They decide to close my account and they said they have the right to close whennever they want for no specific reason and they will not return any remaining balance .
And I just hire an attorney to sue them


I started the checking account with my Social Security two days later I called they said I’m flat broke a hundred dollars in the hole they gave my money out to some of that garnish my wages

I notified Washington DC about this crap I’m a Vietnam vet.!


BOA a willing front for disreputable vendors

If I could give these con artists, liars and customer crushing greedy bankers negative stars, I’d do it.

Bank of America allowed a dishonest public relations company to bill me for almost $30,000 dollars without delivering what was contractually promised and then stood behind the company claiming “credit policies”. This despite proof the merchant failed to deliver what was in the contract, and also after BOA told me “The case is closed”, in those exact words. When that happened and they closed the case, they refunded my money.

Almost 2 months later, BOA reversed, placing all that money back on my credit card claiming the merchant had answered, despite the fact it was one day later than allowed by their own policies. And despite I provided BOA almost 200 pages of emails and evidence the PR company not only failed to deliver what was promised.

BOA couldn’t care less.

After exhaustive contact with BOA, including writing letters to every member of the BOA executive management team and their board of directors, they announced there was nothing they could do because of “credit policies”, despite the fact they were not made clear and the fact their own representative said “The case is closed”. Closed means over in most languages. Not to Bank of America. They even admitted their rep said those very words.

It’s nothing more than a dodge to make you think they are working to protect you, the consumer. My question to them was, “If the case was actually not closed, why did you refund the money?” They claimed “that’s procedure”, again noting something that was never made clear.

This multi-billion dollar corporation refused to take incontrovertible evidence of fraud and protect a 30 year customer from being defrauded. They also have offered nothing in the way of remediation. It’s all about the profit, every nickel they can get.

Allow me to also note there was incontrovertible evidence that the merchant refused to mediate the monies paid and the lack of contractual effort, and then proceeded to lock me out of my own corporate website, essentially cyber-theft. BOA never once addressed this as part of the fraud and theft. In essence, this Charleston South Carolina based company that also works with keynote speakers and has fleeced other clients I was later in contact with, used Bank of America and their myriad of practices and misleading policies to bilk me out of $30,000. And Bank of America could care less about assisting in dishonest merchants.

Bank of America is not there to protect the consumer. They are there to make money for the stockholders. They are not clear with their policies and use the obfuscation to profit. To them, consumers are little more than fleas. Do NOT trust Bank of America under any circumstance. Cancel your credit cards and stop feeding their greed. Protect yourself by seeking out another business that is reputable and has actual customer service.

They have ruined my credit and started sending me unpayable bills without a sniff of concern over being used as a front for a con artist.

Dump everything you can with Bank of America immediately and spread the word. Please.


They are NEVER on YOUR side

Be warned. If you have fraudulent charges on your Bank of America credit card they’ll make you pay and tell you to get lost. If you bank with them, they will rip you off with billpay, charge many hidden fees and trash your credit.



I got charged twice by a business for something which caused my account balance to go negative and when I called b of a, the first person I spoke to didnt have me verify any of my information and didn’t know how to handle the issue, the second person had me verify my information 6 different ways and also didn’t know how to help me. I didn’t want to get charged their infamous overdraft fee because of a business charging me $2,000 twice for a one-time purchase of 2,000. No one helped me and this was the last straw…I will be switching banks.


Crappy Service and Phone System

Customer service is awful. I tried to order checks for my mother and it took me over an hour to get through. The phone system they have is the worst. Confusing and difficult to actually get through. Not to mention, there is no option to go directly to a person. Does no one care about actually servicing the customer. Beside the terrible phone system, I have already put in two and now am trying for a third time to get my mother checks. One lady said that she would get them to my mom quickly as she did not receive the first order, needless to say, 14 days later she still has not received them. I tried to call to get her checks, but neither the ordering department or the local bank will help. They want me to come down to the local branch. I am an hour and 1/2 away from them. Really? Unlike them, I actually work and I service my customers the right way. Time for change.


bizarre bank BOA practices

What a shady Bank!( Bank of America)They cancel your cc or account without explanation,(they did it to me with over 800 credit score,never missed pmt ,paid business loan on time !-maybe that’s why -they couldn’t charge me any interest !) .They also deny services to me!

When you call them they will deny to give you ANY explanation why.What a arrogance and disregard for customers ,not mention stupid business practice to loose customer(I owe business and several properties).Look at they ratings!But they don’t care we will work harder and bail them out again!-Scambags!