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Bank Of America
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Bait and Switch

Had to open a savings account to get one of their cashback credit cards. I have a great credit score (746) and credit history but after I opened the account and applied for the card I was denied. Now I am stuck with the account!


unwarranted $35 fees always

bank of america has mastered the art of editing posted transactions, taking down posts and rearranging the order of transactions in such a way that enriches them, and makes you look like a poor spender. I would no longer trust them to hold and manage my money. i have become very uncomfortable with the idea that my online banking order of transactions can look one way at 1pm, reflecting a certain balance, and then at 5pm it would look a totally different way, reflecting an entirely different and unfavorable balance. Their accounting practice does not seat well with me. If you like to control your own cash flow, use a different banking institution.


Worst bank

Went to ATM to deposit my money. I was unaware that the ATM wasn’t working and it didn’t deposit my money and it didn’t give it back to me. I call customer service to report the insident and they told me it would get resolved by Monday 10/30/17 no later than 5:30pm. It’s now Tuesday 10/31/17 and my money has not been put in the account and they are telling me that it’s going to take up to the 10th of November. Now I’m left without my money and this bank can care less about there customers!! Worst bank ever closing my account with them don’t ever want to deal with this bank again. And I still have to wait for them to give me my money back!

People don’t bank with Bank of America it’s the worst bank ever


I used to bank at B of A

When B of A hit me with 3x $34.00 service charges and would offer a one time grace I closed my account. It was not until after closing my account that they became responsive. They sent a few emails but I didn’t reply. I was done with B of A. Soon after all banks we’re required to give better fee disclosures. Today they wanted $8.00 to cash a check. Tomorrow I’ll deposit it a my bank.



I cannot believe after being a customer since the 1996 I was checking out my account the other day and noticed the $12.00 service charge. I opened this account many years ago and used it as a spare bank account when my kids were in college because there were some Bank of America banks close by that I could transfer money to their account. I had approximately $1800.00 in a savings account and approximately $350 in a checking account and consistently have a Bank of America Visa with approximately $1500 per month in charges that is paid off monthly to 0 balance. I called them up to ask if they could waive the $12.00 service fee and the woman stated that she could not unless $250 deposit per month. I had consistently deposited hundred and $25 per month into the account automatically from another account but obviously not enough to waive the fee. I explained to the woman how many years have been a customer but she did not really care to hear. I told her if we could not waive the $12.00 fee I would cancel my account and without hesitation she said let’s cancel it. Being in business myself I know it takes years to get customers but only seconds to lose them. I would totally not recommend this bank for 1 second.


Worst Bank

I feel this is possibly the worst bank. If you need to talk to someone be prepared to be on hold for 30 plus minutes. Fees are outrageous. Overall do not bank here!!


Worst for fees and low interest on savngs!

I have banked with BOA for over 20 years and watched fees go up. Now they want $12 a month for basic checking unless I keep $1,500 in it, earning nothing! Too many banks have free checking to put up with this. I have $3600 a month in rent deposits from tenants but they insist I have DIRECT DEPOSIT of $250 from an employer to avoid the monthly fee. That’s discrimination against me for being self-employed. Beyond ridiculous. My monthly tenant deposits are 12x this amount! I am moving all my money from BOA. What a sham.


Closed down my account

I loved boa until they closed my account saying due to fraudulent transactions then a month later they send me mail saying they didn’t find any fraudulent transactions, after their investigation. And they still haven’t sent me the check for the money left in my account but tells me I can not come in a pick up my money, the nerve of them


Needs Massive Improvement

I opened an account with Bank of America since they are a national bank and there would not be a problem if I needed to go to a branch. I opened a savings, checking, IRA, and a credit card with them. Although I did not have massive amounts in these accounts, I would think that they would have at least noticed that I was trying to build a relationship with them.
The banker that opened my IRA was not very knowledgeable (I think she was new) and made a mistake when opening it. When I went back to the branch to discuss it, I was told that I needed an appointment. This made me furious. At my previous bank, everything was first come, first served. Here, it does not matter what the need is, you have to schedule an appointment. It would have been great that when you first opened your account, to have been informed that in order to see a banker you need to schedule an appointment. Furthermore, the receptionist was rude and seemed to be bothered by me asking for help.
I scheduled an appointment and later cancelled it. I went to another bank where I was treated like royalty. I closed all of my accounts and am in the process of closing my credit card. My new bank opened my account and were more than willing to help me with my banking needs. I received a card in the mail and a phone call from the lady that opened my account.
Not only does Bank of America have awful rates on savings account and charges ridiculous fees, their customer service is horrible. But of course, I assume that I am just another customer.


By far, the worst company to do business with in all of the ones I have used. I would NOT recommend them for anything! Beware and try anywhere else!

Bank of America is the worst company I have ever used. I would not recommend them for anything!


Account on hold

They can put your account balances on hold without giving you any prior notices. It is quite disturbing to see your account on hold and there are not much information about it. Even though you call their customer service, they don’t have any knowledge. I don’t mind Bank freezes someone’s accounts for any specific reason, but please inform the customer right away why and when money will be released. I am done with BOA and closing all my accounts soon.


2 cashiers always

I swear this Bank never has more than to cashiers at a time and one of them is a merchant cashier so anytime a merchant comes in it’s horrible I mean there’s about 15 people in line and you could be there from 45 minutes to an hour the last time I walked in to the bank it was an hour and 15 minute wait because I forgot my ATM card and needed 2 cash my check and deposit and take money out what was the response from the cashier after saying why is there only two cashiers is will you could have used the ATM terrible customer service long Waits very difficult to find a Bank of America I think it’s time for a change


Customer rep hang the phone on me

Never had an experience like this in my life time. Today 11-12-2017 i called to find out why I am not able to use my business credit card. The rep name was Karen from IT, she told me that I need to step in to a branch, and I kindly told that I did but still the same issue continue. Her attitude was very rushing and that there is nothing she can do for me, and she hang the phone on my face. The most ruddddd, the most unproff bank I’ve ever had to deal yet.
This would be the last card I am applying for, and I did just because of 0.01 rate.


The Worst Bank Ever

The worst bank ever … I had an emergency and someone was trying to make a deposit in my account and just because she doesn’t have BOFA she couldn’t… everything has to be for their benefit not for the customers.


Worst Customer Service

Went to do Business banking at the Cape Coral, Del Prado FL Bank. Long lines and only 1 Teller. In line for an hour total. After 25 minutes in line I questioned the man standing around. It was the Manager and he actually said “Customers shouldn’t be in line, you should use night deposit or use the picture/phone option.” Will NEVER go back to that bank again.


Money Hungry Policies

I just spent 20 minutes on the phone and was transferred 3 times to talk to the right person about stopping a duplicate transfer that Hadnt posted to my account yet. I was told they had to let it post in order to cancel it, which would overdraw my account. It doesn’t matter that the payment was made from one BofA account to another, or that I called them before the payment was processed. They’re going to let it post and charge me a fee because of an erroneous charge. I can’t imagine how they handle fraudulent activity and hope to god I never have to find out.


Angry Customer

I had the worst customer service with Bank of America I had a open active account I deposit a check that still has not cleared is still on hold the day my money was suppose to be available my account was closed! I’m so angry because I have bills to pay and kids to take care of! I spent about 5 hours on and off yesterday with Bank of America customer service I was transferred about 6 different times and was told different things! I had to speak with the risk department who will not tell me why my account was closed because there isn’t any fraudulent activities they just said it was a business decision to close my account and now I have to wait to get my money once my account is fully closed I just don’t understand this at all!



I put money in their atm ,did a dispute and they put temporary deposit in until investigation and they come back and tell me They can’t find my money. After there is a camera on machine and now am left with a double hit . I went in and talk to teller the day I lost the money. Now my account is overdrawn, 1600


Worse bank ever

They will slickly take money from your bank. You have to pay attention and keep up with your balance and expenses.


Bad experience for our credit card merchant service

The merchant representative provided the wrong information and charged the very high fee for our credit card merchant service. Bank of Amercian charged both monthly fee and over 10% for each transation fee. I don’t recommend anyone use their credit card credit card merchant service