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Unethical Company this BofA, a theif!!

I used to love using this card, but now it’s been more of a nightmare. At the beginning of using the card, i was told originally that there will be no interest charge on purchases if i pay the amount of the purchase in full by the due date. So i’ve been doing that for the first few months, no problem what so ever. Then one month i made the mistake of not paying it all and an interest rate was accrued. No problem, i knew why so i didn’t have a problem and i didn’t dispute it. BUT every month after that, that’s where my nightmare with bank of america started. Even thought i continued to paid of my purchase total every month, i was still getting charged interest rate EVERY MONTH. I would call them and try to dispute, sometimes i would get a smart rep and they would understand the situation and will reverse the fee, but other times, i get ones that don’t know what they are doing. so i stopped using the card, and yet i still got charge an interest rate!! Their contract says that if all of the purchase balance is paid of by due date, no interest fee will be charged. But how do i still get charge an interest fee when i’m not even using the card?! When i called to dispute, they said the card have to not be used for 2 consecutive months for no interest fee to be added?! WTF!!! why am i being charge on the 1st month when there is no purchases that was made!? i feel like this is how they make money off of their customers. Most ppl don’t check their statements or don’t want to waste their time researching on why they are being charged on interest rates, so Bank of America will get away with shit like this. A few bucks here and there due to fraudulent interest charges from thousands of ppl who are using their cards can add up and be very profitable for Bank of America. Check your statements ppl, they could be making money off of you as we speak! Very unethical of you Bank of America!! I’m currently a customer who is in the processing of closing my account now!!


Underwriters stealers

They’re stealing my money
They told me everything is fine until one day before closing (the critical time )
And raise the fees 104 $ every month or I can’t buy the house
This’s scam and extortion
I don’t recommend it to anyone
Sterling va


No help at all

Got charged for an overdraft fee (twice) in one day. Called to see why. They gave me a stupid answer that my account was already over drawn. Which it wasn’t. Whatever I’m closing this rediculas account and staying with chase. At lease they will help with this. Customer service at b of a sucks


Worst bank ever

I was a customer for several years. I really should have moved to another bank years ago. They failed on every level. I would give them negative stars if it were possible.


Worst bank ever

BofA is honestly the worst bank I have ever dealt with. My husband is military so we chose this bank, since they are located in a vast majority of places, and we regreted it almost instantly! Their overdraft fees are ridiculous and they will NOT remove them. We had a situation where an automatic withdrawal came out a day early, which we had no control over and our pay hit for the next day. I called to see if they could remove the overdraft fee and they flat out refused! Then another time we came in to some money and had deposited a check on the mobile app. Little did we know they would hold our check for 10 days! When I called to have them release it they flat out refused, even after I explained to them I was on maternity leave and we were working on 1 income and needing to pay bills and put food on the table! They don’t give a damn about their customers and that is poor business! Stay away from them! Needless to say we closed our account out once our check cleared and went to Navy Federal and havnt had a problem with our bank or money since!


Horrible Bank That Takes Your Money

Loyal customer of many many years. I am canceling my account and switching to Chase. They take fee after fee no explanation, terrible customer service. Unethical banking. We are in 2017 BOA needs to make changes and stop all the nonsense charges or all their customers are going to be switching to Chase.


Headache bank

Worst bank of all time. Always give me a headache every month.



We had a check deposit and while waiting for it to drop we attempted to check our balance and discovered that we were not allowed to access the app. Upon calling the customer service line and after 45mins of waiting for a call back I was informed that our account was closed for no reason, there was nothing to be done to stop it or open a new account nor were we ever allowed to bank with Bank of America again. This is inexcusable and infuriating as no one notified us to this change and we were left in the dark about a fairly significant change. I do truly hope this bank fails and never comes back.


hidden fees

They keep changing rules and policies, poor notification and charging fees unexpectedly. Poor customer service that don’t know their own policies.


Horrible bank

“They keep changing rules and policies, poor notification and charging fees unexpectedly. Poor customer service that don’t know their own policies.”
EXACT same reason I am researching other banks to switch to.


They take your $$

I have been with BOA MANY years. Because of an error on THEIR part, they have been deducting $25 maintenance fee from my checking every month since Jan. 2017. When I told them about it in JAN, they said it was an error and that it shouldn’t happen again. The JAN fee was reversed, HOWEVER, the problem WAS NOT fixed, and now BOA is refusing to refund my mtn. fee charges of $250! I even spoke to a “supervisor” with poor customer service skills, and he said, “There’s nothing I can do.” Seriously? They could IF they wanted to! It was THEIR fault, but they’re keeping my money! Unethical and I’m switching banks!


Bad customer service

Never had a problem in the past always pay my bills on time the one time I had a medical emergency and had to leave I pay just one hour past my due date and they will not try to help taking away the late fee I always pay more than minimum and always pay as few days before if I did not have to go help My sick friend I was in a rush to leave I would have not forgotten they do not take that into consideration.



Don’t use this bank! They are too big for their britches! Don’t let them near your money! Did they get bailed out? Did they pay anything back?


Rip you off

Their customer service is horrible.
They will find any way to charge an overdraft fee.
I would not recommend them to anyone. They don’t do much to help you and they have people in customer service you can barely understand. Then they try and make you feel like you are dumb. Happy to say I will be switching banks!


Worse bank ever

They put a 10 day hold of a check I deposited into my account, and did not allow me accesses to a penny for the full 10 days. Meanwhile they charged me $140 in overdraft fees. I have banked with them for over 10 years and have 3 direct deposits going into my account.


good good good

Customer service was impeccable and the rates were the lowest I have ever seen!!! The website was easy to use and made online banking so much fun!! I am proud to be a member of the Bank of America family


Cust service at bank location is bad

I been banking with bank of America for mor than 20 years. I am always happy with bank of America. But every time witch is not often at all. The customer service at the bank location (la Sierra in riverside California )is horrible. They make me feel like they don’t care about me.
They are always under stuffed.or just people work slower the the DMV.
To the point every time I go to this location they make me feel like change for an other bank.
Today I came to get a temporary ATM CARD AND. There is one person waiting to be help.3 guys working and he told me I need to make a appointment. Or wait around one hour.
What happened with my old Bank of America.


What a mistake!

I make a mistake open an account in B of A. No enough tellers to attend the costumers line and outside the automatic tellers Out of Order. I will just laugh and will open an account in a different bank.





Credit Score from 816 to 635

I had a cc through Bank of America for nearly 15 years. I hadn’t used it for a few years and accidentally used it (not realizing I used that card). The bill was $39 and yes it was my charge. When I get my statements since I hadn’t used that card for years I put in my file without looking at it (my error). All of a sudden I see I have a $39 charge thats 90 days late finally after just looking at it. aagh - I immediately called, paid it off and explained the problem. My credit score went immediately from 816 to 635. I pride myself on my credit and no phone call? I also have always been on auto debit never carrying a balance. Somehow…they don’t know how it accidentally got removed from auto pay. I just think this is THE WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE ever! I have been with US Bank and will continue my service with them…they provide 5* Customer Service.