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Terrible security. Terrible customer service. Their app sucks wont deposit my checks half the time. I’ve had my card hacked three times. DO NOT use Bank of America.


Poor service

Lone teller at drive thru and indoor windows at Cypress Lake branch creating long waiting time.


Worse bank ever

Checks are always beingkn hold even after when I opened my account I was able to deposit 600 and use my card and now that I’m putting my checks in it’s always hold for WEEK. I tried cancelling and getting my check back and I wasn’t allowed workers didn’t help at all I was not able to get any money and now I have to go a week with no money because my checks are on hold. Customer service sucks they always hang up.


they laughed at me needing to over draft during christmas

Im broke i work straight commission I do hard money lending b2b i asked for 200.00 i always pay the fees, and i went to the atm and it said no. So i called them they stated after paying 70.00 for overdrafting first payment 40.00 then 100.00 paying them 70.00 plus a 12.00 fee I paid it and im struggling paying it I went to the atm and i couldnt get 200.00 over the holidays. and i argued about paying on the customer service line…HEY YOU COULD HEARING TELLING THE CUSTOMER SERVICE WOMAN TO SAY, AND LAUGHING. I HAVE NO MONEY STRUGGLING AND THATS A JOKE TO BANK OF AMERICA… THEY RECORD EVERYTHING…I PUT THIS ON MY KID… BECAUSE EVERYONE LIES ON GOD…ABRAHAM TRUTH


The Worst

So it’s around Christmas time so I have done a lot of online shopping. Well, a couple of items I misread and they had a shipping fee so thinking I had all of my transactions and orders covered I had enough money in my account to keep it positive, I did not because eventually the shipping and handling fees hit my account that I was unaware we’re going to pull out of my account. So, I try my absolute hardest all day long to come up with the money to put in my account to make it positive. Finally, which my understanding was as long as you got the money in your account by midnight then you would not be charged an overdraft fee, knowing I have done this in the past and I did not get charged an overdraft fee. I called customer service assuming it would be no big deal and they would do me the favor of waving this fee, granted I have been a loyal customer to them for at least 5 years. I even have a credit card open up with them. That I keep payments up on very frequently. I talked to the first rep on the phone, and she told me there was nothing she could do. So I asked to speak to a supervisor, told her the whole situation and ask her if they could please waive this fee for me because of the fact that I did try so hard to get the account up to date that same day. According to her, even though I did not know this that the money had to be in the account by 8 p.m. I don’t usually write bad reviews, nor do I like to ask for favors. But I did both of those because I really needed this fee waived, and she continuously told me there was nothing that they could do for me. I felt very disrespected, considering all the money I have put into my account over the years. And trusted them with, when my account has been hacked twice, and as I recall right I did not get the correct refund I was supposed to receive on that either. So ultimately I believe that Bank of America is a terrible bank to bank with, I do not believe they should have your business. At the end of this review you have to check a box and tell whether you are a current Bank of America customer or a past Bank of America customer, I really wish I could have checked the box that I was a past Bank of America customer. With that being said, I will be finding a another bank to bank with I will ba past Bank of America customer very soon.


Avoid tbem

Lousy rates. Tbey charge almost double for outgoing wires, and also charge $15 for incoming. Let alone tbe minimum balance requirements and monthly fees.


Horrible customer service

Been a customer with them for 10 years. Had an overdraft fee and they told me they could not reverse it. I put money in less than 24hrs later when I realized I overdrafted. I will be leaving them this week.


no cash

What banks doesn’t accept cash? this is most absurd. people get cash as gifts but now BOA won’t accept cash and you can’t deposit cash. worst back ever


Worst bank ever.

All they care about is stealing your money from overdraft fees. I’m a current customer soon to be past. I’d be better off leaving money in a draw.


Terrible Customer Service!

I have had a Master Card through Bank of America since 1997. I have never, ever, not once had a late payment or gone over my credit limit. I recently took out a home equity loan and paid this credit card off. The bank that sent the check to BofA also sent a letter stating to put it towards the balance. They did not say to close the account. I have a copy of the letter the bank sent. BofA insists that the bank letter instructed them to close my credit card account. My bank sent them another letter explaining that the account should not have been closed, it was not a part of the terms of the loan. BofA insists that the first letter says to close the account, so they refuse to reopen it. They are basically calling me a liar and my bank fraudulent. They refuse to send me an image of the letter from my bank. My bank has sent me the letter. It is very, very sad that BoA is unwilling to admit they made a mistake. Instead, they are willing to call a 20 year customer with a 746 FICO score (according to their own website) a liar and my bank fraudulent. I am unable to talk with anyone who is in management when I call to discuss this issue. I have literally talked to 6+ people at BofA about this situation and it never gets escalated to a Manager. There is also no way to email anyone there. It all has to be done by phone or snail mail. I will never, ever bank with or have any dealings with Bank of America again. If I could rate minus stars, I would!


Consistently Disappointed

I’ve been consistently disappointed with Bank of America. When I first started out with them, they were just OK. On the plus side, I had a free checking and free savings account. But they were constantly charging fees, particularly additional fees for using non-BofA banks and high foreign transaction fees.

After 5 years of being a good customer, they told me that they were going to change the accounts and I would have to pay monthly maintenance fees on both accounts. I was able to avoid the fees by turning my checking account into an “eBanking” account and by setting up an automatic transfer of $25 from my checking to savings each month. Fees for everything else were still high, and with an “eBanking” account, I couldn’t conduct any transactions at the teller - only online or by ATM. Because of all the hassle, I began to slowly make a local federal credit union my primary bank. During that time, I was a victim of fraud twice, and one time they didn’t notify me that they had closed my credit card account and didn’t send me a new card for almost four months.

A few months ago, after 10 years as a customer, they changed the account rules again, charging both my checking and saving accounts monthly maintenance fees that are only avoidable by having direct deposits into checking and a $500 daily minimum balance in savings. My free account turned into a costly account with unnecessary conditions.

Today, I decided it had gone too far and closed my accounts. To add insult to injury, I couldn’t withdraw my remaining balance from the teller without paying a penalty since I had a (no longer free) eBanking account.

I’m so happy to not be a customer any longer. Good riddance.


Good Luck using an online password

I have repeating issues from having to choose a new password. I provide answers to secret questions, SS# but it will wants to send me a code to enter. The code NEVER arrives and then off to the phone line to call for a reset. Requires a truncated list of special characters to be used; last five passwords can not be reused… 41 minutes later I finally get into my online account. Hate this bank!


Terrible bank

I hate this bank, all they care about is how to get people with bank fees, and draining people from their hard working money. Do not bank with this poor excuse of a bank.


A Mess From the Start

I opened a single account to find out they opened multiple more and deposited my money in a wrong account and were unable to transfer money from the unauthorized one to the account linked to my debit card while I was on vacation. Immediately closed out upon returning home.


Excellent Experience

Bank of America has been excellent for me. My account has been hacked 3 times and all three they happily got every last cent of my money back. There app is especially quick and convenient to use, and is easily understandable. Customer service is very friendly. Only downside is the high fees, some of which can be avoided when setting up your account.


Not fear fees

It seems to me that BofA hired people who do not have knowledge and experience in banking. Recently we received a check from YMCA and deposited to our account. In couple of days we received a report from BofA indicating that part of this money deposited tom our account and they charged insufficient check fee. We called to the bank and told them that this is not our check this is the check that we received from another party. we do not care if they had money on their account or not, it was not our fault. The BofA representative tried to explain to us that it was correct charge, but he did not know they banking procedures. We are thinking to change the bank and move to another one.


Don’t waste your time

Constant fees, you have to keep 1500.00 in your account or get charged another fee. Then I close my account and they charge me 10.00 for a check to get my money. I will never do buissness with them again. Just closed my account today.


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Bank of America charged me an interest after having paid the whole amount of my card in the correct time. I called a BoA representative with the hope that this charge could be an error but they told me that the system works fine and the interest is correct! It is impossible!


OK bank until my accounts were hacked—then they became very unhelpful!

They denied me access to the money that was left in my account. The transactions that drained my accounts were so obviously fraudulent, yet was told I would have to wait a minimum of 60 days to get any funds from either account. Every time I called the fraud department I was given a new person and had to explain the entire story over. There is not enough time to stop the SS from depositing in the overdrawn account, my major source of income, yet they could not see their way clear to allow me to come in an withdraw that money that (that is so clearly not part of the fraud). Every time I call I am made to feel like I’m the criminal. NOT a great bank for helping the victim.


Doesn’t accept cash

Went to deposit cash in the amount of $200 into a relatives bank account, not allowed to… but a check or money order is ok. Seriously? Cash no good but check is. What a joke.