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Bank Of America
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no more cash deposits

This bank has forsaken basic banking! what i mean is, traditionally, anyone can make a deposit into your checking/savings accounts, but only you can make a withdrawal. Now, they have stopped accepting third party cash deposits! Yes! The new customer service philosophy is “pass the buck”. Rather than accept personal responsibility, they have made it the customers responsibility to identify counterfeit money. which is their excuse for denying deposits. I have been with them for 20 years. If I need a quick cash deposit from a friend or family member, they cannot do it! so, in an emergency I cannot get cash!


Terrible bank

Bank of America is nothing more than another corrupt bank. The sales goals are unethical and cause employees too much stress. If you’re a BOA customer, go somewhere else. Management of this company is nothing more than uneducated bully buffoons.


Poor management

Every time I ever go into this bank I have to wait a very long time one day I went into the bank and everyone was out to lunch there was one teller helping it took so long that when I left a women who was sitting in the parking lot waiting for her friend in the bank said she was about to call the police because so many people went in the bank for so long and no one came out she thought there was serious trouble going on. The bank only has two tellers at a time I dread going in there also my husband went into bank in deer park to deposit money it took 25 minutes because they were so slow not enough tellers!!!



I never write reviews online and I mean NEVER, but I decided to do so in the hopes that I can save others from the same or similar headaches I have gone through with Bank of America. A while back there was a situation that should have been able to be fixed online but the section I had to go into online was so “NOT-User friendly” that I had to go into the bank to get assistance from a bank officer, and even so, she was not able to help me. I ended up having to figure it out myself! Second, when I go to the branches, they never have more than ONE teller available, no matter how long the lines are. Third, I never got offered an ATM card when I opened an account and then had to be on the phone LITERALLY for one hour and a half to request an ATM card. There have been many other instances, one after the other of bad customer service that I have experienced with Bank of America but the one that put me “over the edge” was recently that I went into the bank with my 94 year old mother because she needed to make some changes to her account and the bank officer we met with insinuated that I was manipulating my mother’s decisions because I was giving her advise. This was so uncalled for - and insulting that I could not believe what I was hearing. So in addition to their poor customer service apparently Bank of America’s bank officers are not professional in the way they speak to their clients. My husband and I have banked for many years with Chase Bank, Suntrust, WellsFargo, Ocean Bank to mention a few banks and I have NEVER experienced the difficulties we have experienced with Bank of America online and at the branches. I plan to close out our accounts with Bank of America as soon as possible and tell everyone that I know that if they want customer service to NOT bank with Bank of America. If there was a LESS than Poor star above - I would choose it.


Very poor customer services

Very poor customer services



Customer service has gone down the tubes. It’s now a good 35-40mims wait to speak with a teller. If they have an issue then it could be 1hr to complete your banking. I would suggest Wells Fargo or a good credit union.


opened my account and closed it

I opened a checking account on a Saturday online and funded it with $250. I tried to log on Monday to see if I could add additional funds to the account but I couldn’t log back on. I called (hold for 58 minutes). They said the account was closed as “high risk” with no explanation. I was told if the money posted to the account I had to call again to get the money back or go to the bank or they would send it to me but I would get it back. Complete joke and a waste of my time and $250 is tied up indefinitely. I wont go to BofA again and I will do what I can to avoid them.


Worst bank

I got charge 7 times overdrafts fee on 1 day $245.



I deposited a 14K Check in the ATM machine and then i check my account online, and i got shock my account got negative of -14k, i called bank, they said sorry the system is error, after 2 days i check my online banking again and nothing was showing 14k so nothing was there, i call bank again they told me it take 20 days to verify the check, concurring that the check was bank of America check as well, and the issuer of check told me they have deducted the found from his account so DONT TRUST THIS BANK its not safe, i think they use people’s money.
i dont feel safe here i’m going to close my account. im tired of being in line for 2 - 3 hours with representative.
i will scare to deposit my money , no one knows what will happen.


Deceptive Practices

Bank of America is the worst. I’ve had constant issues with them charging me maintenance fees on my savings account that did not apply to me. I’ve had to call them on multiple occasions over the years to get them refunded. They’ve always taken care of it and apologized. There was one time that I didn’t notice it for a few months and it was a hassle getting them all refunded. Just the other day I was charged a maintenance fee and, as I always seem to have to do, called to get it rectified. I was told that they changed my account terms and I now had a monthly maintenance fee. I was told that I was informed on my monthly statement. I do not get monthly paper statements or even statements via email. I was told that I have to log into my BOA account and download a statement. They did not offer to remove the tiny fee and I closed this account and will be closing my checking and CC account as soon as I change all my information for paying bills to my Charles Schwab Checking account. It’s 2018. I see no reason to look at a bank statement, and I find it hard to believe that many people under 40 do. I personally connect all my accounts to accounting software and keep track of all my finance through that. Even people who don’t do that, have real-time access to their bank accounts online and through mobile apps 24/7. I think Bank of America’s method of notifying customers is deceptive and was intentionally done this way so people wouldn’t notice.


Absolutely Breeze

Its been 7 years and I have absolutely no complaints ever, Credit card, Online banking, online transfer, add Payee, Checks, Loan, you name it.
Oh I love this bank


If you have a problem with a deposit good luck talking to someone. You wait 15 minutes then you get someone on the phone only to transfer you to the same process all over again another 15 minutes. It’s a good place to bank until it’s a problem .

Not good answering the phone. Put you on hold only to transfer you back to the answer machine


Crappy service

We have two cards - pay them off weekly and use them for fuel ---- NEVER HAD problem until recently —
They will hold our payment for 3 to 5 days — even tho it cleared our bank cause they are not making interest off of the card —
So today they left our driver w no fuel money in PA — in the freezing ice storm that is coming in and no way to pay for fuel — I called and they can’t help me cause that department don’t open up until 8:30am eastern time ---- They did this last week as well – while I was at funeral service had to leave the funeral service to get my driver fuel — Even tho I had the confirmation code from my bank they still called my bank to verify ----- We have been a customer for almost 2 years and now this ---- I will be taking my business else where — and closing our my cards —


Never banking with them again

Customer service screamed at me on the phone for trying to get clarification about a charge. Been double charged multiple times, had my account on hold, and waited weeks for solutions. Will be closing my account once my direct deposits are officially cancelled. Don’t do business with Bank of America unless you want a constant headache and horrible customer service. Wells Fargo is way more polite, understanding, and willing to bend over backwards for their customers and I have never had any issues with them. If you haven’t already I highly recommend switching


Branch in Maplewood avenue, my teller and branch manager was excellent.

Loved their customer service and need for problem solving.


credit card services not worth

This bank wonf takes responsibility of their actions.i already closed the credit card and they still keep charging me after charging like 150 of fees and interested. Fees are horrible service is horrible too. Do not recommend this bank


terrible customer services and online banking system

I will close my account ASAP


Worst Bank in America

I been with Bank of America since 2010 and I REGRET it with all my heart! This bank only cares about their bottom line.


They have crazy rules

I opened a checking account and few day later with out notice they closed my account. And put me a red flag for no reason. Just because I deposited one personal check. From Citibank. when BFA try to clear the check Citibank refused to pay when was enough money in the account. After that I clarify with all kind of documents BFA still not doing anything to clean up my records now I can’t open another account anymore with nobody else…


They will steal your money

Had a savings acct that they set up for a lifetime of no fees. My acct had no activity for a year so they ate the money up with dormancy fees!