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I can’t imagine anyone choosing to bank with BOA. But they keep buying other banks. They bought the bank that had my safe deposit box. That led me to skyrocking fees, opening other accounts there to blunt the fees, and then having those other accounts slammed shut.

If BOA bought your bank, I feel for you. If you chose to bank at BOA, I pity you.


Bank of America just let’s anyone take money from your card without informing you , and your debit card number is never SAFE and on top of that their customer service is really slow I try calling about a wrongly charge since 9am it’s 8:52pm now.

I Wouldn’t recommend Bank Of America to anybody.


after 20 years…

BOA made mistake depositing 2 different payments on one account, After I called and complained that finance charges should be adjusted - guess what - they are unable to do so. I have to pay for their mistakes. After 20 years of banking there I’ll be going elsewhere.


Terrible regard for long term customers

Dropped me as a customer for no apparent reason or warning after 10 years with them. Held my money hostage for 2weeks without any regard for how I would pay my bills or feed my kids and were extremely condescending and insolent. I’ve called up all my friends who use them to drop them.


Have had regular checking, since it took over Nations Bank, with no problems at all!

We buy our checks but that’s a minimal cost considering the bank handles our account free of charge as long as we maintain a set amount to offset possible overdrafts. Never had any problems. We also enjoy having free phone access to keeping track of activity. Vince Curto


They screwed up my loan.

My mortgage was sold to them. They eliminated auto pay, and increased the amount of the mortgage. They let me know this after they reported me delinquent, thus damaging my credit. 3 hours on the phone with them got me nowhere. Despite the website’s rating I would highly advise not going with them.


Bank of America with screw you. …

I got screw again by this bank, in 2010 I try to do a modification on my loan, and they claim they didn’t receive my papers seveal times… I sent proof that I did sent them, and after I sent proof They somehow found them, so I didn’t bother calling back, after two months I called again and, guess what people they never got them, so I said screw this they could keep this house. I lived there for 5 years with no late payments and they could help me when I needed help… So in 2018 I got screw again I tried to make a phone payment twice threw the phone and it never go threw so I just walked to a teller and paid for it and then, I find out they closed my account… I tried working with this bank but they will not work with you, avoid this bank… I rather cash my checks with the currency exchange then with them…


Horrible Experince

Never ever get a mortgage with Bank Of America. They will never responsed to your emails or calls, lag on everything, give you an eastcoast lender if your on the westcoast and cause you too lose your escrow.


Horrible Bank

They are the worst bank Ever,they don’t care about there customers. They charge these unexplainable charges. Closed my account,out and now I’m with Chase and I’m so happy. I wouldn’t recommend them to no one if they paid me too


Money grabbing

Charge customers to replace debit/ credit cards when chip become erratic. Phone robotic answering cuts you off without opportunity to speak with agent. Charges when you transfer money to your account.



When my check card was stolen I called them to turn it off. They did not turn it off when I asked them to. It was left on by them for the thief to use.



So they now charge 12$ fee for people who can’t afford to have high balances wouldn’t it be the opposite ? Also one teller when you go into the branches. I have been a b of a customer for over 25years and now I am moving on to new banks. They are terrible.


Just. Don’t.

Bank of America is truly a pathetic corporation. They charge a $12 a month ‘maintenance’ fee when you go below $25 which is totally unacceptable. Granted I only keep my checking account to pay off my credit card so that I can be totally done with BoA, I usually only keep $25 in the account. I do have a few autopay apps/services that are low in price that come out of my checking but I generally try to keep a close eye on my account balance to keep the $25 minimum balance and avoid the $12 fee. Yes, I signed up knowing this would happen but after being out of work for a while and having to spare my money, it was a nousiance to have $12 taken from my account when I would drop even 1 cent below $25 (mind you, I did cancel autopay services during my time of unemployment- I’m not totally bad with my finances). And let’s not talk about overdrawn fees. My gosh, if you overdraw and don’t fix it within 20 minutes BOOM -$35 plus whatever you’re overdrawn. Could it be possible that they’re digging someone deeper into an accidental hole they just dug trying to buy gas just so that the can get more money out of us because all the fees they charge for OUR money isn’t enough??? Gasp. And not to go all out on a complete BoA bash session, but… I recently had my car broken into and my checkbook was stolen. Yes, I should’ve had my account canceled and started a new one but I didn’t because I do not live anywhere near a Bank of America; incidentally these banks are not placed all over America like one would assume. Bank of Certain States in America is more appropriate. Anyway. The customer service rep was not helpful or friendly! (Go figure) She told me I could cancel my account or basically be S.O.L. to which I replied that I would like to have those certain checks stolen cancelled and unredeemable. She did cancel them but she said that’s all she/they could do. I could not claim fraudulence to my account. All unauthorized activity would be at my expense. Maybe I am being wreckless by keeping the account, but luckily that was over 2 months ago and I have not seen any identity theft, missing monies that were unexplainable, or fishy account activity. I can only assume it is possible that the checkbook is in an old purse of mine that I have not looked through yet. Regardless, I have not had a great experience with BoA in the 5 years I’ve been with them. It is also worth mentioning that their cards are constantly getting compromised. I have had more new cards with this bank in 5 years than I have with my other large corporation bank that I’ve been with for 3. Within the first year I had already received 2 new cards. This could be a tactic to protect customers’ identity and accounts but 2 in 3 years?? Please be advised that BoA is just not a great first choice bank. They have a lot of inconvenient and burdensome hoops you have to jump through to make your experience and use of their business remotely pleasant.
I have not taken a loan out with BoA so I am not totally familiar with their rates but credit card APR is pretty normal. Overall, I decided to invest my money in USAA since I am grandfathered into that system anyway and I have had nothing short of success with USAA. It was the best decision I have ever made.

Ps. It takes like 2 days before you have access to any deposited checks no matter if they are direct, mobile deposit, or deposited right at the business through teller. (USAA is instant just saying)

Jesse H


Dispute department terrible.

I did not understand how this department operating. Merchant send to them fake receipt of final sale. When on my original receipt was not even mentioned word about final sale. I never been asked to send a copy of my receipt. Dispute case closed and I ending up to pay.


Credit destruction

Bank of America closed 3 credit accounts which were over 15 years old totaling 47,000 with no notification until after closing. All had zero balances and zero late payments. My credit score has since dropped 150 points in one month. There are no other negative factors or changes on my report. They deny that their closing of my accounts caused this, yet refuse to reopen them due to my now low credit score. I have been with this bank since I was 18 years old and with three clicks they have ruined my credit that took me 22 years to build. I am so frustrated.
“We’re sorry, but the terms and conditions have changed” is the best and only response they have been able to provide after many hours in the Tavernier office and on the phone. Yet the “managers” have no explanation of what that means.


Not happy either i agree

Calling up a bank for service i understand other customers are being help but what is the point of that option to speak to a associate i need immediate help so why have a call center if noone picks up calls i might think of switching to another bank if something doesnt change



I am a current customer i had 333.91 in my account then all of it was gone i didnt understand it but then i called to find out what happend noone answered over and over again i called how come noone will answer what is the point of a call cebter if noone will assist the phone customers that doesnt make any sense BANK OF AMERICA


Sucks at phone calls

The most crappy bank i have ever had the audacity of choosing


Credit card problem

After Katrina storm I tried to consolidate my other credit card into that one. Because the interest rate was a fixed rate. For 15 years. I feel like after that my rate was increased. So I told them I not Going to pay that higher rate. I feel like it was done to me because I paid on time. The customer service said something about they lost. So it had to be increased.


The best bank ever

You can trust in this bank