Bank Of America

Bank Of America
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Worst place to bank

Worst bank. Don’t ever bank here. They charge fees for everything. Minimum savings requirements otherwise you get charged. Avoid them at all costs. They take advantage of customers. Non-competitive yields on savings.


A bank that cares only about money, not customer relationships.

The bank charged me $12 monthly fee for two years while I was serving a voluntary proselyting mission in Taiwan after a vendor mistakingly charged my account and knocked the balance below $1,500. Because of the rules of the mission, I could not check the account for two years. Afterwards, I was able to resolve the mistake with the vendor. Surprisingly, the vendor was able to give me a refund for their unused monthly services while Bank of America was adamant not to grant me a full refund despite my circumstance. They even told me that it’s not their problem but my Church’s problem and I need to complain to my church about it. I would not want to deal with any bank that maintains this kind of a superficial relationship with their customers.





Home loan

What a disgraceful bank it took 6 month to get a loan approval never got it that bank is a dream killer, stay away from it but God guide me in the right direction,I finally bought my home w home bridge financial.


Customer for 10 years

I have been with Bank of America since I first open my first bank account and to bes honest Bank of America has become the worst version of banking I honestly don’t know why I stuck with them. They were once customer oriented but have slowly cared less and less about their customers. People we give banks our money so that they can function… when an institution like Bank of America because less and less concerned with their clients it’s time to switch banks… there are less and less tellers at each bank… the phone system is outrages you have to hold for hour sometimes just to get a hold of a human being the automated system never seems to help anyone and I have family and friend that are with Bank of America… honestly this bank cares less and less about people and more and more about making money… bank fees are rediculous and honestly I don’t feel comfortable hold my money there anymore. Customers everywhere when a bank charges you an overdraft fee for putting your money in their institution so that they can function as a company… don’t feel bad asking for it back it’s your money and honestly it’s thievery on their part for charging you an overdraft fee. We keep banks running people don’t ever feel sorry because it your money not theirs… I will be leaving this bank as soon as I open another account I reccommend to everyone friends and family do not bank with Bank of America is an awful Financial institution to put your money in. Trust me I’ve banked with them for 10 years it’s not worth it. You get treated like trash in the end. I hope this institute closes soon they don’t need to rob any more of us.


Worst bank EVER

A family member passed away. I was left responsible for everything. I told the bank, I was on their account? They closed the account and canceled online access as well as auto pay because I wasn’t the primary acct holder! I set up regular payments to continue, $25/mo? Nope…debited my acct for $25 AND $250! I called them again? Told me that they saw the second charge and that the $250 could be refunded. Well, I waited a couple weeks? Nothing. I called back? Told me that I had to submit proof of the $250 payment! I had to submit a copy of my bank statement (couldn’t black out all other charges or it would cost me MORE $ to get another statement from my bank!)…so they not only got proof of the $250, but they were able to view ALL my acct transactions for the whole month! I asked WHY I was told that the process had been started last time I called…if it HADN’T been, and the woman changed the subject, asking me, “I’m sorry for your loss, ma’am, but can I speak now?” I asked for the fax number to send it to? She gave me the P.O. Box! I asked for the fax number again, she asked me, “What?” The third time I asked, she finally understood the term “fax number”! I asked her if it would be completed in the next week, and I was told that it takes 10 business days. I pointed out how it’s already been a week, and she told me, “Yes, ma’am, but it hasn’t officially started yet because we didn’t have the proof we needed to start it.” So last week I was told that they had started the refund process. This week, I need to submit a “hard copy” of my bank statement for proof, and they STILL had the audacity to say, “We’re sorry for your loss.” If they needed a “hard copy”…why wasn’t I asked for it last week? It’s the same department…same bank…but apparently different representatives require different things. If someone close to you has been diagnosed with a “time frame” (6 mos., etc.)…CLOSE THEIR ACCOUNT BEFORE THEY PASS AWAY, or this bank will “stick it to you” worse than ANY of their other accounts that you have to deal with!


Was with Bank of America since 2000,but finally out of there forever.I am so happy to get out and move my bussines to Capital One and Barcley bank.

This Bank should never ever use name as America.This bank has more and more fees for everything,soon they will charge us for the air to breath not only in their Bank,but outside as well.I also want to mention 10 to 20 people in line with 1 or 2 windows open and 5-6 represantatives or managers watching the 2 working.Or coming to you in line and asking usefull question:“How may I help you?”…Just amaizing…


Bad customer service/ website sucks!!!

If you would like some better service run from this bank. There is no ATM in pittsburgh either!!! Really only one in downtown which does not even work 29days out of 30!!! They removed the option to chat with representatives and call lines wait are 4-8min. Really who has the time for it. And finally when you get hold of representative oh look they have specialization. Now I gotto explain same issue 20times by then I am exhausted so see ya bye!!! Nice way to have a bank and not provide help for their customers.


Worst bank ever.

This is the second time they have sold my mortgage


Worst bank ever

This bank holding, prosseing your spending at will and purposely so you account go negative and then bounce your important payment and charge NSF or odraft fees.
This is a gangster bank that grab and steal your money from your account at will.
If you ask for anything they won’t help you with nothing.

Don’t go there. Worst criminal bank ever.


IRA Transfer

They’ll make sure it’s next to impossible to get YOUR money. Mail in a transfer request. Mail in! Then they need $50 to process a check. Ridiculous. Go with Fidelity or Ally Bank. They have way better rate and something called Customer Service. BoA has nothing to offer.


High fees

They are not clear about the monthly charges fees and hidden fees. It cost me around $60 To $80/months since years and i didn’t knew it since i took a look on my account.


Poor Customer Service

I fully understand that most compaines rather have you go to a website to handle an issues however you cant always do that. When you call Bank of America 1800 Customer service number you enter into a nightmare. The auto voice dial doesnt work well, the system will hang up on you and when you finally get someone on the phone, they play the transfer game with the call. They need to do better.


Not impressed

Good access and big bank options but at the cost of high fees.


Worst bank I have seen

Late payment fee and customer service is very poor. I am using BOFA for more than 8 year and this is worst I never seen ever.


Terrible Customer Service

Bank of America at MIA airport. I am writing this as I stand in line to depsoit$ 10,000. I have been waiting almost 30 minutes and I am second in line. I come almost everyday and it is always the same. Long waits in line only one teller working while 2 or 3 employeses walk around the bank ignoring the customers. get to work. Take care of your customers. It is obvious you people dont care about your customers…bad customer service. Someone in managment get this people working Your customers is the most important thing right? Or.maybe not.


Do not open a New Savings Account with them!!

They wont give you the promotional bonus they offer. Ridiculously low interest rates. Fraud bank, stay away!!



i’m with theme for 12 years like at year ago theme change at lot, that banks lett me lose money and time .


Only one cashier inside even on Friday,Service is very slow

Need to have an extra cashier to minimize wait time


Just a terrible life with bank of america

From the constant calls to tell me about benefits and random charges and half hour waits before you’ll be able to speak with a representative.