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Bank Of America
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so easy!

I love the app! I recently switched banks and I’m so happy about the change.


Don’t bank here

I can’t see any benefits to banking at a vampire of a banking institution like Bank of America. I signed up for their student checking as a student. I was slammed with overdraft fees. I was a part of a class action suit due to Bank of America purposely posting transactions out of order to cause you to overdraft. You should not be paying for a bank account. They should be paying you. If you have a lot of money, its not beneficial either because their rates aren’t competitive.

Due to their exorbitant fees, Bank of America can afford to offer super low auto loan and credit card rates for the most credit worthy borrowers. This is the only business any savvy consumer would do with them. They are one of the richest banks because they find ways to slap their customers with fees. Do it only if you like giving away your money.


Harvesting Overdraft Fees

It is obvious from my experience with Bank of America and the history of successful class action lawsuits against Bank of America, that the bank cares more about the profits of its shareholders than its clients.
I was with Bank of America for over ten years. During that time, I was unintentionally part of at least two successful class action lawsuits against them. One was for an unauthorized credit score report and the most recent was for Bank of America’s illegal overdraft fees.
Recently, I was charged a fee on my savings account, even though I had enough funds in my checking account to also cover my savings account. I then got an overdraft fee after I accidentally paid my Bank of America Visa bill using my savings account with insufficient funds. After I realized I used my savings account, I attempted to transfer funds from my checking out to my savings account, but the Bank of America website would not allow an immediate transfer, presumably because Bank of America disables the immediate transfer option after the software detects an overdraft. I called customer service and informed her that I had sufficient funds to pay my Visa bill and I attempted to transfer funds from my checking account to my savings account, but the software would not allow an immediate transfer. She told me that she is not aware of the immediate transfer option being disabled but she did see a record of me using the transfer funds settings the day I attempted to transfer the funds. She told me it was a valid overdraft fee and she cannot remove it. I told her that Bank of America validly lost a client.



i am not happy at all with bofa no help cant even reach a customer service rep. very disappointed. thank god i just opened up a new bank account with south state bank.


Closing account soon

My Bank of America credit card is APR of 29%. I have asked them on two different occasions to help me transfer my balance to lower APR or give me a break for six months and lower APR so I can make some headway. They denied me twice and say they can’t help me. I have always paid on time the paid just over the minimum because that’s all I can afford. The other day I was close to my limit but just under it. They hit me with the interest charged which put me into over the limit and that dropped my credit score by 16 points. I didn’t even spend anything but with their interest charge of 116.00 put me over the limit. That is absolutely ridiculous and I can’t believe that they did that because it’s their interest charge not my chargers, and they hurt my credit score which I’m trying to keep it up because credit is so important. As soon as I can I will close the account and go to another bank! Absolutely do not use Bank of America! I have been a customer of theirs for 10 years and this is how I’m treated; DONT use Bank of America!


They don’t care

The phone service is great BUT the people working behind the others can’t get their job done in a timely manner. I filed an property claim with them and gave them our insurance check requested the funds to be released at the end of the job!!! It took us a FULL MONTH to get the only check refunded to our contractor. Still waiting on the check and this is the 2nd time I’ve been told that I would receive it this week!!! THEY ONLY WANT TO MAKE MONEY FOR THEMSELVES AND DON’T CARE ABOUT ANY CUSTOMER!!!


Brand new account closed because it was completed online

Do not open an account online becaue it will be closed!!!
I opened my account online, had direct deposit of my paycheck setup, ordered, paid for, and received checks thru BOA, bank card on the way and then found out that BOA closed my account. Over the weekend I tried to access my account online and message said it was locked. After being on terminal hold, I was told that my acount was closed but for more information I needed to call different number during regular business hours. I called and was told that my account was closed because I needed to go in person and open my account. What??? My paycheck and other deposits are being mailed to me and will take about 2 weeks to arrive! I was never contacted!!!

Why are you allowed to open an account online if they are only going to close it because you didn’t open in person?


very poor customer service

The service at our branch has been just terrible. Only one or two tellers behind the desk, no one there to help if you think you may need to see someone in the offices. If you have a complaint no one is at all interested in your issues. I was so happy to be closing my accounts yesterday until I saw I was unfairly charged for overdraw, when I was trying to transfer money from one of MY accounts to another of MY accounts. I truly would never suggest BA to any new customer.


Find an alternative

BOA new rule and regulation on check hold. They can now put a 10 hold on a payroll check. Which is what I am currently dealing with at BOA in South Florida. It is not a large check by the way, so if you don’t mind waiting an extra 10 days to get paid give them your business. I assure you I will not. I work to hard for my money to allow them to dictate a 10 day hold!!!


will be leaving soon

bad bank with bad customer service as a corporation they do not care about the little people


I hate BOA

I can not even begin to say how much I have gotten to hate this bank. They only cater for the rich they do not cater for low income people. How can you be charging $12 per month if you do not maintain a daily balance of $1500, or have a direct deposit. If we maintain $1500 we can not eat or pay bills. And not everyone gets direct deposit. I am closing my account and taking my business else where as I do have choices!



Left them because of the ridiculous amounts of fees. I do Not recommend BOA to anyone.


Feel like descriminated

Horrible service, unhelpful staff.



I had an emergency due to my bathroom having a leak therefore i had to use my card for purchases because my insurance only paid for so much… i NEVER been late barley used my card in the past.
They sent me a letter stating they’re closing my account due to my high spending


Charged fee after my card was paid off

I paid my credit card off and they charged me $22.58. I called them and no one did anything. I have reported them. I will never do business with them again. As of today I have closed my card with them.


Waist of time

I have been with Bank of America for 5 years now and have noticed a decline in customer service. Every bank branch I visit only has one teller available and the line is outside. Definitely going to find another bank immediately.


Worse bank in town…

Had to change my accounts to another bank worst customer service ever…manager does not care…should close bank…


3 HOURS of hold time unacceptable!

All I wanted to do was remove myself as an AU on a credit card account. 3 seconds at other banks. Over 3 hours on hold JUST to reach 2 different people because the first one couldn’t do it. RIDICULOUS! So glad I don’t bank with them!


Poor service

When ever you need help, that a service center or the app can’t help with you are on hold for over an hour. Most of the time you can’t get through. They charge you when they make mistakes on your account. For example I reported one card lost and they charged and replaced the wrong card. Then when I called because one of my cards didn’t work they charged me 15 dollars to fix there mistake. Then when I called back they didn’t answer the phone. Was on hold for an hour and half. Go to another bank there is no customer service because you can’t get a hold of anyone.


Bank Of America Suck!

I have been banking with Bank Of America for about 10 years now I dislike the fact that their customer services it’s horrible and they like to randomly charge me overdraft fees randomly.