Bank Of America

Bank Of America
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Bank of America it’s one of the worst bank I ever had

Bank of America will take your money and when you call they say it’s a fee if you used machine more than 5 times , also very disorganized, at the beginning they are nice with you but afterwards, not really


Great experience

Only had a short time to open an account before work. (They) got me all set up fast and easy. Explained everything simply and even helped me make my first deposit. Thanks so much.


Worst Bank of America

The constant fee’s, the poor customer service, their statements online are rubbish because half the time you see charges in your account but are unable to even see what they are from. I almost got brought to small claims court for $100 by them and threatened my credit because of their incoherent accounting abilities and charged my account multiple times for the SAME transaction. never alerting me. A NATIONAL BANK… $100 dollars. Wow. For a bank I would expect them to be financially literate to not ruin someone’s life with $100… reviewing other comments they literally are telling their customers to delete negative remarks and not addressing the problems directly!


I don’t even have an account with BOA!!!

So my friend had a financial emergency. I wanted to help her. So I sent her X dollars to her BOA account from my bank. She mistakingly gave me her account number that was missing a zero. BOA charged me 45 dollars for what they call a return fee. They could have shown good customer service skills and given me a break. Also, keep in mind I do not have an account with them. The money was returned less the 45.00 dollars they took out of my account. I do not have a contractual agreement with BOA… Still, they took my money… No Bank account with them yet they take money out of my account NICE ya. Please find another bank. There are plenty out there that will serve you better. Pick a smaller bank. Remember BOA was one of the banks the government bailed out with tax paper dollars, your money, for their frivolous banking practices.
Bunch of stiffs! Ya!


Worst bank ever

They overcomecharge for bank statements I ordered 60 dollars more and they should I called them they said they can’t return any thing and the charge was made!!!



I just signed up with bank of America and will be cancelling my account


At your own risk

If your thinking about banking with Bank of America please reconsider this bank is not Accurate with you deposit and transactions yes it takes time for some to go through but this back has taken 1000 from my account and I had all the proof to show where my account wasn’t accurate my banlace would go up and down I’ve screen shoot and kept all my receipts my lawyer said the same and good I look at my account very often it has been a week now from today 3/12/2018


Major rip offs

My church accidentally deposited my fundraising check before they were supposed to which overdrew my acct. As soon as I got the text alert that my account was overdrawn (the same day) I deposited funds to cover it (the same day) around 10pm. They didn’t process my deposit until the next day, charged me $35 and refused to reverse the charges. Not the first either



RIDICULOUSLY HIGH fees & hidden costs. Only good thing is the fraud dept.


Statement errors habitually

I use to have multiple accounts with them. I frequently found arithmetic errors in my statements, sometimes just a bogus fees. When I would bring it to a clerks attention, they would immediately assume I was wrong. I had to argue before finally sitting down with an arrogant bank officer who would take the same approach. Rarely did I get an apology once they found I was right. It made me wonder how many hundreds of thousands of customers never caught those “errors”. This is the same bank that was one of the very worst at bundling mortgages bound for failure during the bad ol’ years during the real estate bubble burst under the anything goes Bush administration. I have to say that switching to a community credit Union, after trying several banks (some making other unethical business dealings effecting our children’s future on this planet), I’ve been much happier. Don’t be afraid to do your own research on companies before handing over your money. Vote with your dollars. We can force positive change if enough of us act accordingly and hold companies accountable for being good stewards of the planet and a just world for all.


Somewhat loyal!

Boa has treated me with some degree of loyalty though punished me for something out of my control…would have much more respect if they based their decisions by the “good standing” I maintained with them over many years rather than penalize me for a discrepancy with a student loan issue. They should make decisions based on the direct standing a consumer has with them!!! Not by an issue they have nothing to do with! That’s DISLOYAL BOA!!


Mega bank rocks!

Consistently great service and products. Bill pay is super. Accuracy levels outstanding. Customer service with a smile.


Pretty good

Rates are pretty average, but customer service and pretty user-friendly website and app. Fees are also pretty standard, and credit cards are really good too, but rates are pretty low for CDs and standard for savings.





Trying to catch up

Bank of america is ok, it is trying to catch up industry leaders when it comes to customer experience and the tools they provide on their online platform.


Excellent major bank

While the interest rates on savings accounts aren’t great, it’s relatively easy to avoid fees and their app is great — you can do most of your banking online while having the convenience of widely available physical locations and ATMs, bill pay is ok, and sending friends money is easy. Also good deals on things like car loans.


Good bank

Excellent customer serivce reps, both on the phone and in the branch!