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Bank Of America
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Worst Customer Service ever!

You must spend at least 20 minutes to get connected to an operator when you call them. A computer will respond and will drive you absolutely crazy! I have no idea who has told them that they can guess any issues that engage their customers! Trash. They will deduct money from your saving account in any opportunity. Just insane, unfair, and misleading.


Worst bank

We are waiting 20 minutes and only one teller, is that possible?
BOA Springfield


Rude and unhelpful

I had recently opened an account with them in person (which was simple and pleasant enough) and about a week later I randomly checked my account balance to realize my account was locked. I was shocked and called them immediately.
They said they don’t need to give me any information because “I signed the contract” and that no one in the bank will give me extra information. I politely ended the call, went through the entire contract, found nothing that I had done wrong and called back. This time they said that some analytic had determined I’m not useful for their bank.
Somehow they couldn’t figure that out before giving me an account, which is the frustrating part. I don’t have anything negative in my bank or credit history and definitely no illegal activity. However what absolutely appalled me the most was that they never let me know that my account was blocked either before or after. It had been closed for several days before I noticed - not a single call, email, text or letter. Absolutely disgraceful behaviour and I don’t recommend that bank to anyone.
They are currently also withholding my money (not much, but still) and I had to request to withdraw my own money. Just unpleasant all the way through.


Save your money

Open Discovery card or something else instead. This bank does not care for its loyal customers. Money is what this bank care (of course!). Bad customer service with high interest rate for everything. Invest some minutes to do some research about other banks before you decide to do some business with this bank. Thanks for reading.


Worst online banking experience I’ve seen.

I signed up for a new credit card per CreditKarma’s suggestion. I must say, the online banking experience is the worst I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. The password requirements are absurd, and they disabled copy-paste so using Lastpass or password managers is impossible.

The UI is total crap, and I keep getting logged out whenever their stupid site crashes on me.

Setting up automatic bill payments was a nightmare, and the UI is absolutely awful.

Stay away. Chase/Simple/Wells Fargo have all been much better than this piece of 12 year old vomit.


Worst Banking Experience Ever

I originally applied for the Visa Signature Alaska Airlines credit card. In 60secs they approved it for 4000$ and gave me The Platinum Plus. To be Visa Signiture you need to have a credit limit of 5,000$. I tried to get a hold of Bank of America where I got passed around to 8 different people then to the machine 4 different times before I spoke to someone that said that In the fine print on the application it states that depending on your credit limit you will receive the Visa signature or the Platinum Plus. However, you ask or look for any of the benefits on the Platinum Plus and the card is never mentioned. The only time you see the awards and benefits are when you get screwed into a card that you were not applying for. The customer service was horrible of the 8 different people I spoke with only two were nice the rest said not my department and transferred you before you could even get a word in. I will highly recommend you take your money elsewhere.


Insufficient help

Insufficient staff to help with your needs. Wait time at Bank either in person or in the drive through or on the telephone is far too long. Many mistakes made due to insufficient staff. This is not the staff’s fault; it is the fault of the Bank for not hiring/having enough staff to meet customer needs.


Horrible Customer Service

I have never had a good experience with Bank of America, however since I now work in customer service at another company I will be closing my account. I had two accounts with them and they closed my second one without tell me. The two didn’t know anything, she couldn’t tell me anything, and all she wanted to do was transfer me but the department closed at 7pm but I was on hold for 30 minutes prior to them answering my call.


Love online

Online banking is made easy. You can receive e bills from most companies, the bank will keep track of due dates, minimum amounts due. Easy to understand, easy to use.


No longer free checking, terrible branch hours

I had an account at another bank, but since I was often at BoA making deposits for my boss, I figured it would be easier to cash or deposit my paycheck there as well. Unfortunately, the branch closed at 4PM on weekdays, always had long lines due to a lack of tellers, and employed the most unhappy tellers I’ve ever met. I just put up with it for the convenience of being able to deposit my checks while running banking errands for my boss.

At the time, they offered an eChecking account for which there were no fees as long as you (a) signed up for paperless statements and (b) used self-service options – mobile deposit, ATMs, etc – instead of going to a teller. Fast forward a couple of years, and they discontinued this checking account model, changing my account to where the only way to avoid fees was to have an automatic transfer of at least $25 to my attached savings account every month. Easy enough, right? And if I was running low on funds one month, I’d just let the transfer go through and then transfer it back to checking.

Today I log in and find out that’s not an option anymore either. It seems the only way I can avoid fees is if I have at least $10,000 in my account – never gonna happen. Otherwise, they’re charging me $5 a month. And the only other checking available also charges $5.

Fortunately, I still have my accounts at BBVA Compass, and they don’t charge me any fees no matter what my balance, don’t force me to transfer money to savings, and don’t mind at all if I use their tellers every single day. Plus, I no longer work for the company that was sending me to Bank of America a few times a week, so it’s not like I need to do my banking there.

Obviously I’ll be closing my BoA accounts as soon as possible.


The worst bank

This bank is the worst bank that I ever dealt with. It’s a big mistake I opened the account with Bank of America. To long to answer your call, on hold for good 37 minutes and charges you fees even if you have money in the account, making a dispute takes for ever and they use your money and then they tell you that you have to wait for 30 days till make a final decision and charge you fees and tells you there is no money in the account while you have money and then they put the money back in the account and after they do that still paying for overdraft fees that your not supposed too and just an aggravation


Most Expensive Bank

This bank will cost you more money than you’d could ever possibly save. Their fees are absurdly high. They just not added a feature where having a savings account that cost you $12 a month, and the checking cost that as well. Overdraft policy is absolutely ridiculous, and designed PERFECTLY to make it close to impossible to get back into the +. I’ve also caught them many times moving around my already posted items to make me more overdrawn than what I would have been. It’s absurd. Called them when I was going on vacation across the US. Told them I’d be using my card in another state. 6 months later after I had already gotten back to the state I live in, they shut my card down for suspicious activity. They are just really bad at what they do. Only interested in how much money they can milk out of people. Avoid at all cost. Of the lawsuit from years back didn’t already deter you, it should because they haven’t changed their shitty ways.


very bad, close your account without notifying you for no reason. Ask you to deposit money and promise credit but declined in the end. very bad service… in general, the worst banking service I have ever received in the US.

very bad, close your account without notifying you for no reason. Ask you to deposit money and promise credit but declined in the end. very bad service… in general, the worst banking service I have ever received in the US.


Bank of America is sorry people to deal with .

Had back surgery about 4 weeks ago and gave them a call because I was out of work and started to get behind. They were like we understand and no problem so I ask what I need to get up to date and they told me and that’s what I did . About a week later they sent me a letter saying my credit card account is now closed . They talk a good story to your face . Bank of America is two face .never deal with them again !


This bank is O.K

Nothing to say but when they charge the $35 fee when you’re on negative … I dislike that because they dont even give u a warning first like u have 5business day to get your bank to positive they just automatically charge the fees , those money hungry fuxxs.


Do business elsewhere

Several years ago I setup BoA to automatically pay my monthly balance each month from my bank account and it was a convenient online service. When I tried to pay my credit card from a different bank account, the problems started. They had turned off the ability to setup automatic payments online. Customer service, while always polite, repeatedly gave me poor guidance and caused several months of problems with late fees and interest charges (all of which BoA reversed). I was eventually required to re-enroll for the service with paper forms, and they got that wrong as well. Six months and many many phone calls later, I’m still trying to get this setup properly. Still a customer but planning to wrap up with BoA in the next few months.


22+ year customer gone!

After 22+ years of being married to these morons. I finally have had the last straw. Got hurt at my job 24 weeks ago. And due to inactivity in my primary account, that accrued monthly fees if you do not have direct deposit was closed without my knowledge. And the outstanding fees were withdrawn from my joint account that we live on barely… What great customer service!!! These people have no compassion!! I am on 100% dissablity for now and been loyal to these assholes. And this is how we get treated. I highly recommend a credit union. This has not been the first time these guys screwed me over. Dont let it happen to you.


Self-Serving Bank

Avoid like the plague!
I found out recently I was being billed $12 a month since 2013 for an account they converted without notifying me. They deny not sending documents, as they would be in trouble with the Federal Government, but I received no such warnings.
They called them “Legitimate charges” and would not back down, or refund me. The man helping me told me he could do the last month, but not the others while someone else told me he could try to refund up to a years worth. In the end, I got the last month back, but have been billed for the last few years…as if the bank couldn’t afford to give me my money back for an honest mistake on THEIR part.
Crooked, and disheartening. I’ve banked with Bank of America for more than 10 years, and it feels like breaking up with an abusive partner. Looking for a new bank!


Bank of america sucks

Before I started using bank of america I was using my prepaid card and that were my checks was deposited every month never had a problem soon as I get with bank of america it total bullshit from high overdraft fees to charging me now 25 dollar maintenance fee to now hear the big one Fraud on my account now my account is frozen no one notfied me and now I get paid on Friday and I can’t withdraw from my account I can deposit but not take out what a load of shit then every person I talk to oh someone will get back with u in 72hrs never get a call I work at a call center and this is the worst customer service ever do not I repeat do not let bank of america manage your money ever in this lifetime because they simply do not care about you well being


A pissed off customer


0 star if I have choice

I am ok and often get positive service with customer (face-to-face) services. These are fine. BOA is SO BAD because they charges fees and extra money without notice, always “SURPRISE!” and they must be enjoying fooling and hurting people by invisible charges unless we keep our eyes on every details. They are always lack of communication (no communication they prefer), secretive for those charges. They says “It says here! and micro-tiny words on the statement.” This is management and policy issue than at the branch (customer service) issues. Recommend to keep PAPER statements and go through every single line to check if there is unusual activities had made by BOA because they are always sneaky for charges and no explanation–so easy to miss. They hope customers don’t look at it so they can earn more money—they hate to call it “punishment” but what it is, punishment fee because you don’t have “enough” money for them. If we have choice to leave BOA, we will do so right away. NEVER recommended if you have choice. I dealt with BOA for so many years and their policy and management are HORRIBLE! Don’t deal with the BOA if you have choice.