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Bank Of America
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They are crooks

I disputed bc Iose a check now they want me to pay by the 21 and I lost everything in flood they not even offering help to flood victims they so damn greedy


Poor customer service. Unfair fees

They need to do something about the way they mange accounts and transactions to their convenience.
Example: I check my account before I go to bed lets say around 11 pm, everything looks fine, the next morning a transaction posted along with an overdraft fee this happened in the middle of the night. But, on the other hand, I have a charge that did post during the day I deposit the money needed to cover the charge and avoid overdraft fee around 9 pm (earlier that 11 pm) Im left with a 25 dollar balance but the next morning I have an overdraft fee.
How is it that charges can be posted in the middle of the night along with overdraft fees but credits are not credited at 9 pm? How convenient right?


Joke of a bank!

I got a auto loan with bank of america almost a year ago. When i got the loan i was told i could refinance it in (8-9) months to lower my interest rate! since then ive tried refinancing it a couple of times an every time its a different excuse of why they cant refinance my loan eventho they had no problem financing it in the first place! I also filed for a extension (skip a payment) and was told it was a done deal. The next month comes around an its two day past my due date, i get a phone call saying i owe two payments! i explained to them how i filed for the skip payment an then was informed that i shouldve recieved a email with documents for me to sign an send back which i never recieved! They constantly call sometimes at 8:30 at night. These people will not work with you or anythang! They expect me to make two payments in one month to fix their fuck up! Ive told them several times i will not make two payments to fix their screwup! They constantly tell me the email was sent but i never recieved it! Take my advice and stay away from this horrible place of a so called business!


Home loan joke

I spoke to them about pre approval on a home loan. They were very nice and appeared to be helpful. However, I have received no response in the last two weeks. I spoke to a few people who promised a return call. Now I’m getting no response and no one is available to answer the phone. I would be happy with an email about what is going on. I’m a current customer seriously thinking of discontinuing my business relationship with this bank.


Poor service

Both in the bank and online banking is so poor


No fraud protection

Had a fraudulent charge of $100 dollars on my credit card. Naturally, I disputed it. Bank of America took the charge right off my account… and then put it right back on. Told me the charge was legitimate because the company that charge me had my personal information.


Stay away!

The BOA app and online bill pay is fantastic! That is about all the positives I can think of. Heres the negatives- Customer service and online is horrible! I mean horrible. No one is customer centric and that means- they care less about your business and will do nothing to keep you happy! The banks have no registers for your checkbooks. Thus - totally stupid. Why offer a free standing bank with no supplies. Not another BOA for miles! Next- the atm fees are crazy. Only use their atms. They also don’t warn customers - when u use ur debit card for purchases - use caution. I went to longhorn recently and the waiter charged my card for someone else’s bill. Said it was credited back but wasn’t. So for days- I cannot access my hard earned money bc they have 1-8 business days (that is over 2 weeks, when u include sat and sun) without access to my money! My money was tied up due to someone else’s mistake. Not my problem but oh yes it is. According to BOA - they can’t do anything. Ur not safe. They stink and I plan to leave them. I would rethink BOA. No issues and ur happy. Wait until something goes wrong. U will see!


Worst bank and Customer Service

Worst bank ever. I opened a new account and they closed my account just a few weeks later because I had rented a car for $678 and I thought I had enough in that account, including the deposit for the car in my bank account, none the less when Avis took their money I got over drawn only $138. A few days later when I went to pay the balance and deposit my check they told me they had permanently closed my account and mind you I was updating them and even went in person to let them know that I would be paying a few days later and the misunderstanding with the car rental. Super rude Fraud department on top. Never use this bank. They are not reliable on top of charging way more a month for maintenance fees than other banks. On top of that I waited twice on the phone fore fraud for about 20-30 minutes, insane amount of time for a phone customer service.


A veteran customer screwed by mismanagement and disinformation.

My business partner and I shared an account at a local branch in Rochester, NY. This account was older than BoA’s presence in my area, going back 40 years out of the same bank building.

In June, my partner passed away suddenly, and I went to the bank with his widow to inform them of his passing and to inquire about my next steps since we had a shared account. The bank promptly locked down the account ($7,000+) and gave us a mountain of paperwork to fill out. Once completed, the funds were to be released into a new account in 10 business days.

The 10 day window came and went. I returned to the bank with his widow to check in, more information was needed, documentation, etc… We needed to obtain notarized documents and process everything through probate court. Eventually the branch manager told me not to come in anymore because I was “wasting her time.”

Turns out, the bank wanted to use the business funds to settle a personal credit card debt through a separate BoA account. The business and personal accounts were separate, but BoA saw them as one. As of September 30th, the money has not been released. No accurate status can be obtained from BoA.

This financial hold up of $7,000 cost me $40,000 in business during the busiest time of the year. The vendor accounts that needed to be paid through the business checking account were now delinquent, and I was unable to secure any future orders for 45 days. This means I had to walk away from previously scheduled jobs, and lay off two employees due to an inability to make payroll. Small business is all about cash flow, but when your bank turns off the tap and leaves you with no options, it strangles your business.

This experience has left me with a terrible taste in my mouth. As someone who has kept a Bank of America personal account for over a decade, and for a business to have a longstanding relationship with this particular branch, this is a huge punch in the face. I have already started to shift all of my banking to a federal credit union. I will miss out on some of the flexibility of Bank of America, but at least I know that both my money is in good hands.


Terrible Bank

By far the worst bank I have banked with. Randomly put holds on your deposits even though you are in excellent standings. Deposited a check in the ATM Friday afternoon and still have not gotten my money. Went to bank they wont help they just say your money will be there when it gets there. So our hard earned money is just sitting in space. I will be closing my account.


Wonderful for my small business!

First of all, there are Bank of America everywhere! It is just a bank that is easy to deal with for a small business person like me. They do not have a ridiculous amount of security (unlike CitiBank which regularly disallowed my cc use for very normal transactions); their fees seem fair.


Worst Bank

Bank of America is hands down the worst banking institution out there now a days. Their fees are exorbitant, customer services is nonexistent, and regardless of how long you have been a customer they treat you as a bad risk. I’m a salaried manager with my company, so I deposit the same amount on the 1st and 15th of each month. Even though I’m a customer in good standing they always place a 10 day hold on my payroll checks. They blame it on Chase which the checks are written on, and per their on receipts they claim there’s a risk the Check will bounce. Are you kidding me! Not one check has ever bounced! As soon as my current pay check’ s funds become available I will be leaving Bank of America for good ending a relationship that goes back to 1973 when I opened my account.


poor online transaction

I recently came to United States for masters degree with millions of dreams, I was suggested by my friends to open an account in Bank of America. I had my semester fee due so i had my friend transfer me 1500$, he asked for my phone number and i gave him(He is also Bank of America Customer) there was a small mistake with the phone number. My phone number is XXXX186740 but the money was transferred to XXXX186470.
I wonder how unsecured the Bank is to transfer the money with just a single phone number without any form of second verification this is insane. my friend called the customer support immediately as soon as he realized that it was sent to a different phone number and they simply said that they cant assure that i can get my money back but they would start a research and provided me with the claim number XXXXXX00304 and said it might take 15 days and its already been 15 days when called no proper response. Now we are being asked to wait 45 business days. i wouldn’t recommend Bofa to any of my friends. This is just a human error. Being such a big financial company how could the Bank of America not Anticipate this situation might come to any new customers. When sending a little bigger amount why would it not ask for anything like my first name or last name. just with a phone number?. seriously? have anyone ever thought of the consequences? no alternative? other than just telling the customer that “sorry we cant do anything, its your mistake of sending the wrong number”. Have you not thought of new customers? people make mistakes when they are new. no cross verification. Isn’t this so insecure. i am gonna let the other people know in social media that what if this might happen to them. Bank of america is not safe. During opening a new account, bank promises to give every single help but when the situation comes they step back and say " oh! sorry we cant help you, We cant promise you would get the money" damn insane, frustrating all the feelings in my head such a bad experience with this bank. thank you so much for not helping the common customer. But dont worry every common Customer is gonna face this situation. keep answering to them “sorry we cant help, its your mistake” well done.


To big to care

We opened our account when we first came to the states, back then we arrived with 50k that we deposited - they were helpful.

After having moved to a larger city and opened a couple of accounts they started spamming us and randomly canceling features like auto pay.


Absolutely the worst

Absolutely the worst…horrible customer service, no online chat for your P.C., long hold times…just the worst. I’m taking my business elsewhere



ATM response time excessive



Fees and Customer Srvice could be better. Talking to a automated system is not one needs regardless of the financial status, was frustrating and my problem was not solved, disappointed.


Too many fees

Bank of America charges too many fees.


Easily accessible, User-friendly

Never had a problem when it came to disputing a fee, customer service was also very nice and friendly, making sure they gave me all necessary information and even being lenient with refunding fees.


No real complaints

Lots of ATMs in NYC. Customer support is less robotic than typical big banks.