Bank Took $180 Without Notice :(

Bank Took $180 Without Notice :(
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I’m new here so sorry if this posts twice! This is my second issue I need feedback on.

I got a text saying that all my money was withdrawn by Huntington Bank claiming that I owed them money on an account that was closed over 2 years ago. There was no warning or notices sent, and I had this account since 12/29/2016. (Sidenote: When I opened this account, they said I was in good standing and didn’t owe them no money). I had a lawyer tell me that I might have a nice lawsuit. Can anyone chime in on why a bank would do this?

I’ve had bad experiences with big banks. :frowning:


A human with empty bank accounts. (The same person who’s Chase account was hacked). :frowning:


Hi there and welcome to the NerdWallet community :wave:

Sorry to hear about the trouble. In general, there are situations where a financial institution can take money out of one’s deposit accounts (checking, saving) because of its right of ‘setoff’. A setoff is money being taken from one’s account specifically by their own bank in payment of a debt that the person owes that financial institution.

Based on what you’ve described, my best advice would be to contact Huntington Bank directly at (800) 480-2265 and ask to speak to a supervisor. Explain the details of the situation and try to determine if this seems to be the case. In other words, did you, in fact, owe the bank money on the closed account from 2 years ago? If you did/do, there’s likely nothing you can do about it now.

Best of luck with this - let us know how it goes!


Hey Cori! Thanks for your help and this has all been helpful! You’re an angel! I got on the phone with them and asked them what’s going on. They told me that owe them money on an account from a couple of years ago! But when I checked with the bill company where they said I owe them money from, they have no record of my name! :fearful: I looked at this review on Nerdwallet ( The first comment is a guy who had the same thing happen to him. I really hope they aren’t using customers’ money to pay off other debts… In your opinion have you ever heard of a bank taking money from people at random? Just wondering because I’m finding similar stories across the internet. At this point, I’m thinking why would they wait 2 years before taking my money like this? If I was a bad customer why would they let me open an account. (just where my mind is). I went ahead and filed something with the Federal Reserve and State Attorney General’s office. I got a letter back saying they will send me $48 dollars back as debt relief. I went ahead and asked a few lawyers some advice, but the amount Huntington took is so low they may or may not take my case.

But the WEIRD part is I received a letter from Huntington on New Years Day asking me to call them back over how my account was handled.

If anyone else can think of some tips let me know because I’m open to listening. Thank you Cori and Nerdwallet Family! :grinning: