Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite

Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite
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This card a is very good for shopping and I get good cashback discounts at selected outlets.

This card a is very good for shopping and I get good cashback discounts at selected outlets. The transaction costs are also very less.


Excellent, Elite, Outstanding

This is perhaps one of the best cashback cards ever for travel rewards! I love the bonus 40,000 points that they give you after $3000 spending. It has almost paid me a round trip ticket around the US. In addition, it has the World Elite status which allows you all sorts of perks that come with the MasterCard designation. There are so many, but I was able to upgrade my fully paid one-way trip with Cathway Pacific in economy to Business class with the World Elite status I will always use this card for traveling!


It’s not bad for miles.

I just got this card, my impression is that the rewards are pretty decent. I travel a lot so I’m looking forward to earning some miles. Overall not a bad interest rate, either.


Great card for travel rewards, but the website could be better.

The 2% cash back is a great perk, and actually works out to be a little more since you get 10% of your rewards back when used for travel, so it actually comes out to be about 2.22% cash back for travel. The sign-up bonuses available are also great, if you can hit the minimum spending limit.

The website isn’t as easy to use as other credit card websites, and the auto-pay is a little weird since it will still pay the full statement balance even if you make a full payment earlier, which doesn’t happen with other cards. Still, the website is fairly clean and not too hard to navigate, so it’s really not too bad. The ‘travel community’ they have can get you a few extra dollars in rewards if you submit travel stories, but it’s basically just busywork and not really a useful feature to have. If you’ve got a few extra minutes, it’s worth it just for the extra rewards you get.

The card itself looks good and it’s really easy to redeem the points for travel, but if you use the points to get cash back or any non-travel rewards, your points are worth basically half as much, so if you’re not a traveler, this isn’t a great card.


It’s great. I love the rewards

If for some reason you have a late fee, it’s step. Other than that, the miles are great. Plus when you get the card, and make a certain amount of purchases in a certain time frame, you get a ton of free points. I would recommend this card to a friend.


Awesome rewards, easy to redeem

I’ve had the Barclays Arrival Plus for a little over a year. The card has excellent rewards that are easy to redeem against any travel expense (taxi, hotel, flight, etc.). I got an initial 40,000 bonus miles for signing up and then every few months I apply my newly accumulated points to various travel expenses. The reason for the 4-star rating is because I find the Barclays website to be fairly confusing and I haven’t been able to figure out how to set up automatic payments for the entire amount I spent that month – not just the leftover balance.


Best travel card

Really easy to redeem miles to expense travel charges. Barclay’s customer care is by far one of the best and easiest to work with. Wish I had gotten this card sooner!


Would be the best card if they knew how to handle risk

I love the rewards and the customer service but my partner and I are constantly declined for legitimate transactions. In addition, even calling to confirm the purchase is not enough to get through their risk model. A coworker has recently had the same problem. Seems to be systemic.

You had one job: let me purchase.



it’s really 2.2 percent back because you get 5% back when you redeem your miles


Was really great card till now.

I use this card over 2 years. I was very happy. I used to pay for everything just to collect miles. I did used 3 or 4 times for my travel but, Couple months ago I got letter saying that, my card will be cut in a half - only 1% per $1 and 5% to redeem for travel or other ( their rules ) purchase. Not so happy this time - annual fee is $89 - the same , but awards lower. Thinking about new card…



This card is excellent. It used to be better when they gave you tripit pro, a $49.00 annual value, for free and added 10% back when you redeem miles


Barclaycard Cutting Benefits

Used to be worth it over the Capital One Venture Card due to the 10% back. Recently lowered to 5% back making it potentially not worth the higher annual fee over the Venture Card. Also, the card now requires 10,000 point minimum for statement credits versus 2,500 points before making it significantly more difficult to spend your points (especially compared to venture card). The website is also touchy with rewards page down frequently, not worth the cost or headache dealing with a company that is struggling and cutting benefits as a result.


The worst costumer sevice

This credit card company is night mare, The worst costumer service in whole country.


Changed Rewards

Barclay just changed rewards on this card. Now, minimum redemption for statement credit is 10,000 points (formerly 5,000) and you only get 5% points back on the redemption (formerly 10%). Still 2 points for every $1, which beats out most cards. The annual fee is annoying, but my rewards have been covering it. Overall, good card.


Best card and customer service

I have taken great advantage of the benefits. The 5% reduction is still better than competitors. Gets you a head start to start racking points for your next trip.



The benefits look nice but the customer service is worse than most airlines. They owe me $1068. This has been due to me since October 2015. I have all the documentation showing that they owe it to me. I even have a letter showing that this owed from them. They claim they mailed a check. I have not received it. I have now had 10 30minute plus phone calls and have 5 case numbers open with them. They tell me they are still trying to resolve this. I will be filing in small claims court on Friday if this is isn’t resolved by week end. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS CARD.


Good Rewards. Horrible Customer Service Systems.

Rewards are great. However, since I joined in 2014, they have reduced their point rebate for travel from 10% to 5%. They are the worst when it comes to Customer Service, their infrastructure is horrible. For example, if they detected fraudulent charges on my card, they wouldn’t overnight a new card to me. Took 5-7 business days, or I had to pay fedex for overnight. For several fraud charges, it took them 9 months to solve the problem despite my calling every few weeks. Apparently they didnt’ make a record of it, and when at the end they told me it was my fault for not calling in sooner, when the problem was they didn’t put all their records in the same place. When some restaurants overcharged me, they told me to send my paper copies by mail to a PO Box, rather than just scan and email. I’m switching over to another card that actually has a tech team.


worst card ever

constantly cancelling my card for fraud risk. I cannot tell you how many times I stood in line waiting to call them to reactivate due to denied purchase. Real kicker if your card is cancelled and once you get a replacement card, god forbid you have merchant credits coming back to you on any prev purchase if it applies to your old card. It has been 2 months and I still have not got my merchant credits back from the holidays ($1500). I have never had so much aggravation in my life. Don’t even let me talk about boost rewards…still waiting on almost $400 travel points back for 5 months. No wonder they have it “grayed” out on their website. Terrible card period.


Best Rewards Card!

I have been using this card for 2 years and could not be more pleased. Customer service is excellent! In 2015 alone, I cashed in over $1,000 towards travel purchases. I love the option to choose how I want to redeem my points. The annual fee is annoying, but my points always cover the cost. I haven’t had any trouble with the website, as I mostly use the convenient mobile app. I highly recommend this card!