Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite

Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite
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So much of my time and so many headaches…

This card is a total waste of your time and money. Don’t be lured by their promises. Your card will be blocked unnecessarily (costing you $$$ if you are abroad in foreign fees). But the biggest kicker is the disspute department which bluntly- does not even exist. They will have you jump through this hoop and that hoop- can only submit documents via fax. Not send documents (TWICE!!) and then after hours of your time (30 pages faxed!) not even bother to read what you faxed! We switched to BOA. Life is short. I would rather be rowing.


I’m very happy with it

Great card! 2.2% is the best value out there. Haven’t encountered any issues with this credit card. Couple of times I had the card info stolen, but Barclay had promptly resolved all issues.


Poor customer service

The customer service is horrific; especially dealing with the fraud department. Better value and service for an annual fee card out there


OFX transaction download broke around April 2017

Customer service is useless in finding out if anything is being done to fix the issue. Quicken users have spelled out the fix on the Quicken forums, but Barclay just says there sorry for the inconvenience but won’t commit any details about what is being done to fix. I will likely drop the card soon just for this reason.


worst card ever!

Every thing about this company for the rewards to the the contact person is the worst. They are horrible! Don’t waste your time with them.



OK…so I am rare. A guy with millions in assets and NO DEBT WHATSOEVER…never missed a payment in my life. Its going on 4 weeks now and their “security department” required all kinds of documentation and identification. They are so backward, I’m about to cancel my application. In light of all the bad reviews, its a wonder their CEO allows this stuff.


Securepass makes it unusable with Expensify

As of April 2017 the new security authentication makes it unable to upload expenses into Expensify. I used this card as my work travel card, but with this new “feature” it makes my life a living hell, having to upload all my expenses manually. Dropping this in favor of the Chase Sapphire.


Are these reviews for real?

The rewards are top-notch, and I’ve had nothing but an easy time the few times I’ve needed to talk to customer service, including easily dealing with a fraudulent charge.

I’ve used it freely overseas, and never had any transaction fees or any problem using the card anywhere I wanted. My experience has been basically the polar opposite of so many of these reviews. I frankly wonder if they are in earnest. I guess you might wonder if mine is. Maybe everything is just fake news now. :confused:


Happy Customer

I'm really confused by all of the negative reviews here. I've had this card for over a year. The rewards program is simple and offers a higher return than most. As someone who only wants to use one credit card, it's a good fit. I've experienced excellent, prompt customer service. The one time I had a security concern they express mailed me a new card so I would have it before I traveled internationally. The card also has rental car and travel insurance built in. I'm considering switching to gain the sign-up bonus of a new card, but overall I'm happy.


Used to be a good option

Barclaycard now shows an interest rate of nearly 15% with 800+ credit score. While not making a habit of carrying interest m2m, that’s way too steep for even a single month of interest if you have to—


Top Rewards Card

I am also stunned by the mixed reviews. Easiest card in my wallet to redeem rewards (compared to Amex, Citi, etc.)…deducting $200/month in travel spend in average. The website is decent. Customer service is great. It’s accepted everywhere. Look at the rankings - you get the most for your money. No brainer.


Their dispute team is useless

Have been a member for many years and unfortunately just had to use their dispute process. Paid for a service I did not receive. Clear as day. Instead of contacting the company and beginning dispute, their team decided not to pursue it. Cancelled the card immediately and they couldn’t care less. Go with a company that’s going to go to bat for their customers!


Best card I’ve ever had

This Barclaycard is phenomenal.
-The reward rate of 2.1% is the best I’ve ever seen
-The website is flawless
-Just had my number stolen last week and had some fraudulent charges…they notified me immediately, cancelled all the fraudulent charges, and overnight mailed me a new card for free. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

I have no idea what the other reviewers below didn’t like about it. It’s the best card I’ve ever had.



Please read the reviews before you make the same mistake I did. I have excellent credit (FICO 810) but wanted to transfer 2,000 to Barclay card in light of the 0.00 balance transfer fee/rate offer. After applying for the card (I have never been turned down for credit in 30 years) I was told by Barclay my application was under review. I called once a week for four weeks and was told the same “review process” story. I realized something was not right and read the Terms and Conditions from their website. Barclay’s site states “balance transfers that do not post within 45 days of your application will be charged the 13.99% APR.” Their Terms and Conditions also state that "balance transfers will not be approved until 10 days after we mail your card to you. Additionally, the small print reads “it takes up to 4 weeks for balance transfers to post to your account.” I realized Barclay card was stalling in approving my account so that the balance transfer would fall outside of their “45 days” period. I immediately called and cancelled my balance transfer request and withdrew my application from Barclay card. I then called Discover Card and the 2,000 balance transfer with them was a seamless process and posted to my account the following day. I was almost duped, and I wouldn’t want another consumer to have the same experience I did with a creditor who is setting the rules then bending them to their benefit.


Worst worst experience with Barclaycard

Be careful with Barclaycard. I had Arrival Plus and it was stolen during my trip to Amsterdam. Immediately called customer service after I saw fraud notification. Was told no need to worry. However, a week later fraud team called me saying they were chip and pin transactions and they would put charges on me. Later spent monthly lengthy process with fraud detection team and Office of President, and they would not help me and look at the evidence I provided including police report. I have totally lost trust in this bank and I would not suggest anyone use this card!


May need to give copy of Social Security Card to them

I applied after living at my current address over 21 years and a FICO score of over 830 and got caught in their security. This was my first application with Barclays and they requested hard copies of a drivers license, social security card, and a current copy of a utility bill. I will not send a copy of my social card to anyone thus I asked them to disregard my application. So be prepared if you are not a current Barclay customer.



I applied for this card with a 703 score and was approved for $3800.00 dollars. I did not know that this card required excellent credit. I was interested in what the card had to offer. Especially the no foreign transaction fee. I travel internationally a few times per year so that combined with it being a MasterCard is what drew me in. The 12 months 0% also was a nice bonus.


Abysmal Customer Service. READ.

I survived 4 years with this card. The sign up bonus is a huge plus and I loved that you can redeem points for any type of travel. The good stuff ends there.

Let’s talk about three things - Customer Service, Technology, and Benefits.

1… Customer Service. I have NEVER had a pleasant experience with them. Rude, don’t call you back, and just really don’t care about you as a customer. What do I mean? Let’s use examples. a) Disputing a charge is impossible and takes 1-2 weeks for them to do anything about it. b) they’ll detect a normal charge if I go to a different coffee place than usual and not give me the chance to approve it… they will block the card and then state they can’t overnight you one. So you wait… for 5-10 business days, cardless. c) They randomly placed a “payment hold” … after 4 years on my account. Never missed a payment, never had insufficient funds… and they for the second time in a month are stating it will take 2 weeks for it to come off. So they froze my credit. We tried to get it off and they had to conference my wife, me, and my bank… but they didn’t get that far. They didn’t believe we were who we said we were even though we answered all the security questions. They started asking us to send them DOCUMENTS like our license, etc… WHAT!!! That was the last straw.
2. Technology - If you care about technology at all or want to use the website or app, be warned - they are outdated and don’t seem to be updating any time soon. They pale in comparison with companies like Chase and Citi. Also, if you are using Android or Apple Pay - TOO bad. They claim they are coming out with their own mobile payment system. Soooo… yea, guess you’ll have to wait for that.
3. Benefits - Slowly declining. used to get 10% redemption of miles back, now you get 5%, not surprised if they take this away soon.

Plenty of other cards to choose from - Chase Sapphire is a goldmine.


Bunch of babies!

My experience every time I call with issues has been seamless…and no foreign accents! My score was about 700 when I got the card and they gave me a line of 20,000…so I think that a lot of these reviews are just BS. Great Customer Service. No Dispute issues. No deception. Awesome rewards.


Fast card fee

I just received this card. I was charged $15 for an overnight fee. I did not request that the card be overnighted. Poor customer service. I know it’s just $15, but I hate paying for something I didn’t ask for.