Barclaycard Arrival World Master Card

Barclaycard Arrival World Master Card
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Great card for those who do a lot of online shopping. I have been very happy with this card, and would select it again.

I have had a Barclay’s card for several years. Recently it was upgraded to the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard. This was not something I asked for, I just received notification by snail mail. The card did not lose any of the previous benefits it had, and so far, I have not noticed any difference in the card.
I have had excellent customer service with Barclay’s, and found their website easy to use to schedule payments, check previous statements, and also shop online to obtain extra points.


Great card for travel

I think this is a great credit card. I earn double points on every purchase. Customer service has been great as well. I am able to redeem my points for any travel related expenses with no black out dates.


Good card if you travel and spend a lot

The Barclay Arrival card is a very good card for those wishing to travel and earn cash back to pay for those expenses. The card offers a very generous 40,000 point bonus when applying, which you can redeem for $400 towards your travel expenses on your statement. You also get a 10% rebate on those points, which effectively makes it $440 worth of statement credits.

The card does have a couple of downsides. First, some expenses which you would think would be classified as travel sometimes are not, and its up to how the business/merchant is coded with the card. Also, there is a $89 annual fee, which means you’d have to spend $4500 on the card over the year to get enough points just to “break even”. For some this is not an issue at all, but others this might present an obstacle.

Overall, it is a great card if you travel a lot, providing an effective 2.2% cash back rate if used for travel expenses, and provides plenty of travel related perks for just being a member