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Barclaycard® Ring Master Card Review | Nerd Wallet
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1 Month User

So far, a great experience. Coming from an introductory credit card with Capital One, but have since moved to Barclay’s as it was pretty much the lowest flat Interest % you can get.


Best card I have…

Have an Amex Bluecash Everyday, Citi Thank You Preferred, Amex Gold, Discover It, Bank Of America Cash Rewards Signature, and a Chase Freedom, but my Barclaycard Ring is my favorite card. It has a stable 8% apr, the customer service is friendly, it has a community management structure, and it has a giveback sharing program. Can’t beat the 8% across the board purchases, balance transfers, cheap cash advance fee, etc. Have had it for about 2 years now. This card is amazing!


My favorite card

I have had this card for over a year now, and I love it. It is my preferred card of choice and with the low interest rate of only 8% it will continue to be my go to card. Great customer service and the website has a great UI that makes things easily manageable.


Had this card for 6 months

I am pleased with this card for what it is. To have at least one low interest card in case you want to make a large purchase and carry a balance for a while. But you must have EXCELLENT credit to get it with great payment history with your other cards unless you will get declined. I have read that this is one of the hardest cards to get. And that it was hard to get approved online instantly but I was approved instantly $5000.00.


Clear Info, no Bait and Switch.

Pleased with the clear and up-front information that Barclay Ring card provided on card fees & benefits. I was lured in by the bait and switch of another company that was covert in listing the fees associated with their card. No such problem here. No stress process. Thank you Barclay!


So far, very unimpressed

After I applied and was accepted, it offered an immediate balance transfer offer online or to continue setting up account with security questions, bank info, contact info, etc. I thought I’d set all that up before a balance transfer. Now my online acct says I have no balance transfer promotions available. I’ve called customer service and spoken to 3 representatives for them to tell me since I missed the online option, they can’t help me and I’ll have to wait at least 72 hours (until next week). Ok, fine, but for someone with great credit and new customer, I would’ve expected them to be more welcoming and eager to help. Instead I got the runaround and ‘sorry mam can’t help you’. Not very excited for this card.


Don’t even bother

Unfortunately, terrible experience from start to finish. I signed up for this card over the phone on April 4th specifically to do a balance transfer by April 24th. I dinged my excellent FICO score and wasted my time. I’ll be cancelling this card as soon as I receive it…if I ever receive it. I should’ve seen the red flag from the beginning. I applied over the phone to speed up the process and explained that I needed to do a balance transfer from another card by the 24th. I was told I could pay $15 for two day express to get the card or it would take 7-10 business days to receive the card then another 7-10 business days for the balance transfer to go through. I wasn’t sure if I should spend the additional $15 but the lady told me I could apply, have the card sent regular mail and if I changed my mind, to call back immediately and change to have card sent 2 day. The next day, I received an approval email and decided I wanted the card sent two day to find out I had to request this at time of application! Not happy! Now I had to wait and hope it came in time. On April 14th, I called as I didn’t receive the card in the mail. I was told that the card wasn’t processed until April 7th (three days after I applied!) and that I would be getting the card soon. Well, on April 26th I still hadn’t even received the card so I called again. At this point, it was too late to do the balance transfer and I decided that I’m afraid to even use this card with a company who can’t even get the new client application processed correctly. I just wanted to be sure someone else wasn’t using the card; it had been 22 days since I applied! Customer service agent informed me that the card was mailed out on April 24th and apologized for the delay. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I will be closing my account. This company is not reliable at all!


Excellent customer service

I applied online looking specifically for a good card with 0% balance transfers, without a fee, and 0% APR for new purchases for an extended amount of time. I do have a great credit score and this card rewards that! When the instant approval went through, I noticed on the website that it appeared I wasn’t eligible for a balance transfer and that my APR for new purchases was 13%! Naturally I was concerned and called right away. I was told (by a very nice customer service person) that the reason it appeared I wasn’t approved for the balance transfer was because it was already being processed; I’d set it up in advance during the initial application process! Also, the APR for new purchases WAS 0% but didn’t reflect that yet on the website because it was the immediate default viewing; my APR was in fact 0% and the site will reflect that in 24-48 hours when it’s fully updated. Lastly, I was assisted with setting up automatic online bill pay so I never have to worry about being late for a payment. Excellent service so far!


Worst credit card ever

This credit card told me 100% over the phone that they would send me a balance transfer checks in the mail. Well I called him when I got my credit card sent in the mail and I said “oh sorry someone miss spoke”. Now I have just opened a credit card that I don’t need I’m just ruined my credit even more. Friend also applied for this credit card and was given a credit line of $250. When all of his other credit cards offer him a $10,000 credit line


Excellent card. Great customer service. No issues.

I just transferred a balance from NFCU to take advantage of the 15 Month 0% APR offer. I created my account on 7/14 and requested a balance transfer during account creation. It is noted that balance transfers can take up to 4 weeks, and my transfer completed processing on 8/1, or 13 business days from when I submitted my transfer request. I was able to link my Barclays and NFCU account and immediately start transferring payments to pay off my newly moved balance. Very happy to not be paying any interest charges on my debt.

  1. Excellent Customer service – I submitted a question via the “contact us” form within their site and received a response in 30 minutes addressing my concerns exactly. I also started looking through the active community posts and see feedback posted by Barclays employees trying to address users.

  2. Perfect Credit limit – I received a generous credit limit BASED ON THE AMOUNT OF MY BALANCE TRANSFER. This was more than enough for me, but I can see some people having issues due to user error on their part.

  3. Easy Process/Application – The application was simple and the balance transfer process required nothing more than waiting on my part. The Terms and Conditions, which any adult applying for a new line of credit should read and re-read, was very simple to understand.

  4. Expected Credit Score impact – As expected, opening a new line of credit hurt my average credit age but lowered my overall utilization. Net impact zero, really. I suggest doing all your research if you’re worried.


Find a better card that Barclay cards

I got approved for the Barclay master card never paid late came close to limit but paid off in 2 months mostly kept a zero balance I check all my credit cards everyday the balance making sure no-one used my cards and if balance when due to pay before due as always I check my cards and today I discovered Barclay lowered my limit by 1000 my limit here is 2500 I have current balance 1100 now that balance is lowered makes me look like I am max out I am pist I called them they said we monitor all cards they not there’s in my credit file because I have balance on other cards they felt I becoming a risk si I told them to kiss my ass I pay off card and I’m closing it I have a nfcu card with a 24,0000 limit and 10 others who has never lowered my limit ever I have never been late or gone over limit on any of my cards , banks make money when you carry a limit so what the problem but I pay off cards usually 30 to 90 days depends what I owe if you are thinking of the Barclay card I think twice if they are going monitor you like a child and you don’t want to get upset , what if I had plans or need that 1000 now I’m s.o.l but thank God for n.f.c.u this credit union the bomb really helps and take care of it customers on all levels of credit bought a motorcycle 100% finance refi my car from capital one to nfcu soon I be refi my mortage so why bother applying for Barclay if this how they treat their customer who pay on time never late but yet they lower your limit now I look max out so I be closing this card they need me more than I need them


Jan B

Bad customer service. I applied online with balance transfer info totaling $4300 and my credit score is 775. Got a response that said my app needed further review taking 10 days and they would notify me by mail in 30 days. An hour later I applied online with B of A’s Bank Americard (no rewards) which offered the same features and had a lower annual percentage rate after the promo period ended. I was instantly approved (including balance transfers) for 10 grand and the card arrives in 7-10 days. Barclay needed 30-45 days a card to arrive. So I quickly called Barclay and withdrew my app. Hopefully they will do that immediately.


I was approved with a 631 Equifax score

I was approved with a 631 Equifax credit score $4000 limit I was shocked.



They just want to check your credit, use it for themselves or sell it to others. My credit was excellent, above 800, I am making more than 100k and have a job, yet they had a hard hit on my credit, and deny the CC.