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Impossible to access money abroad

Under the guise of safety, Barclays protected my money even from me. It’s so safe in fact that I’m unable to access my own money to pay the tuition and fees for which. The money was intended. The mobile and online portals still require physical presence at a bank. It boggles the mind how that improves customer experience. I can’t wait to remove my money from this bank.


online banking

cant access my account and was told the IT department was working on it but there wasnt any mention of it on their website like other online banks. customer service didnt have any clue when it will be fixed.


Hard To Get Money Out

There withdraw transfer procedure fails almost 50 % of the time requiring you to call them several times to achieve getting your cash, delays of over 2 days are routine. No easy access to your cash. So if you NEED your money expect to wait a few days to get it from them. Not a good experience on several occasions and not worth the hassle for the little difference from local yields. What should be easy, a withdraw transfer or deposit seems to turn into a multi call nightmare as a matter of standard Operating procedure for Barclays. Time is money and chasing around with them to just do a standard transactions is a waste of time


Great for me

I’ve had a barclays dream account for over a year - I wasn’t planning on writing this review until I saw all the awful ones. I decided to google reviews just to see how much people are putting away and so surprised at all of these.

I access the website perfectly fine…in fact I love their interface (have never tried on phone or tablet though)

I only deposit $20 a month for now lol because I have other savings and until I can really build those then I’ll transfer.

I haven’t had to deal with customer service yet so I can’t really speak on that…but the fact I haven’t had to deal with customer service yet I think is a good sign…

I never plan to take money out of this though until way later down the road (that is what my other savings are for…with lower interest) - this account is meant to have money stay in it for the high interesting reason… so maybe that is everyone’s problem for negative reviews.

Anyways, don’t cross this off your list just because of the other reviews. I’m glad I opened it up and plan on using it for many years - my roommate opened up one as well. I also have a synchrony high yield savings account - check them out too if want another option. Both are 1.05% but little different perks (barclays has more little boosts/bonuses)


Don’t Trust Them!!!

Barclays had the best interest rates for a CD, but when you close your account you play hell trying to get your money back. The old “the check is in the mail” crap is their first gambit. Then when the check never arrives, it’s another week or two before they can try transferring the money to your bank. Meanwhile they get to keep your money, and you no longer earn interest.


Best Savings Account Out There

I think a lot of these reviews are for the UK branch. The US does not have ANY credit cards / loans, so a lot of the reviews you see do not apply to the US Barclays account

I’ve had a dream account for 1.5 years now. I deposit between $500 - $1000 / month. The only downside is that $1000 is the monthly max, but as a student I rarely had the need to deposit more.

I use very few bank accounts - I have a checking account with Simple, a savings account with Barclays and a stock trading account with TD Ameritrade. This means 0 fees from any of those banks as far as money transfer goes. Its really fantastic !

Interests are high - they had the best interests for a long period of time, and when they were surpassed they matched their competitors. I also love how if I make consecutive deposits & no withdrawals I get a bonus 5% on my earned interest in the last 6 months. Overall I’ve had no issues with this process, and I was never charged any fees !

I only have 2 complaints: 1. There’s no mobile app, and while their website works fine on mobile, it never saves my device so I always have to use 2FA to login which can be frustrating.

  1. I used to have automatic deposits setup through Barclays, but for some reason when my Simple Bank restructured and gave me new account numbers, I wasn’t able to reset it up. Not a huge deal because Simple now has automatic transfers, but still a little bit frustrating.

Overall, I highly recommend Barclays for a savings account, especially their dream account ! If you’re simply looking to put money away, have incentive to keep growing and not do any withdrawals, there isn’t anything better out there

(PS: Ally Bank has 1.15% APY, just like Barclays, however they have no bonus for deposits & withdrawals, they have lots of fees and limits and their customer service is horrible. They ended up closing my account for no reason and refused to have any communication with me whatsoever, saying they were not allowed to talk with me anymore. As soon as Ally raised their APY to 1.15%, Barclays matched it.)


Customer service

Customer service is incompetent. They keep putting you on hold for every question you may have. I was putting on hold for 55 min and still the problem is not solved. Even though you do everything right on your side at the end they will mess up something that you ended up canciling the account.


no customer respect

When my funds transferred by another domestic bank Barclays insisted on holding them 5 days (most hold up to 3). I asked for a supervisor because I needed to open a CD IN THE SAME Barclays before travelling and was curtly told that one could call me back in 24-48 hours. Really?! why would i bank with Barclay’s


Terrible Customer Service

They do not value their customers. They are not customer centric and they do not resolve customer issues promptly, nor do they care to. Definitely wouldn’t recommend.


Not customer friendly

Likes. Phone staff try their best, but are restricted by their script as to how far they can go to help
Dislikes. Complete inflexibility if you don’t have a passcode. Just try and change your address from abroad. Impossible. You have to write in to Barclays in Leicester. So much for hi-tech. Rather funnily they offered to send out a passcode to me - to my old address though. Marvellous.


Opened new account 9-27-2017 w/o any trouble.

Opened new account 9-27-2017 with no trouble. Fast and easy online transaction. External bank connected for money transfer. High interest rate. No fees.


good solid company

I am happy with the service of this bank. I do wish they had a mobile avocation. However it’s great for the hands off approach of saving.


Dream account is a dream

I have been using the Barclays Dream account for around two years now. When you compare the rates with the Dream account compared to brick and mortar or even other online banks, it’s still the best option I’ve found.


love this bank!

kind of disappointed they do not offer a checking account for US customers. However I have a savings account! It is the best interest rate compared to any of the big banks out here! Bank of America has been trying to have me open a savings, but I DO NOT WANT IT!!! because the interest is like nothing and all the requirement for balance to not get charged!! but Barclays is a different story, very pleased with them and their interest rate!!! I have their savings as an emergency fund account.


Great experience.

True no ATM or ready access to funds but otherwise a great deal. Customer service has been good except for one snarky representative. The website could be improved but is fairly straightforward. Security measures with regard to access from different devices is tight.


High Interest Rate Savings

It is what it is–this is a savings account that will yield more interest than most. Make sure to set up a monthly transfer from your main account to get the deposit bonus. All in all, good place to park your money if you like to see interest payments rolling in on a regular basis.



THIS IS THE BEST BANK SAVING I HAVE EVER GOTTEN. i have never had any problem putting or taking money out of my HIGH INTEREST SAVING ACCOUNT i just got my 1099 INT for MY TAXES and wow was i surprize. i will NEVER PUT MY SAVINGS INTO A BRICK AND MORTER BANK ( LOCAL BANK ) AGAIN. i promise. i never thought the interest rates made that much different. YOU ARE THE BEST.
a happy man .


Great Bank

I’ve had two savings accounts with Barclays for two years now and they’ve been a great bank for me. I have never had a problem with them and their rates are some of the best out there and keep going up. I put the bulk of my money in their Dream Savings account to gain the most return on my money and any extra savings I can spare goes into their regular savings account. I DO wish they would raise the rate again on the Dream account though.


terrible customer service, good online products

Have received rude, even condescending, operators every time over email and phone. The rates are good though–if i see another bank with the same rates, i’m flying out of barclays.