Breakdown of previous month's spending

Breakdown of previous month's spending
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I’m wanting to see a breakdown of my previous month’s spending based on category. Right now (August 1st) when I click on “See July Spending”, it shows me individual transactions in July but the “Breakdown” on the right side of the screen is from August, which is all 0’s right now.

Similarly, the graph (currently empty) on the main account page only shows August spending. Is there a way that I can see a graph/breakdown based on category for July spending and hopefully months even before that?



Welcome to the Community, @timothy.peterson55, and thanks for taking the time to share your ideas!

I’m afraid we don’t currently have a way to view your previous months’ spending, but I can definitely see where this feature would be useful. In fact, you’re not the only one who’s asked for it!

I’ve shared your comments with the appropriate team for consideration. We can’t make every idea a reality, but if we are able to implement this one, I’ve made a note for us to reach back out to let you know :slightly_smiling_face: