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Capital One 360
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An online bank with competitive rates and no fees.

Over the years the savings account rates have always been high relative to other banks and transfers are free.


Stay away from Capital One

They make too many mistakes.
I have a Capital One 360 account that was originally an ING account.
I would be out $1790 if I didn’t catch their mistake, then I asked them for my statements going back which they sent,and they send me somebody else’s statements.


customer service sucks!

This bank is fine until you need to speak to a human! Literally on hold for an hour every single time you need to call. They put holds on ACH transfers and FREEZE YOUR ACCOUNT UNTIL YOU CALL, unbelievable! You have been warned.


Cumbersome Bill Pay Site

The bill pay site is poorly designed. To use e-pay you need to use their names for accounts, such as Chase Credit Cards. I have more than one Chase CC, and they do allow nicknames to be added to the account. But they depreciate the nicknames, and do not use them at all when the CC bill is paid. Therefore when I look at my account, there are multiple entries for Chase Credit Cards with no indication of which one was paid. This is so easily solved by using the nicknames in the account register.


Just like the rest.

Lost my debit card, obviously need it replaced, kinda need the card to live since its a dedit card. Called Monday and they said it takes 3 - 5 business days to get or you pay 35 dollars for expedited mail. Been 6 days and it has not shown up yet. How is it ok to cuckold somebody like that? Kinda an important piece of plastic but they dont care about the people. Just the Money!


Five phone calls, over 20 minutes each, and still cannot get to someone who can fix the problem(s) with my accounts

As long as nothing goes wrong with your account, it is a decent bank. If you ever have a problem (I made a large withdrawal, then my account was frozen and received a message to call in), good luck resolving it. Five phone calls over 20 minutes each. One never got answered. Two were answered then transferred, then no one answered. One was answered, I was told to hold on, waited about five more minutes, then they hung up. And the fifth, I am still on hold after someone answered and then told me to hold for an associate…30 minutes and still waiting. As soon as I complete thid reviee, I’m hanging up, going to a cafe, and cloding both accounts…there is no, I mean zero, customer service. One time Iceven pressed one, left a message and no one ever called back. Five years with this back…I’m done. Good luckvto you if you ever have a problem with them. Pray there is a cafe near you.


Snail Mail To Deposit Large Checks

Extremely aggravating that I have to snail mail checks over $5,000. That’s right. I have to buy postage, lick some yucky envelope glue, and wait a century to see that Capital One received my check. I switched over from Chase and never even had to go into a branch. Large checks were taken in by an ATM that I can get to at 2 in the morning. Is the San Francisco Bay area too rural to have some deposit ATMs? Feels backwards for “Internet banking”. I absolutely despise having to use the post office for this. Oh, this can be done electronically through a transfer? How? Oh, I have to setup an account with a DIFFERENT bank that will take my check! Give me a break capital one.



When the author states watch your balance, you have to be sure you have MORE than enough to cover everything. You can have enough at the end of a banking day. And between 5 and midnight a check might come through that will overdraw you $2.00. You won’t see this online at because you are still positive. Keep in mind between midnight and 10 am you might have two deposits for over $50 so you check in the morning and you have money. BUT guess what you get slapped with a $34 overdraft fee because their shady banking posting got you between those hours by not showing you online you might have been minus. Had this kind of misadventure more than once. Closing out and moving on to a less shady operation.


Terrible customer service

Every 3-4 months they will out a “security hold” on your debit card and restrict use of it. This has happened to me at least 4 times - I have never had a negative balance in fact my balance hovers around 10,000. It takes me on average three phone calls and 4 hours to fix this each time it happens. The customer service agents are rude, and tell you they are “doing you a favor” by helping you. Ummmm what world do hey live in??! They work for us ( account holders)…no favors needed. Terrible bank I will be switching and telling everyone about my experience.


Cannot assign beneficiary

They cannot allow you to assign a beneficiary to your account so if you die, your love ones will have to go to court to get your money. The ONLY bank that doesn’t let you assign a beneficiary.


Froze all accounts for 2 weeks. Closing all accounts with CO360

Have been on CO360 for 2 years now. Loved them until most recently one of my accounts was “compromised”. Now instead of working with me they froze all accounts (have for of them with this bank) and would not allow any cash in any account to be moved in or out. Spoke with security and said the account will be up in 2 days. 3 Days later I called and no progress had been made, in fact they said to wait 10 business days. after 2+ hours of talking with security, managers, and customer service specialists. They were able to open a new account transfer funds to said account, in which I transferred to my other accounts elsewhere.

Simply put I will be leaving this bank. Loved this bank and their accounts up until I really needed them. Now I will be more than likely use a combination of a few banks so this doesn’t happen again. Other options ally (better rates), simple, and possibly a local bank. Thing to keep in mind with these online banks with great rates is the inability to deposit cash.


They froze my funds and never answered the phone when i called about

They suspected fraud on my account and froze it without my consent. I’ve tried to contact them 5 times in the last 24 hours. 4 of the 5 being on hold over 20 minutes when when I finally gave up after never talking to a human. Today I’ve been on hold 47 minutes and counting as of right now… I’m done with these clowns… I DO NO RECOMMEND!!!


Cannot add POD or Beneficiary to my CD !!

I opened a CD with Capital One 360. After all was confirmed, I requested to add a “Payment on Death” or Beneficiary to my individual account. I was told Capital one 360 does not offer that option, Instead, I could add a name to my account joint ownership). I called 3 x’s and stated my dissatisfaction because Capital One (their parent company) allows a POD to be added to each acct. I learned that Capital One 360 acquired “ING” in 2012; told they’ve had difficulty in merging the systems because “ING” did not allow POD’s to be added to accounts.! Really !! Their IT Dept hasn’t figured it out yet ? In today’s world, all banks allow this option. Had I known this fact, I would not have opened a CD with Capital One 360.


Bad customer service

Unfortunately I have a very bad experience with capital one . I opened my 360 saving account 3 days ago, I’ve transfered my money day after to that account been opened. Capital one put 10 business days hold on my money, however the money have been transferred to them as a domestic wire transfer not cashier check or Presnol check. When I called customer service regarding this matter, they told me it is bank policy and you can’t find this policy with account desclouture!!! Now all my money with them on hold I have no access untill January 2017. Very bad experience very disappointing.


Does not deserve one star

Received email they put mobile deposit on hold for 5 days. After 7 days still on hold I called customer service, was told it was placed on hold for 2 more days but I never received a notice that the hold would be extended. Waited on hold for over 30 minutes to speak with a security associate. Hung up called back still no help. Closing all accounts.


Horrible service complicated process

My wife was attempting to add me as an account holder and after asking for my personal info it declined me. I have impeccable credit and have never had an issue with banking. When I called they mentioned I should verify my identity and go thru a process online which was opening an account for myself! Which was not what we had attempted to do in the first place! Wow! just Wow!


like it

I like this bank and their mobile application. Although i am not using their card much now a days, but i never had problem with this bank.


Be careful before you open an account with Capital One

After I opened the account with Capital One, one of their representative kept calling me after hours and soliciting his religion. I complaint to the Manager in the branch that I do not appreciate these kind of calls, the Manager said that whatever employee does after hours is not the responsibility of the bank. I also complaint to CEO: no response from him.
So be careful to open an account with them, you may expect similar calls.


A car loan and two credit cards

They are wonderful to work with. A bit late no problem. Payment by phone no problem.