Capital One 360

Capital One 360
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Very Happy!

I have 2 credit cards a checking and Savings account. I have been with them 2 years never a problem!


Best bank I’ve worked with for years

I get 1.2% interest; their Visa is very good (my only wish is that they would give traveller’s insurance for booking travel); and customer service perhaps the best. I’m closing a Chase account that I had with my wife and am moving everything to CapitalOne.


Great online bank

Good rates, great mobile site, opening multiple savings accounts is very easy and surprisingly convenient. Never had to speak to customer service, so I can’t comment there.


No overdraft fees.

My capital 1 3 60 account does not charge overdraft fees. They charge 11.99% on the overdraft balance until you clear the balance. There could equal pennies versus the standard $35 fee at most banks.


Efficient and easy

Everyone needs to see their money. Know their savings.


Near Perfect Online Bank

Only thing better would be the ability to opt out of overdraft completely other than that Perfect online banking!



I’ve been a customer for four years and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Excellent all around


Don’t understand Capital One

Years ago, maybe 2009, my credit was not good to say the least but this no name bank gave me a card with a $300 credit limit. I maintained it perfectly. Capital One bought them out and mailed me a new card. As I built my credit they increased my credit limit to $4500 on my Cap One “Platinum” card. Over the past 8-9 years I have been perfect on this account and currently have a zero balance and my credit score with Equifax is 830! Guess what? I applied for the Cap One Venture Card so I can earn rewards and they turn me down!!! I guess hard work rebuilding your credit and loyalty to Capital One was a waste of time and one credit inquiry on my credit report. Thinking about cutting my current card up and cancelling it.



I absolutely love banking with Capital One. They are easy to use even without a bank or ATM near me. They have some of the best rates that I can find as well.



I love capital one! We opened a secure credit card with them and we’ve had nothing but good service. Their app on my iPhone is excellent, too! I can monitor my credit score whenever, which is updated every seven days; I can schedule payments and payment amounts; and best of all I get notifications every time my card is used!


Pretty Good

Good so far.


Good rates, bad apps

I briefly had a 360 account. A good bank to me invests in resources for their clients. Websites and apps are a great example of this. How a large institution like Capital One can’t get a better looking website, logo or app is beyond me.


Awesome Credit Card and Auto Loan!

I love my Capital One Credit Card! I started off with a small credit limit, and after making several payments on time, for more then the minimum; my credit limit was raised greatly!

They are wonderful to deal with on the phone as well! Always very helpful and polite.

I also had a car loan through them a few years ago. After 2 years of on-time payments. I was able to refinance for a much lower rate.

If you want a car loan and want to rebuild/build your credit, Capital One is a great place to go! You can literally get authorized for a car loan within minutes via their website. They FedEx Next Day a check in your name. You take it to the dealership of your choosing the purchase your vehicle!

This is an awesome alternative to Car Dealership financing, where you tend to pay a higher rate than you are qualified to receive.


Good basic online bank

Good credit card options for overseas, easy to negotiate website and average interest rates



Only creditor to show LOYALTY to their long standing customers! I “appreciate” the LOYALTY Capital One!


Great for savings

recommended, online system works well, seamless.


Good and easy to work with

Been with them in one form or another for 16 years. Opened my first credit card with them when I was 18. I kept it until last year when it was cancelled due to inactivity without notice which was a minor annoyance. Still I now have a bank account with them and two other higher end cards with much higher limits… Hence why I forgot about using that low level platinum card I got years ago.

Pretty good customer service, especially when compared to the likes of PenFed and Barclays. App is relatively good too. But the biggest reason I like them is they are just much easier to bank with than most places.



Capitol One Rocks!


I love it!

I have no issues. Easy and convenient. I would very much suggest this bank.