Capital One Journey Student Rewards

Capital One Journey Student Rewards
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The Best First Credit Card

As a student getting their first credit card and trying to begin building up their credit score, the Capital One Journey Student Rewards Card is an excellent match. You don’t need much of a credit score if any to apply, you only have to fill out a couple of simple questions. This card is good for learning exactly what credit is and how it works. They start you out with a generally lower credit limit as you learn. However, every five-six months they automatically evaluate you for a credit limit increase and if you qualify they will increase your credit without doing a thing. After my first six months they bumped my limit from $300 to $500. They even have a built in credit tracker that lets you see your credit score grow as you use the card.

What I like best about this card is that it comes with a great online and mobile experience. It’s easy to see what you purchased and review and charges to your account either from a computer or with their mobile app. The rewards on the card are pretty good too. They offer 1% cash back on all purchases and for every month that you pay the bill on time you earn an additional 25% bonus of the cash back you earned that month. So if you earned $10 in cash back for a month and paid your bill on time you would receive a $2.50 bonus that month. A pretty nice perk simply for paying your bill. With no annual fees the Capital One Journey Student Rewards Card is a perfect first credit card for any teenager.


I thought it was great. It really helped me get through college. I have it almost paid off now actually! It was a great choice for my financial situation and the cash back options were great.

I was in college and living away from home. I didn’t get much in student loans, worked at a place that didn’t pay well. I had to find some way to help me get through. It would give me cash back for purchasing school related items and various other things. It has significantly increased my credit score and is helping prepare me for life after school! It has done me wonders, I felt as though they understood my situation. I even spoke with customer service a few times. They were always kind and had an answer for everything I needed help with. All in all I think this is a great card if you are in your college years AND want to build your credit for after school, this is the way to go!


It is alright.

The credit card I have is not much different than other cards I’ve had in the past. Similar interest rates and fees. The cash rewards nice, transfer instantly, and accumulate quickly.


Great card for people with no credit

I love my Capital One card because its really easy to pay and this is where I got my first and only credit card. The rewards that you accumulate are extremely helpful as well. Customer service is also good, they have been able to answer all of my questions. I got this credit card when I had no credit at all, and it was helpful in building up credit. The interest rate is a little high, but that’s understandable since they give it to people with no credit.


Great no-fuss card.

I’ve had this card for about 4 years now, and while it is my first and only card, I haven’t felt the need to open another line of credit. It’s a pretty no-fuss, no-frills card, offering 1% cashback on every transaction, and carries no annual fee. The APR is reasonable, considering this is a card marketed towards students/first time card owners, and I have paid it off dutifully each month since owning it, which has incurred me no extra charges.
I enjoy the cashback rewards aspect, which is pretty standard as far as cards go; I’ve managed to rack up quite a few dollars with it in the past 4 years. I also like how easy it is to request an increase in my credit line, based on annual income. This is why I’ve chosen to not to open a different card, because this one meets all of my needs.


Great card for rebuilding credit

I was approved for my Capital One Journey card a few months after getting out of bankruptcy. Initially I was given a limit that was about double what I would have expected for someone with my credit history. This balance was high enough to allow me to put some larger purchases on the card, but small enough that I was able to stay on top of paying the balance down (or off) each month. It also helped that I was given 18 months of 0% interest. My favorite feature of the card is the 1% cash back on everything I buy, which I have used many times towards statement credits to help reduce my balance without taking extra cash out of my wallet.


Perfect for new credit card users.

The Capital one journey student credit card is the best thing for me as a college student. It’s helpful when buying supplies for school and helping out family through tough times and emergencies. They increased my credit limit by a thousand which is also helpful considering school and bills. This card is also great because you can learn about how to meet up with your billing date which is perfect for new credit card users. The rewards program is helpful as well for me it’s like an emergency savings fund. The Capital one journey credit card is one that I would highly recommend to others.


Great Card for those without Credit

I decided to get the Capital One Journey Student Rewards card after I graduated from college. Yes, I was able to get this card without being a student. I had zero credit at the time and I was having trouble getting approved for store credit cards. The card gives you access to a credit tracker and you get cash back for using it on ANYTHING. That’s right, you don’t need to buy things out of a certain category for cash back. The card also allows you to apply your cash back to your bill - which is the option I always choose. It’s a great introductory card for those with no to little credit.


The best card for students!

The card is great! It is easy for a student to get. I hadn’t had any credit cards before and they quickly approved my application for the card. They don’t approve you for a high limit, however having a lower limit is probably better for college students. They do gradually increase your limit if you pay on time every month. They allow you to have the minimum automatically come out of your bank account, so you don’t have to worry about missing a payment. You can also have it set up so that they e-mail you to let you know that your statement is ready and the bill is due. This is great for a student who is super busy and needs the reminders. This is a great card!


Great beginner/student card

This is my first and only credit card but i absolutely love it. Its accepted everywhere i need and also offers great rewards. I love being able to handle everything from my iphone. It was very easy to set up automatic bill pay and link my card to my credit union bank account.
A week ago i got a letter stating that i had used my card at a business that may have had its security compromised and i should expect a new card to arrive in a few weeks. Well they sent me a new card within 5 days!
This is a great beginners credit card. When i look for a new card i will be staying with capital one.


The only card that approved me as a first time student

I signed up for a ton of different credit cards when I needed books for school. The Capital One Journey Student Rewards was the only to approve me-and they gave me a crazy high credit limit ($5,000). I only wanted to use it to buy the books I needed for school, which was around $200, and I would pay it off the next month once my school refund went through. It’s awesome because it offers rewards that you can put towards your bill. I think I earned close to $2, which may not seem like a lot, but whatever, that’s something. But the interest rate is high. I think somewhere along 29%. It is, however, the only place that would give me a card when I needed it and I have never used it since. If you pay the bill COMPLETELY within the first month you don’t get charged the interest, which is awesome. All in all it’s an awesome card if you really need something and you know you will pay it off within a month. If you’re not going to be responsible, however, you probably shouldn’t get a credit card with a 5k limit and a 29% interest rate.


Perfect card for college students

The credit card is great. It offers rewards for many of the things a student would normally have to buy anyway like gas and groceries. It’s a good way for a young person to build up credit without much risk involved. Great card to start out with, and I would personally recommend it to other college-aged people.


Capital One Journey card review

I selected Capital One Journey Student rewards card to review. I am satisfied with this card because it gives college students who have no credit history, limited credit history or poor credit a chance to establish or re-establish their credit. Capital One Journey Student rewards card allows students to build credit and earn cash back. Students who make purchases using this card will get one percent cash back on purchases. Another benefit of this card is that there is no annual fee. However, the con of this card is the annual percentage rate which is nearly twenty percent.


Great Beginer Card

I first got this card when I was in college. It was my first, and still only, credit card and I love it. I get cash back rewards, which is nice when I was to splurge and treat my self to something nice, or pay for plane tickets for a trip. I have also used my cash back rewards to purchase a brand new TV. Capitol one has been nothing but great when it comes to my card. I make payments on it every time I get paid, twice a month. When I originally got the card, I read reviews and everyone said that they never boost your limit, it started around $500. At the time, that was all I needed, something for me to start to build my credit. As time went on, they started to raise my limit. They have raised it about 4 times, I believe I am at around $5,200. I enjoyed how my card grew with my needs for the use of my card. It is still the only credit card I have and I do not plan on getting an additional card for quite some time.


Great first credit card for building credit!

The Capital One Journey Student Rewards card has been a good first credit card for me. As a young college student I think it is important to build a good credit score, and this card does a good job at providing incentives for responsible use. I enjoy the no annual fee and the cash back rewards often come in handy.

Additionally, by paying off my card fully every month, I am able to access higher lines of credit, which has come in handy when I must make a bigger purchase. However, the card has rewarded me when I spend only within my means. Overall I would recommend this card to any other college student looking to build their credit and make responsible financial decisions.


A Good Beginner’s Credit Card

I have had the Capital One Journey Student Rewards card for a little over 3 years now, and it has enabled me to build my credit score when I previously had no credit at all. The APR is a little higher than other card options, but it is intended for students who have absolutely no credit (like me!), and therefore makes sense. The rewards program is also a little lack-luster, but that’s to be expected with a card like this. Overall, I am very pleased with my experience with the Journey Student Rewards card.

Capital One, as a company, have been fantastic. Any issues that I have had with the card or my account has been resolved quickly and politely, and the few times I have not been able to make proper payments, they have been very understanding. I would recommend it to anyone, and have done so several times.


Good, useful, easy to get

This was the first credit card that I ever received, and it’s helped me build credit to the point where I can actually get something without having to have my parents co-sign. When I got my first car, I wasn’t able to get it without having my parents co-sign, even at a small loan (5k). But since I’ve had this card, it’s helped me build my credit up to the point where I can get my own car loan (15k).


It’s been a good card for me

Very high interest rate, but it was easy for me to get and help build up my credit out of college.


I think it is a great card and perfect for students like myself.

I think this card is great for students. Adults would not care for the card since you cant spend that much on it, but it definitely great for students that don’t buy much throughout the year. It will help them get by with what they need.