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Capital One Quicksilver One Review | Nerd Wallet
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My husband and I have this card and the customer service is exceptional. It’s a great rebuilding your credit card.


A much needed card in my wallet!

I applied for and was approved for this card in Nov 15 with a $3000 cl requested a limit increase in Feb 16 and was granted an additional $3000. I use this card often and enjoy the rewards. Also customer service is great!


I use it for everything!

With 1.5% back I use this card for everything from gas and groceries to major purchases. Everything is on sale by 1.5%! I just pay off the balance through the Capital One app on my phone bi-weekly.


Great Card

Been working on rebuilding my credit since the economical turn and this card has been great .


Worth the annual fee

I’m rebuilding my credit. This was my first unsecured credit card. With the 1.5% cash back I’m already half-way to making back the $39 annual fee in just a couple of months. Plus, Capital One allows you to track your credit score. Great card.



I should not have been approved for this credit card. With this being my first credit card, having only 1 recurring account open in my name, and a credit score of roughly 647, I needed a card to start the arduous journey of building my credit. A quick visit to Capital One’s website was all I needed to become instantly pre-approved for the plastic, and given that tempting 1.5% cash back rate, reading the rave reviews, and doing extra research of my own, I immediately decided to apply. 72 hours later, the card was in my mailbox with a nasty little surprise: “you have been approved for a $300 credit line”…$300!!! $%^&#

If I am to stay below the 30% monthly spend limit to avoid negatively impacting my score, earning 1.5% back on $100 a month ($1.50) is less than what I pay for the stupid annual fee.

I was under the impression that opening a credit card would be a free way to improve my credit score, even if the limit was low. But for a card with an annual fee, why is Capital One extending credit to those with low credit, consequently granting them a measly monthly credit line? Oh yeah, to screw customers and make money…how could I forget?

I am weighing whether or not to apply for the Barclays MasterCard, which would place an added hard inquiry on my report and hurt my score, but at least I wouldn’t be paying Capital One money just for trying to build healthy credit…


If you understand how credit works, this card will rock your world!

First of all, to the guy who wrote “scumbags…$300/line of credit” This card came to me with $300/line of credit. I used it to pay monthly bills and when I hit $300, I paid online and the money was taken out of my checking and cleared the next day. So with this “$300” line of credit, I was charging onwards of $1500 per month by using and paying and using and paying. The cash back on that at 1.5% is $22.50/month. Within 2mo, the card pays for itself. My score was never bogged by the “30%” utilization because any person would pay their card off on or before the day Capital One reports to the credit bureaus. Having said that, after 5mo, the card automatically increased to a $500 limit, about one year after the card was opened, and always paying on time and as mentioned, sometimes 3+ times each month to earn the cash back, exactly one year later my limit automatically increased another $2,000. So I now had a $2,500 limit. A year later, and my limit increased again to $3,500. I applied for another Capital One card and was approved, the “Buy Power” MasterCard. I then applied for a Kohls card (they use Capital One) and eventually the Capital One Platinum card. All these cards have zero annual fee with the Quicksilver being the only exception. It is well worth the $39 due to the Cashback rewards. My experience with Capital One has been superior to any other bank. Throughout this 2-year ordeal my score varied from 530-675. I had a repossession and some other issues with other creditors that kept knocking my score down. If you understand how credit works, if you can pay your balances off every month, I’m not making this up, Capital One will rock your world. If you are an impulse buyer and max out your credit with no intentions of paying it down, you can expect your experience with any bank to be terrible. One last thing, with all this approval and integrity I’ve built with Capital One, I’ve been denied by Chase, Discover, Citizen’s, Barclay, and a few others. I still have 10 hard inquiries on my credit because they remain on your credit for 2 years. It’s the greatest feeling in the world to have a total of $6,000 in available credit through just one company, in such a short time span. Don’t dig yourself into a hole and NEVER pay a fee for a secured card from banks like “Sky.” Sounds like some Scam Indian Reservation Bank. You’re securing your credit line with your own money, why would you think it’s acceptable to pay a fee on top of that? If you can’t get unsecured credit, Capital One even offers a secured card, with no fees other than interest, which is to be expected on any “credit” card. But an annual fee, participation fee, membership fee, program fee on any secured line, is a joke and bait for naive people. Don’t be suckered in by these types of schemes. Long review but very honest, so I hope it helps somebody. Let my story be proof.


Great credit opportunity!

Great card for beginners or when trying to rebuild credit.


Love Capital One

I was approved for CO platinum unsecured card 1 year after a chpt 7 bankruptcy. Of course my credit score was shot dead (near the 400s) .With good a payment history my credit line was increase from 300 to 8000 and credit score currently at 696 all within 5 years. I was recently upgraded to the Quicksilver w/no annual fees. Love my cash back rewards! Iam always impress with the customer service quality I receive. The only con I can think of are the high interest rates. Nonetheless, I don’t know where I would be without them.


Great rewards, good for fraud prevention

Love the basic reward structure! I also love the Capital One Wallet app—helpful for monitoring every purchase made on my card.


Excellent Choice

I was given this card from Capital One with having a below average score. It is excellent for repairing your credit. After six months my available credit was automatically increased. This is the only Bank card that I need. Great card, excellent customer service.



I started with a Capital One secured credit card in order to improve my credit. After 5 months my available credit was increased by $300. After getting an average score I was sent the Quicksilver card. I can’t fully express how great this card is. 0%Apr. Great rewards and excellent customer service. This card has inspired me to continue improving my credit. Its the only card one probably needs. Thanks Capital One you guys are GREAT !



I have applied to this card to help build my credit. I have read the intire disclaimer on quilfying for this card. I have meet everyone of them. Income,credit and still was denied. I don’t know what they are looking for. Now this inquiry will go on my credit for the next 2years. Be careful applying for this. Even if you meet all their requirements you still might not get approved.



I was young and stupid, still am but I wised up with my credit. My credit is not as bad as it was a few years ago. I started my journey to recovery with another card (Primor secured card) I was using Credit Karma and Credit Sesame apps to keep tabs on my credit.
A few days ago (I have a 518 credit score right now) it told me that I had fair chances of getting this card I had applied and BOOM I got approved with a $300 limit I was super happy! My sister applied about a year before me trying to rebuild her credit as well and she was approved for the same card but with a $200 her limit is now at $750. I can’t wait to get my limit higher. Just take care of it and it will take care of you.


Great card know how to use it and you wont pay a.p.r

Ive had the quicksilver for 2 years i have only a 500 limit but i make payments everyday i basicaly use it as a credit card and will way make up for the annual fee i put a average of 3700 a month of purchases and get about 50 dollors in rewards a month this year i ahould get like 500 in rewards and since my payments exceed the cresit limit i never pay a cent on apr it very well worth it if you know how to take advantage of it


Easy Peasy

Easy to apply. Easy to manage. Great mobile app. Terms are agreeable.


Great card with cash back perks

I love this card easy to use & healthy credit line.


Terrible choice

Absolutely terrible experience. Tells you that your odds are good to get approved then denies you even if you hit all the qualifications it needs. This website is all lies and just used for advertising.


Great card in the valley

I had this card ever since a prior card with a prior bank was bought out by Capital One. I was issued this card and we’ve been like peas and carrots. I paid the annual fees and the high interest rate for a while. I then discovered that they offered SCRA benefits to service members. I called and had it applied to my account. Within 3 weeks, my $3000+ balance had a $300 credit. They refunded all annual fees and interest charges over 4% (which is my APR). I’ve had the card long enough to product change to the regular Quiksilver card or the Savor card. Both offer more than this, but this card brought me through the valley.