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Capital One Quicksilver
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great card for a first time card holder!

. I only recently got this credit card and I’m pretty pleased with the processes of applying and receiving the card. It only took a few minutes to fill out the application online and within seconds it told me I was approved and gave me my credit limit and details. About 5 days later the card came in the mail.

For the first half year I have 0 apr and 1.5% cash back. This is nice as I didn’t get the card to make big purchases but to just build and improve my credit so I can have a card with higher limits in case of emergencies. So far I am satisfied


Good card for those starting out.

I applied for the Capital One Quicksilver card in July of 2014 and was instantly approved with a $500 limit. The card allows me to get 1% cash back on every purchase. I used the card to purchase a few expensive items, and I was quickly racking up a good amount of cash back in my account. The card allows you to use your cash back in a number of ways. You can give yourself more credit, you can purchase airline miles, or you can use the “purchase eraser” which allows you to remove a purchase from your transaction history, crediting your account.

So far, I have had only one interest charge even though I have held a balance on it since my first purchase. My balance remained around 50% of my $500 limit for most of the time I had it. The monthly payments are quite low, at $25 per month. I have been paying at least twice that much every pay period in order to get my credit score up. Recently, Capital One raised my credit limit to $750. I would recommend the Quicksilver card to anyone who is starting out building up their credit. It is a very simple and easy to use, no strings attached card.


Good card for responsible users.

Reasonable rates, they’ll extend credit lines if you have good credit or if you establish a good history, no complaints.


Decent Benefits, Easy to Use

I like using this card and getting my 1.5% cash back on everything. The only thing I really do not like is that it has a 5$ a month fee, but that can be paid for with purchases of around 350$ a month on it.


It works just fine.

It’s a credit card, it does what it needs to do. It has good rewards, looks slick, and gets the job done.


Good starter card for those with no credit history

This credit card was pretty good, it was my first credit card. I used it to help me get buy when I was working a low-income job and have basically been able to keep up on the payments. My credit limit is pretty low, but my APR is sort of high, so that’s probably a good thing. I would prefer to have even a lower APR, but for my first credit card this isn’t so bad.
I wasn’t even sure if I would qualify for this card because at the time I had no credit. Thankfully I did and using this card I have been able to learn more about credit and how the ratings work. It has been a learning experience to say the least. Thankfully it has been reasonable so far and I have been able to stay out of trouble.


Wonderful Card if you Qualify

Generally I’m kind of iffy on credit cards- for a long time I refused to get one at all. But my husband and I wanted to help keep our credit rating high, so we applied for and were accepted for a Capital One Quicksilver card. It really changed my opinion of credit cards for the better.

This card is great- low month fees, fair interest rates, and the rewards are amazing. When you compare it to other cards in same vein, it’s way better in almost every way. I’m also pleased that the card is accepted pretty much everywhere. If you have good credit, this a great card, which I guess is it’s only draw back. You can’t get on this card unless your credit is already pretty good. Other than that, no complaints.


Great cards for peopel who dont have any debt

This is a great card. I have only had it for a few month but everything has been going fine. The interest rate is good and the customer service has been good so far.


Great First Card

I have been very happy with this card. As someone slow to develope a good credit score I was able to obtain this card and after over a year of use I have found my interest rates and charges to be very reasonable. I have also been able to get an increase on my limit and enjoy some cash back. I would recommend people certainly looking for a limit and fee/interest rate that works best for them but for someone like me with limited credit history I would say check this one out.


Simple and easy to understand cashback program

Overall I am very satisfied with the Capital One Quicksilver features. While the card has a slightly higher interest rate then my other cards (by only .13%) it has numerous other features that I like. The rewards program is quite easy to understand. I get a flat 1.5% cashback for all my purchases. This is different then some other programs I belong to. On my other cards I might get a higher cash back for certain purchases (i.e. fuel), I then would receive a lower cash back for a others (i.e. groceries). In this situation I would don’t get as much cash back because I spend way more on groceries a month then I do on fuel. These often change so unless I look it up I don’t know what or where I can get the most cash back. I like the flat Cashback rate a lot. I also am happy with the customer service of Capital One. The customer service staff are friendly and knowledgeable.


It does the job, but it is nothing special.

The cashback deal is good. And added bonus, the card it self looks good. But overall, this thing is nothing special. Main reason I got it was because there was a good deal in the mail.


Great card for someone with less than perfect credit.

This is a great card for me. I do not have the best credit, however capital one gave me a chance and approved me for this card. I have never had a problem with any aspect of this card. It is easy to go online and make my monthly payments and customer service is top notch. I have received a credit limit increase in the 7 months I have had this card.


This card offers good rewards at a standard rate.

The card offers 1% cash back on all purchases. The cash back can be encashed when it reaches $25. The cash back can be used to pay off credit card balance. At the end of the year there is bonus of 50% on all the cash back that I have earned for the entire year. Overall, this is a good card and I have been using it for more than 5 years now.


Great rewards - great customer service

I really like the fact that they give you 1.5% cash back on all purchases. Not just purchases at pre-determined stores from a short list. All purchases. Whether it be gas, clothing, or alcohol. If you make payments on time, they will give a small increase on your credit line, as well.

When I have had a question or concern about my account, they have been very helpful in answering my questions. I have never had to wait a unreasonable amount of time on the phone to speak to a credit representative. I liked this credit card so much, that I have gotten other card through Capital One, because of the great service I knew I would receive.


Great card for average credit score.

Got this card after a Bankruptcy, started with a $300 limit. After 6 on time payments, they increased it to $500. This is an ideal card for reestablishing credit. I love it!


Get cash back and great perks with Quicksilver from Capital One!

The thing I love most about the Capital One Quicksilver card is, not only was I approved for it with less-than-stellar credit, but their introductory offer of 0% financing for the first year was the perfect way to purchase a camera I desperately needed at the time as my old one had malfunctioned. In addition, this card offers cash back rewards that you can cash out with at any time/in any amount. The cash back checks are mailed to you remarkably fast, as well.

I currently have 3 credit cards, and they are all Capital One cards for a reason. I have held cards from most major credit companies, and Capital One is the only company that has really exceeded my expectations, from their customer service to the ease and convenience of their online account management. Capital One also has increased my limits multiple times without even requesting a limit increase just for paying my bill on time. I am definitely a fan of Quicksilver as well as Capital One in general.


A card that actually rewards you.

I started out with Capitol One’s basic credit card when they purchased a bank that I had a credit account with (Orchard Bank) They sent me my first card with a slightly higher credit limit than I originally had. With my new card they sent me several pieces of mail explaining their policies. After about a year, I was sent an offer to upgrade to the Quicksilver card. Immediately after upgrading to the Quicksilver, I started to notice the benefits.

With the new Quicksilver card, I started getting cash back on every purchase. I was able to easily keep track of my rewards online. Within 4 weeks of the change to the Quicksilver, My credit limit was automatically increased by 300%. This card is my favorite card to use, and it allows me to earn real cash on every single purchase. I recommend this card for anyone.


Decent card, cash back 1.5%

The interest rate is pretty normal for a credit card. I use it for some bills and pay it all off at the end of the month, not a bad card at all. 1.5% cash back with just a $39 annual fee is not a bad card at all. I would give it a 4/5.


Great card, great online

I have enjoyed the card so far. The 1.5% cash back is the reason I selected it and it has been great in that regard. I now use it for most of my daily expenses (gas, groceries, etc). I especially like the online services provided because they are easy to use and user friendly.