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Capital One Quicksilver
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great company ,whether your rebuilding or just want a great credit card,cant go wrong with capitol one, apr, could be a little lower!!!


The most dishonest and greedy bank.

Mischievous customer service, rude managers! They hide information about hidden fees until you pull them out. I had to close this card 2 months after opening because they charged me fees when I was on 0 interest promotion period. When I ask them if I have a balance to pay when I close the account, they said there was none. Soon, they charged me $79 in fees and interest for a balance of $202 in a closed account. They said they are not required by law to send me the bill as soon as they posted it. Instead, they preferred to wait until they accrue interests and charges. Don’t get this card or you will regret it!


Not perfect… But pretty close.

Is the QuickSilver card the credit card to end all other credit cards? No. It has some flaws and annoyances. However the benefits of gives vastly outweigh the bad.

The good:
-SamJack wasn’t lying, yo. 1.5 percent on everything! Amazon, resturaunts, speeding tickets, posting bail, everything. Its awesome.
-No “maintenence” fees that I know of. There are no monthly fees, annual fees, fees to make payments, nothing. Obviously there’s interest if you. Don’t pay it off within 30 days but that’s a given, right?

-Takes a while for payments to go through completely. Like 3 or 4 days. Little annoying.

Seriously though if you have the credit score to get this card, get it.


Great every day cash back card

I use mine to pay my auto pay bills, and I get 1.5% cash back while paying my bills. I also use it for every day purchases, and pay it off every other week. I recommend it for anyone looking for a no frills, no haggle credit card. You get 1.5% cash back on everything you buy. It has been a great card, and Capital One is a good company with stellar customer service. This is a card I will be holding onto for a long time to come.

I have seen some complain about late fees and all of that. If they read the TOS, they would know about late fees and such. If anyone is afraid of late payments, they should put very little on their card and pay it off weekly instead of waiting for the end of the month and barely be able to make the minimum payment.


Once in a lifetime credit rebuilder

I am so grateful to Capital One, when no other “big” bank wanted to give me a break based on chapter 7, they did. I started out with 500, today I received email stating I now have 3K! Never in my working life have I ever had such a high credit limit on any card. Thanks Capital One for having me as a customer and giving me a break.



Capital One offers ZERO protection against fraud or unauthorized charges! My card was being charge by a company without my consent. I disputed the charges, cancelled the card (per the advise of Capital One) and they STILL paid the merchant. I sent in THREE letter to Capital One disputing the charges and they STILL sided with the thieves!! Up until this point I was happy with Capital One, but they clearly do not care about protecting their customers against fraud!!


$100 promotion is a TRAP

Opened an account online attracted by the $100 promotion. After one month using the card and reaching the promotion condition (spending >$500 within the first 3 months) they said that for any reason they could not clarify the promotion actually do not apply for me. I never got any notice in the application process about it. Is to easy to cheat to bring costumers and then just say “the promotion does not apply for you”.


captial one has a pretty good product

They have a very easy to use mobile app and intuitive website. The rewards are simple and easy to redeem. I’ve been with capital one for over 10 years and I’ve never had a problem with them. You can apply your cash back whenever you want - the credit wise app is helpful and tracks your credit score monthly. They also email you if your credit report changes suddenly (applying for credit, etc.). The card has most of the common features and a few cool ones like second look - they look for double charges and if they think you have been they will notify you and work to credit you back. Wish they did have more exclusive purchase deals or discounts with businesses if you elect to use your capital one card. A number of reviews on here talk about issues with capital one and give them a low rating but many of the situations actually seem to be because the person did not pay attention, read the fine print, ask questions, or have common sense. Don’t be fooled this is a solid card that has many great features and is worth having.


Cashback is ok that’s it.

Seems like they ask you to verify far more purchases than other cards. Secure yes but having to card and verify for a $22 dollar purchase when out of state is ridiculous. The apr is always far higher than my other cards. The rest sit around 11-13% and this one is 23% for no apparent reason. As well they don’t like to raise the limit even after having it for four years!



I’ve had the capital one credit card (4) of them both business and personal. They bought out HSBC a few years back and was forced to convert these cards to Capital One. For over 8 years, you could make a payment on monday and then have until the next day to place the funds in the account. Its illegal for any financial company including credit card companies to change their policies and procedures immediately without notifying their customers in writing and giving them 30 days notice. So out of no were I started to get hit with overdraft charges without notice for every single Capital One payment I made. Just Capital One. The payments to Captial One credit cards were drawn off a Captial One Business account and for 8 years I used to have until 9 pm the next day to place the money into the account. So on 7/24/17 I started getting hit with overdraft fees left and right on all the payments I made to Capital One. They never bothered to say anything, never bothered to put anything in writing, just all of the sudden. As stated, I did the same thing for yearly 8 years and for about over 300 plus payments in that time period and did the same routine. Made the payment and then I had the following day 9 pm to place the money into the ATM Cash. So I called Capital one Banking, they purposely lied to my face and blamed the credit card side, saying “oh we know nothing about it” but we advice you put the money in the account the same day as you make the electronic payment. Called Capital One Credit Card and they said oh we know nothing about it, it must be the banking side. Both sides blaming the other and lying pretending not to know anything. That cost me $150 in chargeback fees. They knew they changed their policies without putting in writing what they did, because of the fact, they said “we recommend xxxxx” So I changed my bank accounts to a different bank and made 4 payments, 3 to Capital one, 1 to Discover. So the next day boom I get his with 3 more overdfraft fees all from Capital One. So I called the the bank, I made the payments at 7:00 PM when the banks where physcially closed. It turns out that Captial One will purposely manipulate the payment request to change the date of the payment after banking hours to the same day you hit the payment button. When you make the payment and then login to your bank account the payment doesnt show, regardless of the day and time. The next day the payment should be pending and is supposed to close that night. These MFing crooks will purposely change the payment date to 1 day back and the account will settle with the payments already made and with the overdraft charges already hitting your account. So if your cut off is 8:00 and you make a payment at 7:58pm and you dont have the funds, only with these scumbags at Captial One will you have no grace period. The other bank refused to refund the payments, so Im out another $150 in bank fees. When I spoke to Captial One Credit cards they stated another lie, they stated that if you make a payment on the 1st, they present it for payment on the 2nd. Which meams you have until the closing time that day on the 2nd to make the payment into bank or ATM to avoid overdraft fees. Well since I took the banking side of Captial One out of the picture, I caught Captial One Credit card deiberately lying and feeing their customers false information for the sole reason that they want to charge and collect fees. They got sued a few months ago in Florida and settled for 30 million dollars over the same type of BS they did with my account that they got sued for Debit Card transactions. It went something where Capital One was placing the highest amounts on ATM charges to purposely over draw the account just to charge fees. I remember these bastards did the same thing to me but I want in the time period was involved. I will be following charges against Captial One with the SEC, the FTC and the Attorney Generals office in Virgina. Im going to be starting a class action suit against Capital One, I been with them for 10 years and never trusted this crooks, and now they cost me $300 in fees and deliberately lied, its time to take action. Everytime I call Captial One they will hear an annoucement that the call is being recorded, for the sole reason their word isnt word jack!


Does not deliver!

This offer did not pay what it says after I met all of the requirements to qualify. I suggest to you that there are other more honest credit card companies out there.


not worth the hassle

After researching the cash rewards programs offered by several companies, I went with the Capital One Quicksilver card. When I attempted to activate the card online, I was directed to call customer service. When I called the connection was bad twice and I couldn’t hear the representative. Then when I finally was connected with someone with a clear phone connection I was told I would have to go to a bank to prove who I was. When I did that and the bank officer was not able to hear the capital one representative. I will take my excellent credit score and go elsewhere.


Amazing overall for many reasons

Applied with high 600’s FICO and I was approved with a 5.5k credit limit. I got the $100 dollar signup bonus with no hassle after spending $500. This card has no foreign transaction fees, and the best foreign currency conversion in any card I’ve seen. There is no annual fee. Never had any issues with Capital One’s customer service representatives or with my account in general as purchases always go through. No minimum to redeem 1.5% cashback rewards. I am grateful to Capital One for the generous line and for such a transparent product. In my opinion, the Capital One QuickSilver is a must have, and I would recommend it to anyone.



I got this card to help build my credit… worse mistake ever… I have fraudulent activity on my account… reported it right away, they closed the account, but then turned around and gave the new number to the company that the fraudulent activity was coming from… which was more charges… a person purchased over 200 10 google play purchase on my card. This is the beginning of my hell… Capital one credited my account back, but my account was maxed out…they reported it to the credit bureaus which caused my credit score to plunge 80 points…although they gave the money back, they left it as a credit and never but it towards my balance, so it appeared my card was maxed. Then it appears that google play then credited my account as well…my account was on hold for about 2months while being investigated… finally I was told that the investigation was resolved and they found it to be fraud, but I still had a credit in my account. Low and behold one month later I get a check in the mail for over 2,000 . I called to find out why I received this check… 2 days in a row, only to be told it’s my check and I can do what I want with it… I explained I didn’t make an over payment… I was told it doesn’t matter, that anytime there is a credit in a person account by law they have to send it to the client…ok!! 2 weeks later google play says I over payed and come back for their over payment… guess what happens now?? They charge my account so now once again, I’m maxed… but here is the kicker… they are now charging me interest on their mistake and blaming me for it, saying I should have never used the money they sent me, although they know I spoke to their agent 2 times… it’s my fault… so now I have been calling for 2 day and all they are telling me is I should make more then one payment to get it payed off as soon as possible and they can’t wave the interest they are charging…so basically I’m paying twice for their mistake… all I can say is Run!!! They show no concern for their customers…


Incredibly disappointed!!!

I have been with capital one for over 2 years ! I have two cards with them I made the mistake by making a payment to one card twice and missed a payment, as you know that creates a huge problem for your credit score. Well I called serveral Times and finally got someone to listen and they said “don’t worry about it, we will take care of you we will fix it.” We’ll got a letter in the mail today that stated they would not change it. My fiancé and I are in the process of buying a house and I also made this same mistake with chase. I called chase, no problem they did within the next few days! Fixed it and was wonderful!! I would recommend switching to chase! You get more awards for with your card and they are loyal to there consumers! I have been with them less time then capital one and they were so willing to help with my situation to help me get a home! I am incredibly disappointed in capital one, even switched my car loan to another company so it’s not with capital One also! It is safe to say come January I’m paying off my capital one and closing it for good! I will not be going back! I have recommended capital one to people whom I will be telling them about this also! Shame on you guy! I have a clean history with capital one and have never been late and don’t think because of that mistake should go down 60 points on my score! You have been warned! Look out folks !


Card is great for foreign transactions

This card doesn’t really have a downside. 1.5% is not the best but it is far from the worst cash back returns and it applies to all purchases. No foreign fees and great exchange rates make this card invaluable while travelling.


Dishonest Loan Sharks

The interest rates climb to loan sharks rates and then they tell you they dont negotiate there rates like other credit card companies even when you pay over and above and on time, I also called them about a month ago and the person said he was going to lower the rate, disconnected from the call and when I called back a supervisor said they have no record of me calling??, they lie about everything and do all they can to keep you in debt, avid Capitol On at all cost!!!


Credit line increase

I have been a capital one customer for almost 2 years. I’ve only been late once with a payment within them two years. I ask for a credit line increase and was denied so for two years my credit line has not increased and I’ve been doing everything right.


Website updates in late 2017 broke online functionality

I’ve been a happy CapitalOne QuickSilver customer for about 5 years. Customer service has been excellent the handful of times I’ve needed to call, rewards program is super simple (and immediate - no waiting for statements to reedem!), and they do a fairly good job with fraud protection. I haven’t paid a penny of interest since I’ve had the card and easily reaped a few thousand dollars in rewards over the years.

This review is rating 3 stars due to recent updates to Capital One website that occurred in late 2017. The previous site had a blue bar at the top of the site and worked no problem. The new site is whitespace throughout and has multiple issues.

  • Broken links in multiple areas under account services (including to the old site!)
  • The transaction screen continually refreshes its list of transactions. Net result - I can only pull up about 10 transactions at a time, whereas, I need to pullup about 50 transactions at a time. As a result, I cannot Ctrl-F to find a transaction.
  • Payments are not showing up on the website. Payments are going through and the balance is correctly reflected, but the payments do not show as a transaction. If you download a listing of your transactions in a csv file they show up, but not on the website.

The last one in particular is a dealbreaker for me as I cannot easily determine if a particular transaction has been paid for yet or not. I called customer service, asked about it, and was told “its a known issue when paying from an online bank / electronic payment”. Here’s the kicker - I have a Capital One Bank account. I can’t see electronic payments from a Capital One Bank to a Capital One Credit Card on the new system and it worked fine on the old system - ridiculous. Its been 3-4 months and the issue still isn’t resolved. The previous website did not have these problems and I’ve seen no improvements on the new website. I’ve switched to another rewards card. Haven’t cancelled QuickSilver card just yet - I have many positive experiences with it over the years - but if they don’t have the website fixed within next 6 months - off it goes.

FYI for others who do 95%+ of their finances via online / website transactions. Wait until they fix the issues with the new system - rolled out WAAAYY too quickly.


So discouraging …!!

I open there credit card Quicksilver 1.5cash back $0 apr and $0 annual free and $150 bunos when u spend $500 within 3 months of opening and I just spend $800 just in 1month and they don’t give me the $150 bunos what they advertise here is totally lie a trick … they won’t give you the $150 bunos …!!! So dissapointed , !!! Dishonest …!!