Capital One Quicksilver

Capital One Quicksilver
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Highly Disrespectful of existing clients

I’ve had my credit card account for 7 years. I moved and updated my mailing address on my account. To my surprise, without any further notice, they froze my account. Then they asked me to submit proof of address documents or close my account. Those were the only two options offered by the “supervisor”, who was extremely rude and completely careless about keeping my business, that I’ve kept in great shape. Not a single month was I late on my bill. I’ve sent a certified letter of one of my checking accounts, listing my address, a voided check, copy of my SSN, copy of my driver’s license, and they kept on telling me I am yet to submit “approved documents”. What can be more “approved” than that? They are beyond disrespectful on the phone and will drain your energy and patience. They are an “online” bank, but that won’t mean they’ll make your life easier. Be aware they will freeze your accounts at will and you may end up having major inconvenient situations while travelling or such. I’m just trying to have this thing resolved and will close my credit card and any other Capital One accounts I may have with them. If you think it won’t happen to you, give it a try, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


This card is great for me !!!

I love my card , it’s help me out of many situations!! Now my question is why can’t they lower my interest ( i’v Tried numerous times !! 2nd how can I lower my utilization, no seems help me with these issues !! Maybe I can get some answers now !! Thank you !!


Bad customer service

I had fraud on this card and the service department could care less.


Ridiculously Bad Customer Service

They permanently closed this account (my longest open credit line) permanently without notifying me first due to account inactivity. When I called customer service to complain, I was told that they “reserve the right to close any account at any time for any reason” and do not need to provide notice or an explanation. When I asked if they would like to be treated the same way, I was told they do this to customers quite often. (Are you kidding me???!!!) I am in the process of buying a house, so this may end up costing me thousands. I have 3 other capital one accounts and may close them all after this experience with how they treat their “valued customers”.


Solid cash back card

The Quicksilver is a good 1.5% cash back card with no foreign transaction fee. Very similar to my Chase Freedom Unlimited with the exception of the foreign transaction fee. I feel the mobile app needs some more work, but overall a good card. It may just be me, but Capital One is extremely stingy on credit line. I have three other major cards all issued after Quicksilver and all have at least double the credit line. This I don’t understand. I never carry a balance and have needed to use my higher credit limit cards when I would have used Quicksilver simply because of the lower credit line. Redeeming cash back is either applied to balance or they.mail a paper check. Don’t understand why they won’t deposit into my account like Chase. I would recommend this card. Seems easier to be approved than other major cards.


Surprise Annual Fee - High Interest

Capital One purchased a small credit card I had with Orchard Bank. After transitioning to Capital One, I was surprised with an annual fee that my old card did not have. Over the last year, my interest rate has continued to climb, although my usage has remained about the same. I have a high credit score and a high credit limit on the card; I also have Discover and Chase Freedom cards, which have much lower interest rates and no annual fees. I accepted a balance transfer to my Discover card, with a lower interest rate, and will be closing my Capital One card.


Best credit card I have ever had.

I have had ZERO issues with hidden fees or redeeming my cash back, Capital one keeps a close eye on my account as well. They closed my account as soon as they spotted a few fraudulent charges. They then called to check if the transactions were me “which they were not”. They told me they had resolved the issue and my New card was in the mail and would be there 3 days minimum. Wow customer service the way it should be! Would recommend to others


A very solid card for people with alright credit, very nice rewards.

This is the first credit card I’ve had but I did months of research prior to applying to any. I finally hit this card because of how simple its rewards are to accrue and use, as well as it being within my credit range.

So far everything has been very smooth and straight forward. Again, I did a lot of research prior to applying so I already knew all their terms of service and fees.


Nice card to start out with…

This is my first credit card in 20+ years. For me, the limit was low ($300), but that’s a good way to not get in over your head too quickly.

After the initial set up, the app is very easy to use, keep track of and make payments on.

Had one time I dealt with customer service about a charge I made, but didn’t receive the product for. Filed a complaint, had minimal correspondence with Capital One and got a prompt refund!!

This is a good starter card.


Horrible Customer Service

They restrict me on using my travel rewards even though it’s close to 3,000 points. I was charged late fees on ontime autopays and my payments were rejected and they told me to speak to my bank. I spoke to my bank who could not explain why the payment was rejected. When you call customer service, you speak to someone in India who has to get their supervisor on the phone who can’t handle anything beyond making a payment. My credit score dropped over 100 points from using this credit card and they rejected a credit limit increase. Time to pay off this credit card and close it.


poor service

Like others here, They closed an account I had had with them for many years, they said due to inactivity. Never gave me any warning at all.


CapitalOne doesn’t care about your business

I’ve been a customer for a very long time and had this card until today, when I finally cancelled it. They are good for nothing- all calls go to India or the Philppines, they don’t protect you from fraudulent charges, they make it as difficult as possible to contact them (no messaging on the account) and they insist on only using the U.S. Mail- we know how timely they are! In short, antiquated and uninterested in my business equals GOODBYE.


Capital one is horrible

I had this card with them as well as a bank account and had nothing but problems. I wanted to pay off my credit card and close both accounts and had to jump through hoops to do so. They just wanted to keep making money off the interest of the card which is illegal. Needless to say I will never have an account with them again.


Misleading Information

I received an offer in the mail stating my interest rate would be “based on your creditworthiness”. Prior to doing my online application I checked my score and had a score ranging from 814-822 among the 3 major reporting companies. I was instantly approved with a $10,000 line, however my rate was to be 24.74% and my score with Transunion was 798, not so! After calling (on hold for 34 min) I was told there was nothing that could be done at this time. Closed account immediately (score is now down 7 pts) and will not deal with misleading companies!


Good Business

The people who give low ratings are most likely the ones with poor money management skills. I have been using Capital One for three yeatrs, and have two cards. The wanted to give me a higher credit limit but I said no. Because if I can’t manage my finances better than that ($7,500) I have some serious problems, I don’t make purchases that I can’t cover with already available funds in my personal savings/checking accounts. That way I won’t freak out by getting buried in credit card debt. People who allow themselves to get buried in credit card debt, fall victim to lenders, and are the ones who have poor financial management skills. I think those are the people who are giving the bad ratings, through hurt feelings. That’s their fault, not Capital One. Ever read the financial statement you agreed to? I’m thinking people with poor financial management skills even care about all that stuff in print. They just want the gratification of being approved and the chance to spend money, even when they have no idea how it’s going to get paid back. You’re doing business with a corporation that wants to make money off of you. Capital One works great for me. I even get cash back on my purchases. I pay them back before I incur any charges, and i’m sure they like the people with poor money management skills, than they do, people like me. Some people just shouldn’t have a credit card. I didn’t have one for decades. Capital One is good business, if you know how to control your finances. Their fraud department is excellent. Their customer service is good. Doing business with Capital One is no different from doing business with any other company or organization, as long as you can read and understand a contract, and are able to manage your finances, you too will appreciate the services, not only Capital One has to offer, but any other credit card company out there who you decide to do business with.