Capital One Quicksilver

Capital One Quicksilver
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Easy to use points

I’m not a big user of credit cards, but this one suits me well. Capital One does a good job of making the points I earn easy to use. What I use them for most often is to lower my current bill, which can be done nearly effortlessly through the website. I can log in, see my point balance, see how much that translate to in credit, and can click to use it in a matter of seconds.


Good starter cards

The interest rate is higher than most credit cards. The limit offered ($1200) could be higher, and there are no perks. Although there is no annual fee charge, I feel trapped by the high interest rate when making the required monthly payments. Therefore, I usually pay more than is required.


Great for Rewards, Interest Rates are a Bit Steep

The card is pretty good, with very little flaws. The cash back you get from purchases is wonderful, and the main reason that I got the card. Paying bills is really simple, and probably the easiest I’ve ever seen. Customer service is excellent if you ever have a problem. You also get a free credit score with your bill, which is nice.

The interest rates are fairly high, which I was surprised by. If you pay things off, however, you shouldn’t have to worry about this. The card itself looks plain, and there’s no option to customize it which is lame, but not a huge deal. Overall, I would recommend this card if you pay off things in time, and aren’t worried about interest rates.


Great Card For New Credit Card Owners

I have recently acquired the Capital One Quicksilver credit card. I was approved for a limit of 500 dollars, with also a cash back feature. I feel that the credit card itself is quite functional, and one of my favorites. I was able to get it at a low APR, with zero interest for a few months. This is the card I usually turn to, as the minimum payments are quite small. The cash back feature allows me to pay towards my bill or monthly statement, which is a feature that I think should seriously be considered for every credit card. Overall, I’m satisfied with both the company of Capital One, and the Quicksilver card itself.


Great card for rebuilding credit

I really like this card as they give me cash back and have everything online. My credit limit is not that high due to bad credit but capital one still approved me. They gave me a lower balance to start with and then highered it after a few months of regular payments. I was very happy and felt they believed I could do better after my past mistakes. I get emails to remind me of a payment due and do almost everything online. Never had a problem with them and their customer service is excellent.


Great Card to Build/Rebuild Credit

I applied for my Capital One card shortly after my divorce was finalized. I was young, and didn’t have much in the way of established credit, and the divorce only lowered my credit rating. I charged small amounts to my Capital One card and paid off the balance the next billing cycle. Within a few months of making timely payments and returning my balance to zero, I received a $1500 credit increase! What a surprise! I strongly recommend applying for this card if you are looking to build/rebuild your credit after divorce, bankruptcy, or any other of life’s trials and tribulations that seem to put a damper on our credit rating. The customer service representatives that I’ve dealt with have been nothing but pleasant and helpful in the very few times I’ve ever called. A truly great company - Get your Capital One card today!


Great rewards card with 1.5% cashback on every purchase

This credit card is ideal for my situation, as I am a college student concerned with budgeting well during my time in school. As I do not have a car, I find the rewards this card provides suitable to my situation, as I get a 1.5% cashback rewards on everything, which can also be applied to my credit card bill. This is useful as this applies to all my shopping needs, which generally involves eating out and grocery shopping.


Decent And Flexible Card

This credit card is very flexible. I was able to change my payment due date after making a couple of payments on time. Even after I missed a payment, the company was very considerate. The fee I had to pay wasn’t as much as one I had to pay for another credit card.


Great card for cash back on most purchases that other cards don’t cover.

This credit card is very straight forward as they give you 1.5% cash back from all purchases. Unlike some other credit cards I have, their cash back is put into your accord almost immediately versus the end of month.

There was a sign up bonus if you were to spend $1,500 within the first 3 months, you were to receive $100 bonus. A lot of other cards offer a 5% category bonus plus only 1% on any other purchases. This card is ideal to charge items that doesn’t quality for anything that falls in the categories.


Great card for no hassle type of person.

The Capital one quicksilver card is the best card i have owned. If you know how to manage your money properly it can be a great card. You will earn 1.5% back on any purchase you make. There is no fees such as annual ones and especially foreign transactions. It is a very simple card. I made many purchases with it and instantly pay the card off to earn that extra money. This is a very no hassle card.


Rebuild credit and get rewarded!

I highly reccommend this card. When trying to rebuild your credit, I haven’t found that there are a lot of credit card options that offer to actually reward you for using, but this one certianly does that well. I applied for that reason and love the 1.5% cashback on all purchases. I use it for everything and it’s awesome to actually get a decent amount of money in rewards each statement. I have also seen a great increase in my credit score since I’ve been using this card! They increased my limit from $300 to $2300 after only 6 months of having the card. There are so many benefits for those looking to imporve their credit, and also those who seek the general great rewards. I couldn’t be more pleased.


Use responsibly

I rarely use this card, but have had a large balance due to an auto repair under which I had to use the card. The APR has been difficult to pay down and my financial situation has not allowed me to fully utilize any benefits associated with it.
Once I am in a more secure financial situation I see myself using the card more liberally in order to enjoy the benefits


The Best Card for Students

I really love this card. It has a cash back value of 1.5% on everything you purchase. You can use this cash back anyway you want to. I like the way I can use the card anywhere

They did increase my credit limit with out me asking


Great Card to Rebuild Credit

I am very happy with the Capital One Quicksilver Card. My husband and I filed for bankruptcy about 2 years ago, and we were very happy to have qualified for this card with its introductory offers.

We also like the fact that we can have automatic line increases after 5 on time payments. We are trying to rebuild our credit, so this is a great way to help us do that.


Easy to Use Card that Gives Back

The Capital One Quicksilver card is a fantastic credit card that is easy to apply for and has no annual fee. In addition to having no annual fee, there’s also no additional fees for foreign transactions, so it’s a great choice for those who travel a lot or purchase frequently from foreign online retailers. Along with that, the more you use the card, the more you can get back. With the Capital One Quicksilver, you get 1.5% cash back on every purchase you make. You can earn cash back rewards, or redeem your rewards for gift cards to different retailers or charity donations.

The Capital One Quicksilver is also an easy card to use. You can check your transactions and pay your bill online at any time, and you can also get alerts to remind you when to pay, which is something I find really handy. Customer service is always accessible and helpful too, and you can contact them at virtually any time through online chat or by phone. They’re always there and very helpful in answering a question or providing assistance with any issue you might have.

Overall, it’s a very good card and I really love the no fees, the cash back offers, and the helpful customer service.


Good card to start with.

The credit card is good, I liked the quick approval. It’s a really good credit card to start with. I really liked that I can withdraw money like a loan. I also appreciate the ease to pay online. The rate could be lower but for the first time having one and really only using it for an emergency it really works.


Great card for less than perfect credit

This is a great little card for me that I use all the time. Though they initially say they give a $100 bonus, I ended up receiving a $250 bonus on mine. The interest rate is a little high, but that’s due to my credit. The rewards are awesome. I was surprised at how quickly I accumulated rewards, which I could either put back onto the balance, or redeem with gift certificates. I just reapplied them to the balance and began accumulating them all over again. Very nice card.


Great Credit Card for everyone who is human

I am very pleased that this card was offered to us. It was easy to get and easy to talk to a person when we need to. It is accepted everywhere we go. The cash back offer is really great.


Good option for consumers who don’t carry a monthly balance.

For my purposes, the card suits my needs. With no annual fees and cash back rewards, it is the best card for my wife and myself. We do not carry a balance so interest rates do not matter all that much. Similarly, we aren’t big travelers so travel rewards and airline miles are of little to no importance to us. Instead, with this card, we are rewarded with cash which can be used for savings/investments or to pay down other debt to help increase our net worth.

The only downside to the card is that they got rid of the options to receive a higher percentage of cash back with certain purchases. Now, its a flat 1.5% cash back no matter where the purchase occurred. However, before they made this move, they also gave a 50% more cash at the end of each year. So in reality, cardholders only gained the ability to receive the money earlier but lost the ability to gain more cash back from the participating retailers.


Good news and Bad news

I am going to be honest in my review of Capital One’s Quicksilver Card. I have good and I have bad reviews for this particular card and Capital One card services company.
About 2 years ago my mom had a Capital One card (Quicksilver), she and my dad divorced and she couldn’t afford to pay the card payments monthly anymore, so she called them to discuss the matter. Keep in mind that my mother had never been late in the 2 years that she had owned and used the card, NEVER LATE! Well they weren’t willing to work with her at all, they ended up harassing her on a daily basis and she was 72 years old at the time. She changed her phone number, they sent some scroungy looked guy to my moms home to threaten her with a lawsuit, she called the police and the guy never came back. We found out that Capital One hires people off the street to show up at peoples homes to do this, that’s terrible. She went to court and it was all over within 1 hour, the judges said that the small charges of 200.00 were dismissed, because it was mostly late fees, etc.
On a positive note: I have had a Capital One Quicksilver card for about 3 years now with no problems, but then again I pay on time and keep my balance low and pay a little over my minimum monthly payment that’s due.
So far so good with me, they even raised my limit to about 3 times what it originally was to start with but that costs me 25.00 for them to raise it, strange but true…good luck to anyone using Capital One, pay on time and never get in the wrong with them and you will probably be fine!