Capital One Quicksilver

Capital One Quicksilver
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A perfect card to have in your arsenal.

This card is a great versatile option for the average spender. The 1.5% cash back is uncapped, and rewards are posted quickly after each purchase settles. I like that I can see my cash back balance as the transactions clear. There are also easy ways to apply it towards my balance after meeting a $25 minimum threshold.

The other great thing about this card is that you can use it internationally with no foreign transaction fees. That just makes it even more reliable and useful for the on-the-go traveler. With no annual fee, this card wins out over many others!


The card is fine, would like higher credit limits and maybe better rewards

I believe that this is a pretty decent card. The monthly payments are easy to manager, the annual fees are quite low, and it is accepted at almost all merchants. The rewards are not as great as other cards, and that would probably be my only negative.


A nice “just in case” card

I enjoy having this credit card. My limit is pretty low which keeps me using it responsibly. I try to pay a bit more than the minimum. They let me adjust my payment days so that I can take care of my bill closer to my paydays when I have the money. I have no reason to complain about the card, as I try not to rely on it too much, preferring instead my debit card.


Great card for those getting their credit back on track

This is the best credit card I have had in many years.I have a zero percent interest rate until November 2015 on purchases. I also get a cash back percentage on purchases. The customer service department is fantastic. They are always available to answer any of my questions. I have a paperless account and get my statements by email which is extremely helpful. I would highly recommend this card to anyone.


Great card to get excellent credit with.

I really do like being a Capital One Customer. I have a the Quicksilver credit card and I also have a 360 savings account. While I do wish it had a higher interest rate for money back I think it’s much better than other credit cards which offer no money back. I also enjoy their apps for the iPhone. They are very easy to use. I also like the credit tracker feature which gives me an update of my credit score whenever I need it.


Great at second chances, but not for established credit.

I have had nothing but good experiences with Capital One. They were the first major credit card company to give me a chance to improve my credit; because of this, my interest rate was understandably high. I have had this card for two years and they have raised my limit, improved my rewards, and changed my card type to the Quicksilver. Unfortunately, the once point of disappointment I have with them is that they have not decreased my interest rate and because of this I rarely use this card (I choose to use one of the many other cards I have that have much lower interest rates.) My credit rating has improved to the mid 700s and I have never been late, but I still have the maximum interest rate…I feel like I have proven my responsibility and diserve a decrease in interest.


Great for building credit or starting over

Overall, I have been very pleased with this card. I am rebuilding my credit and they gave me a chance. Their statements have been very easy to understand. I have not had any problems using it at any vendor whether online or in the store. I have had this card now for almost a year and have been very satisfied. I did miss one payment after 11 months and they worked with me and waived the fee because I honestly forgot about it.

The only negative I can find about this particular card is the fact that when I applied I was told if I made my first 3 months on time I would get a credit increase. That didn’t happen, and I was told it was because of my credit score. I felt that was a little bit of false advertisement because when I applied it said make your 1st 3 payments on time and receive credit increase. If this is the only negative I can find though, then I would say it is a good card.


A credit card for all types of credit

Capital one Quicksilver credit card is the best card I have ever seen. It has low monthly payments and no annual charges. For purchases they give you cash rewards. It is a great card for not so good credit. If I was allowed only one credit card Capital one quicksilver would be the one I would pick. Also every 6 months my credit increases.


Cash back for paying your bills!

Several years ago I was 22 and very conscientious of my finances. I had finally decided that I really wanted to start building up my credit. Credit cards had always given me pause because in my mind I had thought, "If you had a credit card you were most likely in debt’. I had heard the horror stories of bankruptcy and irresponsible people. I thought "Oh, they have a credit card that must mean they’re pretty far in the hole, I’ll never get a credit card’. I had always believed that if you can’t afford it with the money in your bank account, you shouldn’t be buying it. Fortunately, I started to learn the ways of the world for a working class citizen. I learned a credit card was not something that would guarantee your slow demises but would actually slowly ensure your future.

I chose to start mine with a solid sounding company and the mindset not to fall into the proverbial hole, Capital One proved to be a very good choice. I wasn’t interested in perks or money back when I started, so I made sure to get a card that I understood. The entire setup process was very informative, when all was said and done I felt confident I hadn’t sold my soul to the devil. Slowly I started building up the elusive credit I was determined to have. A little while down the line Capital One even told me I could to switch my current card over to a cash back earning card (Quicksilver) without having to reapply or send any additional information. It was literally just a click of a button on their website. Immediately I started getting paid for what I was already doing, paying my bills! To this day, I am decidedly satisfied with my entire Capital One experience, which wound up building my credit up and contributed to owning my own home at 26!


Awesome Card For Young Married Couple

I’ve had a really great experience with the Capital One Quicksilver Card. I have had a lot of credit cards in the past and they all seemed to have some major downsides but none of that seems to apply to the Capital One Quicksilver Card. I think the rates are very fair and have had no issues with random charges popping up or rates changing. I think this card would work for anyone but my wife and I are very happy and we are mid-20’s, both employed, and fairly good with managing our money and paying off our debt. I think everyone should get this card, it would be a good idea and will help you in the long run.


Great card for rebuilding credit.

I really like this card. It has a high interest rate but that you don’t have to worry about if you pay off your balance each month. It is a great card for rebuilding your credit history such as if you have had a bankruptcy etc. It does have a small annual fee but does offer cash back so if you use it and pay off the balance you will easily make net a positive cash return from it.

The customer service from Capital One is second to none. They are very helpful and very professional. You get to talk to someone who speaks very good English. The website is great and very user friendly on both desktop, laptop, tablets, and smart phones. You can also set up alerts to help you keep track of card use, balance, and security.


Best cash back card on the market

This is my most used card as it will always give me a 1.5% cash back. I never had to worry about activating the card’s cash back feature. While it isn’t 5% on certain shopping criteria like the Chase Freedom. I find I rarely end up using it on the eligible 5%. Also my favorite feature would have to be the frustration free system of getting the cash back. With chase, I need to have a min amount of points. With the Quicksilver I can cash in how ever much I want or have available.


Great Rewards

I think the best thing about this card is the rewards program. Basically 1.5% cash back is the best deal around. They dont mess around with high interest rate returns at gas stations for 3 months and things like that. It is simple 1.5% back on everything. I enjoy that I can use it as cash or just to credit my account.


My Awesome Quicksilver Card

I love this card. It is easy to get online and pay my bill. I also love that I receive cash back every time I use it for purchases. It is like free money to help me pay my bill. I would recommend this credit card to anyone that is trying to build their credit. I have had financial problems in the past and this credit card is helping me build my credit. This is a great card and has great benefits.


Great card for people with little to no credit.

I find that I really enjoy the card. It was given to me with little to no credit. They send you notices when your bill is ready. That way you don’t have to worry about being late and possibly having to dive into the interest. They have a good cash back policy for the first you. You can also raise your limit after the first five months. I’m really happy I got this card.


Great card for seniors.

As credit cards go, I like this one just fine. I always pay my balance on time and have no problems with it. Capital One has a great website that is very user friendly, and their customer service people are great to talk to. I pay my bill online and have never had a problem.


A great card for someone trying to improve credit.

I got the Quicksilver card in May of 2013, and I haven’t had a problem with it yet. My credit wasn’t very good when I applied, so I was surprised when they not only approved me, but started me off with a $500 credit line. After 6 months of paying my bill on time, they increased my credit line automatically. There was one time that I accidentally forgot to pay my bill, and when I realized it 2 days later, I called in to see if they could waive the late fee. The rep was very personable, and understood that sometimes people slip up, and waived the late fee for me with no hassle. The customer service reps are always upbeat and nice, and willing to help with any problem that may arise. I love being a Capital One customer!


Good for reestablishing poor credit!

I have the Capital One Quicksilver credit card. What attracted me to this particular card was it’s no annual fee and the interest charged on purchases. I also like the rewards program offered for using the card. The card is also good if your trying to reestablish your credit, I personally have noticed just by having and using this card my personal credit score has risen. They also offer increase in available credit if you pay on time for the first five months of using the card. I have nothing bad to say about this card.


I love my Capital One Quicksilver card!

I love my Capital One Quicksilver card! It really delivers just as it say. 1.5% back on everything. I use it for groceries, gas, other store purchases.

I’m a bargain hunter, aggressive price compare/contraster. I imagine myself getting an additional 1.5 percent off the already discounted price. So a 5% discount becomes 6.5 % In less than a year I’ve earned a $135 dollar cash reward that I can take many different way. Thank you Capital One.


Amazing card with great benefits

Excellent credit card with high initial credit limit.
Great benefit to receive back a percentage of credit used.