Capital One Quicksilver

Capital One Quicksilver
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Great low limit rewards card

I am very pleased with this card. I have had nothing but good experiences with the card and the customer service; the only issue I had was one time my card information was stolen and used to commit fraud. I called their support line and they walked me through the process, however they did not keep me updated with their investigation or tell me the proper steps to take - file a police report. The issue was resolved quickly and I was found not liable for the charges.

I am happy with the rewards as well, 1.5% cash back anywhere and all the time. The app for my iphone is excellent, very simple interface and each to use and redeem my rewards. The recent addition of credit monitoring is a nice touch (free of charge). Overall I am extremely satisfied with this card.


Perfect card for starters

It had a good credit line and I particularly liked the cash back rewards rate. As a first timer, I thought that it allowed me enough money to spend and I thought that the minimum payment balance was a good figure for someone just starting out with their first credit card. It allowed me to build up my credit score.


Quicksilver does the job for my needs!

Just recently received my 100.00 statement credit for spending 500.00 on my Capitol One Quicksilver card.
I was shocked when I got the bonus within on week of my purchase requirement.
The main reason I love this card is the awesome web site design Capitol One has. They link all your Capital one cards along with your Capital one bank accounts together. It is a real nice feature.
I got 12 months with no interest and a pretty good rate for my score at about 21 percent.
I love the 2 percent cash back on purchases and the no annual fee. For me this card just works fine.


Enjoy the cash back every month, pay in full always, and you get to use other peoples money for yourself, interest free.

I find the card great. No annual fee and my first 6 months of use was interest free of coarse one has to be disciplined to not rack up huge balances and then all of a sudden the interest free grace period is gone and you have a large minimum payment. Ideally I use the card about everyday, but I use it as if it’s my budget for the month. This way when my statement comes I just pay it off in full to avoid finance charges.
I also get 1.5% cash back on everything I buy with the card. This reward accrues from one month to the other and I can use it for whatever I want, like crediting it back to my account which ultimately gives me more discretionary money.


Great all around card.

I applied for this card because a friend has one and said it was a great card. It’s accepted virtually everywhere and I have had no problems using this card at any business I’ve been to. The interest rate is also great. I would definitely recommend this card to anyone interested in having it.


Great Card with No Interest for 12 Months

I recently decided to try a new credit card - Capital One’s Quicksilver card. I had dealt with Capital One in the past and always found them to be helpful and fair. I received an offer from Capital One for the Quicksilver card. My experience so far has been great. I get 1.5% cash back on all purchases and have no interest accrued for the first twelve months. I have used my card from everything from gas to groceries and have paid off the balance every month and got the rewards credited to my account. So far, this card has been one of the best I’ve owned.


An excellent card with great rewards.

This card has no annual fee and a great cash-back rewards program - 1.5% back on any purchase. I don’t need to worry about rotating categories; I consistently earn 1.5% cash back every time I use the card. Additionally, the card has other great perks as well, including no fees for foreign transactions (the reason I initially applied for the card), and a monthly tracker that follows your credit score. This is the only credit card I use now.


Great card if you don’t want to remember cashback categories

This is a good standard credit card to have in your wallet since it offers cashback on all purchases. There are no revolving categories you need to register for and there are no limits to the amount of cashback you can earn. The current cashback rate is 1.5% which is quite competitive when you consider you don’t have to do any extra work to get the cashback.

I tend to use other cashback cards (such as Chase Freedom) when the bonus category is relevant to me since the cards that offer quarterly cashback category bonuses will offer a higher bonus (up to 5% or more). However, when I forget what the category is for the current time of year, or if I think I have maxed out my bonus, I use this card as I know I will be getting the 1.5% cashback no matter what.

For these reasons, this is a great card if you struggle to keep track of cashback bonuses on other credit cards, or forget to register for the bonuses offered on other cards.


Good Card For Anybody

My review is on the Capital One Quicksilver Card. Unlike most most people who applied for this card, I was automatically upgraded to this card after I became eligible. I like the card and the reward system it uses. This is my first time having a credit card that rewards the consumer so I really cannot say if this is the best card out there. My APR is a little high at 22.9% but that is really not a concern because I always pay my bills on time and I am never delinquent. I earn at least 1.5% cashback when I make any purchase which is about $2.00 for every $30 or close to it which I am not complaining about because it is free money that I can use to negate my active balance. I have not had any problems with the card so far and I have had it for about a year. The card does look somewhat cheap and flimsy and has a grey metallic finish to it. It has a unique look and does not look like similar credit cards. I believe if you are the average Joe and want a credit card that can reward you anytime you make a purchase, I would say this is the card for you, but if you make a lot of purchases I would say to look elsewhere because there are other cards with better cash-back options.


Not the best if you have excellent credit

I don’t really use the rewards although they are better than most, and the interest rate is still pretty high given I have an excellent credit score. I think currently my interest rate is like 16%? But it is better than a lot of the cards that were available to me when I applied.


Awesome card to use on everything

It’s a great card. 1.5% cash back on all purchases has been extremely helpful to me, and makes me always want to use the card whenever possible. The one time bonus of $100 after spending $500 is what got me to sign up, and was an awesome incentive. No annual fees is amazing, and the APR is very reasonable as well. I’ve had a wonderful experience!


Excellent no-hassle, no-fee cash back card

I have had the Capital One Quicksilver card, which offers 1.5% in cash back for every purchase. I selected the card for several reasons. Here were all the things I wanted:

  • No yearly fee: This card is free.
  • Card that is accepted everywhere: I’ve had no issues with this.
  • Simple website interface: The website and app is excellent. It is clear to navigate and very cleanly summarizes what you owe and how many rewards you have accumulated.
  • Cash back rewards: 1.5% on all purchases is one of the best percentages I’ve seen offered.

Other bonuses include good customer service (I have contacted them through the website for a simple problem which was solved quickly via chat messaging) and a free credit report section. It’s updated often and there is also a “simulator” through which you can create hypothetical scenarios and see how they would impact your credit score. Educational and helpful!

Overall, I recommend this card without reservation.


Good card for everyday use.

I don’t think I can tell, it’s the best, but I pretty like it They increased my starting credit limit couple weeks ago, it was nice. Best thing about Capital One Quicksilver is cash back rewards. It could be kind of lucrative. No annual fees.


very satisfied with my choice

I received an offer in the mail for a Capital One card and thought I would see if I qualified. To my surprise, I was approved. I received my card with 0% APR for 8 months and no annual fee. I have had to call customer service, and they were very courteous and helpful. I would recommend a Capital One card to all of my friends and family.


Great, hassle free rewards!

The Capital One Quicksilver card is ideal for the everyday credit card user. Backed by MasterCard it is accepted everywhere (or at least everywhere I’ve tried to use it) and has an excellent “no hassle” rewards program. Unlimited 1.5% cash back on all purchases, which add up quickly, and no annual fee. For those who use credit for the convenience and pay their balance on a monthly basis will be VERY happy.


Great card for Seniors

I like having a Capital One Quicksilver card. It is accepted everywhere I shop. Getting cash back is great. There are no requirements on what to buy to earn the cash back or where. The few times I contacted them, customer service was great. As a Senior Citizen I appreciate having a card that meets all my needs and the extra money is very appreciated.


Great card for rebuilding credit.

I got the Capital One Quicksilver card almost a year ago. I honestly can’t complain about this card, although I still do. It is the only rewards card I have in my wallet and while the rewards are not much, they have been nice. I have only used them to put towards my bill and currently have just been watching them grow. Getting cash from an ATM has been a lifesaver when I’ve been abroad and the card has worked everywhere. My only real complaint is that I have not been able to get a credit limit increase on this card (and I’m sure that is more my fault then Capital One’s). The Quicksilver card has been a great tool for rebuilding my credit and getting me out of a jam on certain occasions and I always make sure I have I have it when I travel.


The fees are hard to overcome.

I am generally unhappy with my card and with Capital One. Well, first, they sold me on having my own custom background and I agreed to go with them in stead of MasterCard and I submitted my image and they denied it and then just sent me a blank, bland, blue card. I tried to speak to customer service, I say “tried” because I had to speak to a robot for too long before speaking with a human.
The interest rates are not too bad on the card as I open up my bill and see what I expect to see. The late fees, which I have triggered a couple of times in the three years I have had it, seem excessive. I now have my bill down to $400 and I can’t wait to be done with Capital One.


Great rewards card with cash back on everything, all the time!

I love my Capital One Quicksilver card! The biggest benefit of this card is that you receive 1.5% cash back on everything with no limit. Although the percentage isn’t the highest out there, the fact that there aren’t special categories each month or quarter make it super easy to use and maximize your cash back! It’s extremely easy to apply your cash back to your current balance, transfer it to a bank account, or request a check.
This card also comes with free credit tracking. The iPhone app is especially helpful for viewing your credit score and being able to simulate how different events (ie opening a new card, making a late payment) will impact your score. This makes me feel informed about my credit and makes it easier to understand how changes will affect me.


Decent for post-bankruptcy consolidation

I received the offer through an unsolicited mailer. Considering I declared bankruptcy just prior to receiving this, it is likely the reason the offer showed up in the mail. While the yearly fee isn’t as desirable as one could hope, it isn’t terrible.

Neither is the interest rate, somewhere in the low 20’s. Remember, recently declared bankruptcy at the time of receiving the card, so I could honestly not hope for a better rate. The whole reason for applying for the card was to rebuild my credit. It allowed me to consolidate some hospital bills and simply convert them to lower monthly payments. I have run into the issue of being penalized for nearly being at my credit limit, then receiving a fee that pushed me over the limit, which brought about more fees. That obviously isn’t what I was aiming for - but they HAVE gotten better about this.