Capital One Quicksilver

Capital One Quicksilver
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Great card and good customer service from capital one

I like this credit card very much. I have never had an issue with it. The billing is easy to understand and I have never had any unexpected charges from the credit card company. When I pay my bill it reflects on my balance very promptly.
Overall I like this card very much. Capital One makes it easy to do business with them. I like that because many credit card companies are kind of difficult about things.


Helping to fix my credit

I have nothing but good things to say about the Capital One Quicksilver card. I’m going to be honest here: I don’t have the best credit score. Ok, fully honest: my credit score really stinks. Despite this, Capital One approved me for their Quicksilver card instantly upon applying. Having this card is helping me build my credit. I love Capital One’s online services; I can easily pay my bill each month and have the option to sign up for automatic payments. Capital One emailed me today to let me know that my credit limit will be raised in 6 months if I keep on making my payments on time. I love how this card is convenient and is helping me get my credit score back on track. Highly recommended!


The best card I have ever had.

I have only had this credit card for a short time. During my time, I have really enjoyed my low interest rate. I have gotten cash back from several of my purchases already and I plan to get more.


Cash back

I like the credit card and use it mostly for online purchases. The benefit of the card is the 1.5% cash back on all everything you buy. which is great when you get some money back into your account. Great and convenient card to own.


Good card and customer service

I am pretty satisfied with this credit card. I got it because there are no yearly fees. It earns me an ok amount of reward points, 1.5%. There was a $100 signup gift after I spent $500, which was nice little bonus. I like it because it just works and is accepted everywhere.

I did have someone try to steal my credit card number, but, Chase automatically declined all their transactions. They informed me by email and quickly had a new credit card in the mail. However, I had a recurring payment on my old card that somehow still was going through. I had to call Chase to resolve this issue. Their customer support was great. The automated system to get to the right customer service representative was much easier than other companies I have encountered.


Largest, Fastest Reward Card

I’ve recently change credit cards to Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card. Due to it has a better pay rewards program than the Amazon Rewards card or the Bank of America card. With the large sign up bonus, I’ve saved more money in less than a dew months than the other too cards I have used.

I have good credit and am able to pick and choose whichever card I want. Since most of my purchases are food or retail shopping, this card gives me the highest percentage of rewards on all purchases. Called 02/12/2015 about a Quiktrip Gas/Automotive purchase of $16.62 that had a hold of $151 on it. The person answered the phone quickly and told me it was a hold when I though my card was hacked at the gas station.


Great card with great cash rewards

Capital One has been a great credit card company to have. Their Quicksilver card gives you 1.5% cash back on all purchases and has a low annual fee. Perfect for people that don’t want miles or points, just cash as their reward. Their customer service is great and its so easy to redeem your cash rewards. I highly recommend it!


Simple rewards redemption

I’ve had the Capital One Quicksilver credit card for about two years now, after having it changed from a basic platinum MasterCard. I started with a $1,000 limit, and it was automatically increased about six months later to $2,250. I suggest keeping your balance low and paying more than the minimum monthly payment to qualify for an automatic increase. There is no annual fee.

The rewards system is straightforward: 1.5% cashback for all purchases, with no cap. Redeeming is very easy and can be redeemed at any amount, no minimum necessary.


A practical card for everybody.

I really like the the Capital One Quicksilver credit card. It is the only credit card I have but I don’t need anything else. I usually use it for most purchases to build up my credit. And I pay the full balance every month. One of the things I like about it is that I get 1.5% cash back for every purchase. And any time I have an issue, their customer service is great.


Pretty Standard Major Credit Card

I have no complaints about this card. I’ve had it for about 2 years now. The rewards could be better I suppose, but they’re pretty much on par with other major credit cards. I think I get something like 2% cash back. It’s obviously accepted everywhere since it’s a Mastercard. I’ve never had to use customer service so I can’t comment on that. The APR is not spectacular, but not out of line either. All in all I’d say this is a pretty good run of the mill card.


Great card for someone with no credit history

I have had this card for several years now. I originally got it because it was a good interest rate, especially for someone with no credit history. In the years I have had it, I have never had an issue. The website is always instantly up to date with my spending. The Android app is easy to use and useful. The cash back rewards are quick and easy to redeem. I have used them to occasionally just skip making a payment for a given month.


Awesome card with great benefits

I received an offer in the mail for Capital One Quicksilver and decided to apply online. There application process was quick and straightforward, approving me within minutes. I have been thoroughly satisfied with my Quicksilver credit card and their customer service team. I have received efficient and friendly service both by phone and through their online chat.

As far as the actual card benefits, I love the cash back program and I appreciate that there are several options for how you wish to utilize the cash back program. I frequently take advantage of the “purchase eraser” and “account credit” options. Best of all, since I made my first six monthly payments on time, my credit limit was increased.


Great Reward Card!!

I find the Capital One Quicksilver card to be an awesome everyday credit card. The Quicksilver card gives you back 1.5% on EVERY purchase. You can get the cash back as cash or a credit on your account. Capital One also provides great customer service and rewards you with increases in credit limit for making your payments on time.


great card for people trying to build their credit

This credit card is great. I started with a $1,000 credit line which was raised to $8,000 within a year’s time. My interest rate is low, and my monthly minimum payment due is very affordable. They have a great costumer service team, and I recommended this card to my best friend as well.


Great card for cash back

The Capital One Quicksilver is great for those looking for a consistent source of cash-back. The Quicksilver card offer’s cash back on all purchases. I use my Quicksilver card whenever possible, as my primary payment option. I would recommend the Quicksilver card to anyone looking for a good cash back credit card. I have never had a problem with Capital One.


A mediocre rewards card

The Quicksilver card is pretty mediocre for a points reward card. The interest rate is high, so that is not a selling point. The limit on my card has not been increased in 5 years. I have never missed a payment nor had a late payment, so I am a bit suprised that the limit remains so low. I have other cards with higher limits and lower interest rates. It seems to me that the card really has no benefits over any other card, except the points rewards. However, with the low limit I rarely use it as to not affect my credit rating. All in all its not great and I only keep it in case of a true emergency.


Easy cash back, easy to use

I was upgraded to the Quicksilver card after being with Capital One for many years. As a result, I didn’t receive any cash bonuses with the card that may be offered to new users (take advantage of the bonus if you can!). Even without an initial bonus, I have absolutely loved this card since I was upgraded.

The 1.5% cash back is on everything, no exceptions. You don’t have to worry about purchasing within certain categories and you can apply the cash to your balance easily and quickly. I’ve started purchasing everything with this card - including some utilities - and I have been impressed with how quickly the cash rewards grow. The website and app are great too.

My only complaint may be the high APR, but since I pay off my bill each month, this isn’t a problem for me.


Great for building credit score

I’ve had the Capital One Quicksilver card for a little less than a year and I’m very satisfied with it. I was a little surprised that I was even approved for this card and even more surprised when my credit limit went up to $750 after a few months of having the card. I think this is a great card for people who would like to build their credit while still saving a little money


Great card for those building credit

I’ve been a customer of Capital One for over 8 years and they were the first and only credit card I own. I was just starting out building credit in 2007 and they awarded me with a very generous credit limit under the Capital One Platinum. They will try to make you sign up for extra “credit protection” but it was $4 a month so I opted out. When I did have an incident where my card was charged without my consent, Capital One quickly resolved the problem and sent me a brand new card in a few days with the unauthorized charges completely reversed. About two years ago, they upgraded me to the Capital One Quicksilver cash rewards card at no charge to me or any changes to my account. I am very pleased with Capital One and their customer service and plan to stick with them as long as possible!


The cards rewards are among the best. This card gives you 1.5% cash back on any purchases, whereas other cards restrict the cash back. It also has no annual fee.

The Capitol One Quicksilver card is generally a good credit card because of the 1.5% cash back on any purchase that never expires however I have had an issue with Capitol One as a whole. I have had Capitol One for many years now and have always had a $39 annual fee. I recently got a promotional email from them telling me I can switch to Quicksilver and receive the cash back rewards I wasn’t currently getting. Basically I would keep the exact same account and nothing else would change, therefore my credit wouldn’t be ran again, but I would still have the annual fee. I of course accepted the promotion for the cash back reward. A couple months later, I got another email and snail mail saying I was pre-approved for another Quicksilver card, however this one would have no annual fee and it would be a totally new account. I contacted Capitol One’s customer service to ask if they could just remove the $39 annual fee, since I’ve been pre-approved for the same card I already had but the only difference was the fee, to which they told me I couldn’t. I then stated that I already had a Quicksilver card with the fee and asked if I would be able to apply for another “new” Quicksilver card which wouldn’t have the fee, and I was told yes. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Instead of just taking the annual fee off, I had to apply for a whole new card that is exactly the same as my existing card, so now I have 2 Quicksilver accounts. Obviously I will be closing the other account as soon as I get my other card but I am very dissatisfied with Capitol One’s customer service and feel they don’t really care about their customers. I had applied for a Chase card before this because I was disgusted with Capitol One but I was denied (even though my credit score is about 700) so I really had no choice but to do this just to avoid my annual fee.