Capital One Quicksilver

Capital One Quicksilver
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Good deal, great rewards, awesome picture

I was excited to get this credit card because it has a great rewards deal for signing up. It was the best deal out there for the price (no annual fee!). I was also encouraged to get this card because it has the option to upload a picture for the card background instead of a plain card. I like that they have a free credit check associated with the card and that I can earn 1.5% back on all purchases.


Great card for those looking to make a comeback

Capital One has been great through the entire process. They were the first company to reach out to me after bankruptcy and have been with me ever since. The customer service is always responsive, fair and quick.

They have had several security breaches since I have signed up, however, I have not had any charges to dispute. In one instance the card was breached shortly before I went on vacation and a quick phone call made sure that all was right with the card and it worked throughout my entire vacation.


Great for big spenders

Honestly I’ve been pretty impressed with the Capital One Quicksilver card. The 1.5% cash back has been incredible. I never use cash so it is like everything I buy is 1.5 cents less per dollar. The APR % is decent compared to my other cards, but I make timely payments so I never notice it. I also have enjoyed how nice their app is. It updates instantaneously and is really user friendly. Overall its a great card.


Capital one rewards credit card for students.

I do honestly enjoy this credit card. They have many reward programs, it’s a point based system where if I spend a certain amount I get points. These points can be redeemed as cash, or cash toward your card for spending money. Another thing I really like about capital one quick silver is the low monthly payments. Also when you first open an account you have zero interest for the first 6 months months which is a positive in my book ! Another thing that capital one is good at is costumer service. It’s nice that I can call 24 hours a day. I remember last year when I had 300 dollars of credit card fraud on my account , and capital one was able to dispute the payment of fraud and refund my account almost immediately. Overall I am very satisfied with my capital one quick silver rewards credit card !


Great card for the everyday person

I have been using this card for several years and have had very minimal issues. The interest rate has remained relatively stable, and my credit limit increases have been appropriate and not excessive. I am not a fan of the monthly fee, but at this point, I think it is unavoidable with most credit card companies. I am very happy with my card, and with the Capital One company. It does just what I need it to, covers larger purchases in a pinch!


Great for people needing to build credit.

I received my Capital One Quicksilver card about 6 months ago. I found it to be a great card for people starting off trying to build credit. The card comes with 0% APR for the first year and only a small fee of $35. The card also features 1.5% cash back on all purchases which is a great perk to someone just starting off building credit. With only casually using it for the past six months I was recently given a higher credit line, higher than they initially promised and my credit score is only building by the month. I’m very satisfied with this card and plan on keeping it for a while.


Easy to cashout

This is a very good card if you need cash, easy to get a pin number for atm or cash advance, plus you can get cash for the whole credit you have, not 20-30% like other cards.
Great cashback rewards also. The only bad thing is the mobile app, you need to call customer service for any small transaction you want to make(balance transfer for example), they are helpful, but still it takes too much time


All good / good service

All good. I’ve only had the account a couple months and have had no problems.
I accidentally paid my 2nd statement 1 day late and they took the charge off without any trouble.


Awesome Credit Card!

Accepting an offer for my Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Card was a great decision. At first, I was hesitant after reading the reviews because it seemed as though most who had this card all had perfect credit .After digging deeper online for more reviews, I saw that the ratings were actually wonderful.I was approved with a $1500 limit. (Having fair credit). They’ve been great in my opinion.I have been working hard to build up my credit, and this card has certainly helped out.

I love the 1.5% cash back on everything. It truly does add up quickly. I also love having no annual fees, along with all of the other perks from this card. I would definitely recommend this credit card to anyone who is trying to build their credit, as well as anyone who enjoys awesome card perks, such as the cash back! I also believe that this is a great first credit card for younger folks.


Great card with tons of benefits!

I usually never write reviews but I actually think that this card deserves accolades. The Capital One Quicksilver card is friendly to all types of people. It gives you 1.5% back on all purchases. There are no international transaction fees of any type. It is easy as tying your shoes to pay your bill and manage your card online. I think that Capital One customer service is above and beyond the standards in the industry. Every time I call them with an issue or a question, they are beyond polite and informative. I have had this card for six years and the only thing I regret is not having it for sixteen. I was so pleased with Capital One that I moved over my primary checking and savings account to them as well!


Good 1% cashback card

The card is a bland gray on front and black on the back. Card seems cheap, it’s not made of the same plastic as most other credit cards I have. It still works fine when swiping, but it was something I noticed right away when I received the card

I haven’t read my terms&conditions in a while though but i’m pretty sure Capital One Quicksilver has 1% cashback on almost every purchase. Claiming your accrued cashback is pretty easy. You can request it as a credit to your account, check mailed to you, and I think you can use it at certain stores. I usually just have mine applied to my current balance

I have no complaints about the card. It works like it should and never had any problems that I can remember since applying for the card a year or two ago


Love the Cash Back!

I love my CapitalOne Quicksilver card. I’ve only had it for a few months, but despite the fact that I have other rewards cards this one is my go-to. The 2% cash back is simply hard to beat. No annual fee. No malarkey. Just a great card.


Great rewards card

Great rewards card for people who do not like keeping track of rolling reward categories. The ability to set the rewards to automatically be used at a number of different options the card holder can pick from. Great customer service and helping with any issues.


Simple & Easy Rewards Card

I really like this card. It is simple and I get a little money back each month. With this card you get 1.5% cash back without having to worry about categories or things like that.


Decent card, bad customer service

The credit card itself isn’t too bad. It has an interest rate higher than 3 of the 5 credit cards that I have, and I can’t speak much about the reward system on the Quicksilver card, as I don’t really use the card enough to earn very many points. Every so often they have a promo for the 0% for X number of months, I got mine when it was 6 months, which is nice.

I can speak a lot about the times I’ve called into customer service however, and half the time is has been awful and the other half have been less than mediocre. Between the wait time, the rude customer service specialists, and the unsatisfying results I have never called them and got less than a headache. I have nothing but bad things to say about the customer service I have received since being a card holder.


Awesome card, great for a young guy on the go like me!

Capital One Quicksilver - I’ve recently upgraded to this card and I must say it’s a great card for anyone. I’m a busy guy and pay for everything with my card - I never have cash on me. The Quicksilver card makes it easy to feel better about using a credit card - I’m able to get a good amount of cash back at 1.5%. I usually redeem for cash which comes in the form of a check, but I sometimes put it towards my current bill. I think there’s even an option for gift cards, which is great to add some variety! I’m able to check and pay my balance from the app on my phone, which makes this super convenient so that I don’t forget. Overall - totally satisfied!


Good card for cash back purchases

It is a decent credit card, as it offers 1.5% back on any purchase, anywhere. Captial One is good with billing and I have never had any issues with them. One key benefit is the fact that rewards can be cashed out at any time, with no minimum required. They simply send a check, rather than pts that need to be converted to a gift card or some other reward.

Ideally they would also combine this 1.5% back with 5% quarterly rewards, such as what Chase and Discover does. But for purchases that fall outside of the 5% rewards for those other cards, Quicksilver comes in handy.


Good card for those with decent credit that want to build their score up some more.

This card is a perfect fit for me. It has given me the ability to streamline my monthly expenses into a singular bill so I can simply pay one sum at the end of the month. The online account lets me keep track of everything going on with my account and have never had any issues with the customer service. Getting some cash back on every purchase is a great perk since I am using it anyway.


Great card for me

I think it a great card to have when in need. I had no problems when I had to call customer service with a issue.


A Great Card for Challenged Credit.

I recently received this card. I have been trying to rebuild my credit and I was given a $300 line of credit. The application was fast and easy and I was approved immediately. There are some great features on the card including cash back and interest free for the first 9 months.