Capital One Quicksilver

Capital One Quicksilver
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Must have for the travelers.

I think that this is an amazing CC to have. There customer service is 24-7 and you can reach them anytime. This card also doesn’t have foreign transaction fees so it’s perfect to take on your next overseas vacation. It also comes with 1.5% cash back per purchase so I am always up for that. It is a great card to have in your pocket when traveling.


good overall cash back card

This card offers many benefits for almost any kind of user including 1.5% unlimited cash back on all purchases, no foreign transaction fee, and has a very easy to use online account system. When I first signed up for the card I also received a bonus $200 as an account statement. The online account service is easy to use and also has a mobile app; there is also no wait time to redeem your cash back. Overall, a very solid card.


Great card for rebuilding credit

I have been a Capital One Quicksilver card holder for 2 years now and I have had excellent service with them. Capital One doesn’t mess around when it comes to being late on payments though, there charges are quite high. I highly recommend them to people trying to get a fresh start with their credit, trying to rebuild their credit. Capital One has a great policy for those people.
After 6 months of on-time payments, Capital One will raise your credit limit to almost double what you started out with. You must never be late on payments though. I give this company and their cards an A.


Great card, awesome benefits!

I absolutely love my Capital One Quicksilver card. It is super convenient and the great thing about it is that it helps me save money when I make purchases by giving me 1.5% back on ALL purchases, not just from certain retailers.

The benefits of having this card have been great. I’ve been a Capital One customer for a few years now and have never had any issues so far. Plus, I like being able to set my own spending limit on it.


Truly hassle-free cash back

I get 1.5% cash back on everything. That’s the best rate I have (except for another card that gives 5% cash back on gas and groceries, but only on the first $250 per month of each). Capital One Quicksilver has no limit on cash back, and the cash back is automatically credited to my statement; I don’t have to request a check or anything like I do with some other cash-back cards. My only complaint is that the reflective silver color of the card itself makes it hard to find in my wallet!


Decent card with good rewards

I have the card, but don’t use it often. The interest rate with my great credit is only average. The rewards are pretty good if you use it a lot, but I don’t. I find I get a much better rate from my local credit union.


Great general purpose card.

Great card. Accepted everywhere. Rewards system is a simple 1.5% cash back for every purchase. It gets credited to the account as soon as the transaction posts and you can redeem at any amount. Capital One’s online system is great. It is very easy to use. I’ve used the card internationally and it has no fees. I’ve only dealt with customer service a couple of times and they have been quick to respond and deal with the problem when I needed them to. Other than the rewards being a bit on the low end, this is a fantastic card.


Great Card for average credit

Capital One gave me my first legit credit card after I had raised my credit score. I started with a 300 dollar balance and no rewards. After a year or so of paying my balance on time was upgrade to the Quicksilver with a larger balance. I did not even have to ask.I now get 1.5% cash back on all of my purchases although I try not to use my card too much. I would recommend this card for anyone with average credit looking for a good rewards card.


Great card to rebuild credit

This credit card offers great cash back offers and rewards when you buy gas. I have only had the card for a few months, but it has shown rewards already. You get to choose your due date, which is nice for those of us that get paid once a month and like to spread due dates out. They raise your limit after 3 months of making ontime payments as well


Great First Credit Card

This was my first credit card and I was a little nervous, because I had heard about how lots of cards charge you a yearly fee and their APR is very high. When I decided to apply for this one I wanted to speak to the customer service person on the phone first. They answered each and every question I had. I have had the card for six months now and I couldn’t be happier. I even have gotten a increase in my credit limit because of my credit history and paying my bills on time.


Great card if you want to earn cash back NOW

I like this card. I have only missed a payment once, and because I was a day off from the payment date, I called and they removed the late fee. It surprised me, but at that point I had had the card for five years. I got the card as a promotional card in the mail when I was a freshman in college and have had it ever since.
My favorite thing about this card is that you get 1.5% cash back on every purchase. You can see the rewards within a couple of days. You are also able to set a limit that it will automatically dump back into your account. You can also request to have a check sent. I like this because I know that I am getting some money back on every purchase I make, no matter how small.


Great first Rewards Card

Quicksilver is an excellent first-reward card. It is a straightforward reward system, provides a useful credit line, and is easily understood. I enjoy having a Quicksilver card for the simplicity in understanding my rewards. It is also exciting that the card is not difficult to get, but not a starter card either.


Great card for the consumer who wants great rewards with no hassle

The Capital One Quicksilver card is a great card the shopper who wants great rewards without the hassle of juggling numerous cards. At 1.5% cash back on all purchases, it has one of the best overall rewards on the market for a card with no annual fee. In fact, the only card that has greater straight cash back is the Citi Double Cash. However, the Quicksilver card currently offers $100 back if you spend $500 in the first 3 months. With this deal, the Quicksilver card will come out ahead until you have spent $20,000 with the Double Cash card. However, if you are a big spender, the Double Cash may be a better bet. There are also cards like the Discover It or Chase Freedom with rotating 5%, but if you are not spending in the categories listed you will fall short of the Quicksilver and receive 1%.

Overall, I have been very impressed with the Quicksilver card. It is through Visa, so it is accepted at basically all retailers. In the aesthetic department, it definitely impressed. It is a sleek silver, and often receives positive reviews. Furthermore, the rewards program is very versatile in the aspect of redemption. Unlike others, you can redeem rewards at any dollar amount, either for a check or account credit.


Great Card after bankruptcy

Many years ago, I was a single mother, struggling to support myself and my daughter. Unfortunately, I ended up having to declare bankruptcy. It was embarrassing, and not a good time period of my life. I felt I had no other choice, however, so I went ahead and filed. I had several credit cards at the time, from various companies, and it all essentially got “erased” with the bankruptcy.

After about 2.5 years or so, I was in a slightly better financial situation, and decided to try re-building my credit. First, I combed through my credit report and tried to get it cleaned up as much as possible. It was much more work than one would think! Once my credit report was as cleaned up as possible, I started submitting applications to various credit card companies. Denial after denial started pouring it. It was disheartening. Finally, I received an approval! It was from Capital One. They took a chance on me, despite my bankruptcy which happened not too far in the past. Twelve years later, I have credit cards from several companies, but Capital One will always remain my favorite, and my preferred card.


Samuel L Jackson was right in those Capital One commercials!

Finally got approved for my first credit card, through Capital One’s Quicksilver Rewards card. They have boosted my credit score (due to my on time payments) within the first three months of having the card. They’ve already raised my credit limit due to my responsible use of the card. This is an awesome card for boosting credit score quickly, I noticed on they reported immediately.

My favorite thing, hands down, about this card is the cashback rewards. I earn on EVERYTHING. As Samuel L Jackson says in the commercial NO LIMITS! I’ve bought everything from gas to flowers, drinks at the bar to groceries on this card, and always gotten cash back. I am very responsible with my credit, and pay off the card as I spend on it. The bonuses are fantastic. The customer service with Capital One is tops. My hubby had trouble activating his card online, when I added him onto it, but one call and it was done no problem! I definitely recommend this card!!


Easy to use + High rewards + No foreign transaction fee

I’ve had the Capital One Quicksilver for 5+ years and have been really happy with it. I had good credit when I applied, and it has been super easy to request a credit limit increase online (as my income increased). Online interface is easy to use and it’s REALLY easy to redeem rewards in any value. This was my primary card until I got the Citi Double Cash - now I keep the Quicksilver to use when I travel because the Citi Double Cash has a foreign transaction fee and the Quicksilver does not.


A good way to earn points on everyday purchases

If you want a straightforward awards credit card, with no rotating categories and varying cash back rates, the Capital One Quicksilver is a great option. Anywhere you go you will earn points on whatever you buy. The rate is a solid 1.5%, which adds up to good rewards if you use it to buy everything. Redeeming is easy and you have a nice selection of things you could use it towards, from gift cards to cash back on balances. Once I pay off my balance transfer on my Discover Card, I’ll go back to using this card more regularly.


Great card for building early credit!

I use my Quicksilver card a lot and I have never had any problems with it! They have some really handy tools on their website and the app for your phone is top notch. It’s so easy to check my balances and make payments! The rewards are a nice touch but I usually just cycle them back into my account asap. Pay your bills on time and you will never find a better credit card for small spending.


Keep sending me credit offer

Stop sending me credit offer and I will never be one of your credit holders. You’re dishonest



Be careful when you sign up for this card because you may NEVER get the $100 intro bonus they advertised for when you are first attracted to the card. When I contacted customer services about this issue, they never cared or tried to resolve my issue. VERY rude customer reps and FALSE ADVERTISEMENT>