Capital One Quicksilver

Capital One Quicksilver
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No-hassle rewards card

I just recently got the Quicksilver card and am enjoying it so far. The best part is how “easy” it is: no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees, and a very simple 1.5% cash back. Great! The Uber ride promotion really was the draw for me. It’s been really easy to use, and the Credit Tracker on Capital One’s website is a very useful tool. Redeeming rewards is easy, and I got the $100 bonus offer within days of meeting the spending requirement - awesome! Only caveat with this card is that there are a few cards out there that earn higher rewards, but the convenience (no fees & Visa being accepted basically everywhere) can’t be beat.


Fantastic customer service

There have been a few times that I have forgotten to pay my bill until a day or 2 later. I simply make the payment, and then call and explain. Every time they have reversed all applicable late fees and interest charges and thanked me for being a customer. Their cash back program is one of the best around and I feel very valued by them.


Bate and switch

This company will take every opportunity to charge fees and interest, even if it involves trickery; An agent told me it is OK to send in a check as payment and he would add a note to the account that a payment is on the way and no interest should be charged. The payment arrived three days later and interest was charged and no effort to remove it succeeded.



I have the quicksilver one card with annual fee. and i would like to know if someone has any knowledge with capital one offering US to update my account to a no annual fee quicksilver if I have a clean on time payments with my quicksilver one? thanks


Upgrade @iamraphaelo

Call in and see if you have an offer to be upgraded. If you can you will have the no ASF, however it will stay a MC not a Visa Signature



Got this credit card about two months ago. What I DIDN’T know is that when you withdraw money from an ATM machine, you are going to be charged a 10.00 advance cash fee, plus whatever fee the ATM charges. Looked over my statement and saw THREE 10.00 charges for advance ATM cash advance fees. When I called, I was told 10.00 will be charged every time I withdraw from an ATM, and to add insult to injury, you will be charged INTEREST “immediately” on this fee. What a JOKE! Since you can’t withdraw money by PIN at a grocery store, you have no choice to use ATM for emergency cash withdrawals. BEWARE everyone! I even thought there were free ATM’s for capital one, but was still charged! Wow!! I will NEVER use my card for an ATM withdrawal again! LESSON LEARNED!!!


best cash back card

cash back is so easy to earn. no annual fee. can redeem any time for any amount


quicksilver one to quicksilver upgrade

I’m so excited that i was able to upgrade my quicksilver with no AF. but i am confused. i was told i will get all benefits of a visa signature and my credit limit is 5,000. my quicksilver one is a MC and from what i have been reading to all reviews my card will remain a MC and not VISA.


Hidden Interest

Know when your interest free period expires, because they do not tell you ahead of time on their statements. They did end up refunding my interest after I spent 1 hour and 2 minutes on the phone with them.


loved it

one of my favorites


Works with foreign web site purchases (Secure Code) too!

The hidden feature is that you can also use for purchases online from foreign merchants where an sms is sent to your cell phone. Your transaction gets approved without any SMS, you just see a page with Capital One and Mastercard logo (even though you make a VISA purchase) !


I have a great 780 credit score, got a low APR rate

One of the biggest things you should look for is the APR, even if you are not planning on having a balance you never know when you will need it. They put my APR rate at the highest, 23.24% which is very very high compared to my other cards. I will probably only use this card for the introductory period and to grab the $100 bonus, then I will not be using it and will leave it to improve my credit score. I have a credit score of 780 but apparently it is too terrible for a decent APR with this card.


Perfect all-around card in my wallet.

This card is the best all-around card for a few key reasons: High (1.5%) cash back rate, no annual fee, and no foreign transaction fees. While there are other cards that might have higher rewards rates, they come with an annual fee and/or foreign fees. This card will always be in my wallet, especially with all the traveling I do, as a great flat-rate card.


Generally a great card

I went back and forth on what card to get and decided on this one. Earning cash back was a lot easier than I thought. There was a recent fraudulent purchase and I was notified immediately. I called the number and the guy who answered was extremely helpful and got it taken care of in 5 min - new card in a few days!


Quick and easy to earn points

1.5% cashback on all purchases, so there’s no need to remember what special items get you more/less points for a given quarter. The money you get back can be used for future bill statements or in the form of gift cards.


Great so far

I have had this card for three months now and there has not been any issues yet. I got my pre-approval online and decided to get the card. It took, literally, 5 minutes to get approved. Card works everywhere and cash back on everything is awsome. It was very easy to add my wife to the card. App tools work very well and are handy to keep track of purchases. I would absolutely recommend.


I love this card !

Sends emails out to give heads-up when there is a change in charges from utilities from month to month. It’s awesome ! Was able to call Verizon and complain that there was an extra charge without a change in service. Way to go Capital One for throwing Verizon under the bus. You saved me $25


Capital One, Invested In Rebuilding Your Credit!

Hello All,

I am totally satisfied with the interest, fees, and service of Capitol One. So much so, that I opened a checking account. Let me explain.

A third of Americans have delinquent debt. That means, in Capital One terms, 1 out every three (1/3) people that have a Capital One Credit Card, will spend a lot on credit, then stop paying their card off. ( Now consider the further risk of extending credit to a population, that proportionately may be 45%-65% (9/20-9 out of 20), will stop paying their card.

I admit, I was one who did not care about his credit score when I was younger, BUT I am striving and succeeding to rebuild my credit, with the risk Capital One is taking on me as a Credit Risk.

That is why many of us applied to Capital One, because we damaged our credit.I can only repay them with their trust in me by making my payments on time, and not complain if I am penalized for a mistake requiring them to further invest their money in me by covering bounced checks and failed payments.

Be diligent with your credit, and Capitol One's Banking Services, Their not just Credit, will let you open Checking, Savings, and even Money Market Accounts. This is especially convenient because all of my financial information is handled in a centralized location that is easy to access securely online.


Daniel Slack


Simple, no frills cash back card with no annual fee!

This is a great basic cash back card, and one that you don’t have to worry about from a value perspective because it doesn’t have an annual fee. I got this card when Capital One was running the Uber program that gave you 20% back on all Ubers. I saved so much because of that, that I will keep this card out of pure loyalty. With no annual fee, it is a great card to have in your wallet. My usage for this card is lower, so I haven’t seen Cap One expand my line of credit as rapidly as they might if this was my primary card. However, the Cap One app is easy to use and overall, I think this is a very solid card!


Love It#

Had no idea my credit had turned for the good…just randomly applied for QuickSilver and got a 10,000 limit. I love the benefits that are offered by this card…glad I was approved.