Capital One Quicksilver

Capital One Quicksilver
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Great Website, App, and Customer Service

Look no further, this is hands down the best card I ever had. I convinced my entire family to get it also and they love it. Pay your statement in full every month and bask in the unlimited, redeemable-any-time, cash rewards.


Application is biased

I tried to apply this card, but I was not approved. However, I applied the same product with $39 annual fee, I was approved. When I tried to get hold of any representatives or supervisors, I have been put “on hold” for nearly 30 minutes. The supervisor who I talked to also thought that it was strange to I was not approved for the one of them, but the other. The supervisor said that he would follow up with me. When I call him again, a representative said that it is not impossible to talk to the sam supervisor, and hangup on me after putting me on hold another 20 minutes. It is outrageous! So, do not apply this card!


I got A secured card 1.5 years ago now $2500 Quicksilver!!

1.5 years ago I received a secured capital one platinum card with a credit score of 580

-Credit Line $500
-Deposit $200
I paid of balance every month for 8 months. Then applied for a unsecured
cap one platinum. And was approved. credit score 650
-credit line $500
I also at the same time applied for a Credit One card and was approved
-credit line $500
I paid of balance every month and 7 months later I was approved for a Chase Bank credit card with $500 limit with a 670 credit score.
-Credit line 500
I paid of the balance every month on all 4 cards for 3 months and capitol one gave me a credit line increase of $2500 with a 680 credit score
-CLI $2500
Just today I called in to ask a question about cash advance and the gentleman on the phone asked me if I wanted to upgrade my unsecured capital one platinum card to a quicksilver card!
Thank you capital one for taking a risk on me when I was trying to rebuild my credit when no one else would!


Easy to use rewards system

It’s really easy to collect a check or account credit for rewards money.


Very easy with 1 1/2% cash return.

Fabulous customer service. Cash back is easy–applied to payment.


Worst Card EVER

I’ve only had this card for 2 days and I’m already closing the account. My husband and I are planning a trip outside of the USA and tried booking a hotel through and we have spent numerous minutes (most likely over 3 hours) over 8 phone calls with them trying to get them to approve the hotel charge. They keep telling us it’s a fraudulent charge and we keep telling them it’s not. They say everything is fine and to put the charge through again, we do, and again we are told the charge is declined. On the phone with them now and they say the account is closed - well that’s odd, how did it get closed? It was open an hour ago. Starting the search over for a good credit card to use when traveling outside the US.


Best and easiest credit card I have ever had.

1.5% cash back that is automatically credited to my account each time the savings reach $50. Very hassle free, especially now that airline miles and other rewards are so hard to use. Also, no foreign transaction fees, which is a big benefit as a frequent traveler. Overall, a great card that gives me money back while not requiring me to think about it or do anything. Just what I need.


Cash back ok but credit line terrible

I own this card for years, have over 800 credit score, I pay my cards off every month and never missed a payment.
Capital one declines credit limit increase for years. I ask once a year and I receive a letter that it is not possible right now since they are reviewing the limits at this moment.
My limit is so low and it is a royal pain to always think about not paying too much with this card since it reaches the limit. Travel booking? no way. Car warranty extension? No way.
For all larger payments I need a different card.


We use the Citi-Double Card in US and this card when outside US

We use our Citi-Double card for every purchase in the US simply because you get 2% cash back (1% when you buy another 1% when you pay) with no annual fee. But the Citi-Double card charges transaction fees.

So this card is the perfect backup to our Citi-Double. It gets 1.5% cash back with NO foreign transaction fees! So when we go abroad this card is our go to card.


Indifferent to Customer’s needs

After having a Capital One credit card for 22 years, having $60,000 deposited in savings with them, never missing a payment, and rarely carrying a balance, I asked for a $1000 credit limit increase on my Quicksilver card for a major purchase. An increase would have brought my credit limit to less than 6% of my annual salary. No other debt, mortgage and vehicles paid off. They said no. They would not reconsider. I closed the account. End of story.


Absolutely the worst

Applied last year and was approved for $500. After months of paying on time got my limit raised. Didn’t have any problems until I started running into issues using the card with merchants and over charges. After filing several disputes they were not disputed properly. I asked several times for documentation supporting the merchants claim. No documents were ever provided. The charges were reversed and I had to pay. Then I ran into the biggest problems ever when a merchant fraudulently charged my card at 2 separate terminals for a total of over $3000. I put a dispute in on both. While customer service got confused about the whole situation. Now the charges have been reversed again. Tried contacting customer service and they say they are investigating. I do not get responses back. I request such documents to support the charges and no documents are provided. Now my balance is completely way off and over my credit limit which Hurts my score dramatically. Contacted merchant and they are not seeking the payment but capital one will not reverse charges,interest and other errors on their behalf. I’ve spent countless hrs disputing this matter only to get tossed around and ignored.


Horrible card and service

Wouldn’t recommend. App Failed on payment due date. (Working on a few things try agin later). Hours later in a panic called at 10:50 Mountain time to make payment. Representative said the payment had to made by 5pm eastern time. Lost the credit increase and accumulated a 25$ fee. What a horse @#$% company. Not our fault. The 3rd is still the 3rd people.


Refuses to give me a useful limit

Love the concept of the card, but Capital One refuses to let me name my credit limit. All my other cards have over 2x the limit that this card does. If I used it too much, it would hurt my credit score (debt to credit ratio). According to the customer service agents I’ve talked to, it’s all automatic and out of their hands. Put people back in the loop!


Love it!

Capital one was one of my first cards after bankruptcy. I actually have two. I started with cl of 350 and 500 with annual fees on their platinum cards. This was three years ago. Now I have just been upgraded to two quicksilver with rewards. The credit limit on one is now 4300 with no annual fee and a 17.99 apr on both. Down from 23.99. The other card is sitting at 2700 with a 39 annual fee which they waived for this year. All in all they have been treating me well. Can’t complain. Love this company! I asked for very little, it just seems as if they keep uping things for me every few months. Double your payments and pay on time and they will reward you. Great service from where I came from.


Look no further for building credit

Originally approved with $1500 credit limit. After 6 months of regular use and on-time payments, they boosted my limit up to $6000. Over a year later, my limit is up to $9000. My credit score is now up to an average of 723 between the 3 bureaus and I feel this card has helped with that. I still have a long way to go, but it’s fun to see your hard work paying off.


Best Cards

I have 2 Quick Silver Cards for at least 3 years. One Master Card and one Visa. The customer service is truly fantastic and times I have had an issue with a purchase they have taken care of it extremely fast with no hassles. Can’t say enough.


Good cash back credit card

This a good credit card for cash back 1.5 % on any purchase its good just like my chase freedom unlimited but i think the 0 % APR could be more than only 9 months most of the credit cards offer you at least 12 months but yet again its just my personal opinion


Got scammed

I have a Capital One Quicksilver card now for 9 months I made a mistake last month of her getting a cash advance for $200 my balance now is $1,100 I try to pay off the cash advance last month come to find out I cannot pay off a cash advance. They keep telling me the system won’t let me pay off a cash advance what a scam they told me I’d have to pay off the whole balance that way they can keep on getting extra interest on my cash advance they are scamming the public I will be contacting my attorney general and the media as long as posting on social media also thanks Capital One for skin and me out of my hard-earned money


Easy Transfer from CapOne Platinum

I had a Capital One Platinum card and was able to upgrade to this with no problem whatsoever. It’s a straight upgrade. Same terms, still no annual fee, plus a bit of reward for being a good customer. About two years now with CapOne and I’m at a $10k credit limit.


Great card for building your credit

I’ve had my Quicksilver card for a little over 3 years now and I love it! Customer service is excellent and they have always increased my limit when I’ve requested. Their website is very easy to navigate and find all of the information you need or want. I can even log on to the site to let them know when I’m going out of the country. I have had my card stolen once and Capital One was so easy to work with me and truly helped take the stress away. The cash rewards are very nice; you have the option of redeeming them in a check, gift card, or towards your bill. You control it. I’m so glad this was my first credit card. I will continue to use this card for a very long time!