Capital One Savor Cash Rewards

Capital One Savor Cash Rewards
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good card

applied for this card a few weeks ago with a then fico score of 753 and was approved for $15k which was more than what i was expecting.the 3% for dining 2% for groceries is great as i eat out will get a $150.00 bonus after spending $500.00 in the first 3 months. The only negative too this card is Capital one pulled all 3 credit ratings and took a hit in my score. So if you apply you should be certain of being approved or you will be skunked.


Product change

I recently got this card after I product changed a Quiksilver One card. I didn’t get the sign up bonus(which is on par with competitive cards) because of the product change, but I would rather use the benefits more than the new credit card account. Capital One also doesn’t do a hard pull on your credit to do any increases, which you can request online. I’ve had 3 cards that all offer 3% back on restaurants and dining, but this offers 2% on groceries. That means I have permanent 2% back if I buy gift cards at the grocery store.