Capital One Secured Master Card

Capital One Secured Master Card
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Good all around credit card

I like the card but I can’t ever seem to get a higher limit. I am satisfied with the billing features,ease of making a payment online, and that it is accepted everywhere. Customer service is pretty helpful when you call and I have successfully avoided all fees wit this card.


Honest card and great for emergencies!

I have had this credit card for about 6 years now. I use it for emergency use only. The few times that I have had to use this card, all of my transactions cleared and I was billed in a timely manner. I prefer to have my bills sent to me in the mail by paper and I do receive them every month as I expect to. The interest rate, to me, seems low as well. I am very satisfied with this card.


Easy to use but high interest

I feel so-so about this credit card. I have had the credit line for many years and I have never had troubles with using the card or navigating the customer service. I use it in tangent with online bill pay and my payments are always a smooth experience. It is convenient to have and I enjoy the rewards program. However, the interest rates are high on this card.


First time getting a credit card? Well this card is a good choice!!

Growing up, I was always told not to get a credit card because it will mess up your credit. So for years I stuck with that. I didn’t get a credit card until I was 29 years old. I decided to get one to help build my credit. I figure as long as I pay my card on time every month, it will be fine. I decided to get the capital one credit card because that’s where I bank. The first year on the card was no interest. That was exciting news. Now the first year has ended and my interest kicked in but to be honest with you, it’s not so bad. Yes the interest rate is high. Its about 23%. However I keep the balance on my card extremely low. I don’t use my card unless I absolutely have to. The minimum balance you can pay every month is $25. That’s a wonderful thing!! I do not regret getting the credit card at all. It all depends on how you use it and on paying back the money on time. As far as rewards go. I haven’t seen any of that. It’s very easy to get an upgraded card. They recently sent me a letter saying that because I’m always paying on time that I can have my balance increased. That was another awesome thing. When I first got the card, I was looking for a $500 balance. I was approved for a $1000 balance. Now they’re telling me that I’m eligible for a raise to $1500. So if you’re just like me and you’re looking for a credit card for the first time, I definitely recommend the capital one master card.


One of the better cards for people with worse than usual credit issues.

Having bad credit at the time, I needed a card for people with my type of credit issues. The only kind I could get were the secured cards that require a deposit, and this one seemed to be more desireable than most of the alternatives (some of which have terms that are quite usurious). As would be expected, there are several caveats to bear in my mind. For one, there’s a steep ten dollar charge for cash withdrawals (ouch!). Secondly, despite the fact that I paid my bill on time each month, it still took six years to get a limit increase. At the same time, you can increase the limit yourself by depositing your own money into the account - prepaid style - which is good for getting your total credit up (which betters your credit score). All in all, I can’t complain as this card - along with a couple of other similar ones which I took out at the time - did in fact help me to rebuild my credit back to where it was before. If you can help it, try not to get into such difficulties in the first place. But if you do, options are available.


Great card for rebuilding credit

So far this credit card has been a good card for me. I appreciate the no interest rate introductory offer and now they are offering an increased credit line. Capital One offers a credit re-building program which allows customers with a poor credit history to start to rebuild their credit. Paying your statement on time and paying more than the minimum balance helps to rebuild credit. Their website is convenient and easy to use. They also offer statement due alerts via email and also send emails when payments are processed. I would recommend Capital One to my friends and family.


Great card to improve credit score

Great credit card.No other bank would let me apply a credit card because I had no credit. My only dislike is the interest rate, but what else can I expect while I’m building my credit?

My monthly payment is also very reasonable and I am able to pay it on time.
I will continue to use this credit card for years to come.


This card is okay. The interest rates are kind of high, but the company is modern and convenient.

I don’t really have a problem with this card, and I like Capital One as a company. They’re up to date and make it really convenient to own and use this card. The rates are kind of high, but it does want I need it to.


An Awesome Card for Rebuilding Credit

When I was 32 years old, I realized I had a terrible credit score because the few obligations that I did have in the past had defaulted. I managed to save up $200 and I applied for the Capital One Secured MasterCard. I was glad I didn’t go with any other bank because they treated me like a king.

Their online services were great, and were very efficient after I was approved for 2 more cards. Their customer service was very accommodating when I found myself between jobs, and lacking the ability to make a payment. Within a year, I was able to qualify for a new Kia Forte Coup, and it was all thanks to Capital One’s Secured Mastercard.


Not a good choice.

The fees are a bit high and since it’s a secured card you are required to keep an account open with the amount of your limit in there at all times. I only got it to help rebuild my credit after my divorce. I would not recommend them to anyone.


The perfect card to rebuild your credit

I would recommend this card to anyone, especially if you are looking to rebuild your credit. I was very impressed with the rates, as compared to other secured cards. You can usually expect to pay higher rates with a secured card, but Capital One beat many others out. I love that when I opened it I had options for how much I could deposit on the card, and flexible options for how I wanted my account to look.

After filing bankruptcy years ago I have struggled to find ways to rebuild my credit. I couldn’t get approved for anything, even a small personal loan from my bank. I had no trouble getting this card and they promptly report to all 3 credit bureaus every month. My credit score has gone up drastically, and it did so within a few short months of me getting this card and using it. I even had an issue one month with getting my payment in on time and customer service was so wonderful and worked with me…no late payment charged! They really have changed the way I look at credit cards and their companies and look forward to using other cards from the them in the future…especially now that I know how to use them responsibly!


Building Credit makes more financially responsible

This card has gotten me through the tough times of trying to rebuild my credit. When I first joined the military there were issues with my lease not being aid on time and it dragged me down before I had found out about the issue. I wasn’t able to get consolidation loans, personal loans, or even some store cards. This card helped me establish credit because it allowed be to put a secured balance and then pay on the card like a normal credit card. The annual fee, I thought at time was a little steep, but with good use of the card the annual fee came down to around $50 before I no longer used the card. The APR was really high, I think at 24.9%, and never really came down. So even though I only used the card for smaller purchases when needed it still cost me a bit more in the long run.

After using the card for about two years I started getting new card offers with better rates and some even with an annual fee. This card helped my build my credit rating back up to the point that I was able to purchase a car without a down payment. I think that using the card also helped me to become more financially knowledgeable. I kept track of my credit rating and used the websites to ind out what things to not do when building credit, such as don’t apply for store cards, apply for bank loans, etc. The more inquiries the better. It made me more self-sufficient because I knew that while I still had a back up just in case, I didn’t need to use it to get something that I could otherwise need or could save up for.





Ideal for World Travelers

I enjoy using Capital One for my credit card. I tend to travel outside of the United States. Being able to use my card wherever I am in the world and easily being able to put a travel flag on the card is incredibly easy. I also have been able to increase my credit limit by being a responsible credit card user. I generally suggest that my friends utilize capital one when they are shopping for credit cards.


Few Fees Credit Card

I love this card as it has a great interest rate. I enjoy making my purchases.

I am not penalized with a lot of fees. whenever I make cash withdrawal, I don’t have a problem as it does not have a lot fees. Over all this card does not have a lot of fees and I love it. I had it for the last15 years.


The 1st card to have

When I was in the process of building my credit I used Capital One Secured card. With great customer service and other important features it also offers individual credit tracker from a credit reporting agency.
I advised my father to apply for Capital One card which he did about a year ago and he also is very satisfied with their service.


Decent card, interest rate isn’t great, but isn’t poor, poor customer service

I like that the card has no annual fee - for a secured card, that’s pretty good. I get a lot of credit line increases. The interest rate is on the higher side, but is by no means the highest rate card I have.

My biggest criticism would be customer service. They are always rude, flippant, and in a bad mood. For things as simple as a password reset, or inquiring about a charge. It’s a great card if you never have to talk to them.


A great tool for those struggling to establish credit

This is a great card to use for those with bad credit and trying to establish themselves in the credit market. The opening fee is only 40.00 for a 200.00 line of credit. I have managed to spend wisely and pay back small monthly increments to establish some consistency.

You can also increase your credit line with deposit amounts of your choosing. This is a great service. The website even gives you access to a free credit check system. My only gripe is that the customer service can be inconsistent at times.


It’s a basic silver and white color mixed.

The coloring of the numbers faded very fast. It’s very durable as it survived a washing machine and dryer. For a new credit card person or someone looking to build credit this card is a good way to do that since the amount of credit you have is based on what you deposited.