Capital One Secured Master Card

Capital One Secured Master Card
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Good Card If You Are Just Starting Out Your Credit History

First of all let me say that this is the first and only credit card I have ever had. I do know about other credit cards and their structure and fees though however, so take my opinion with those two things in mind. I only got this credit card so that I could start building my credit from scratch. I needed some credit in order to get a car loan and this was just the card that I needed to do that.
I would like to say that it has a low annual cost, I know a lot of cards do not but if you have bad or no credit then you have to be willing to pay for that opportunity. I don’t love this card because it is hard to upgrade from the secured version to an unsecured card and if you get denied, it’s not like you can close this card account down to find another because you shouldn’t close your oldest account ever and if you get this card it’s very likely that you do not have another line of credit. I would recommend this card to people who have no credit built what so ever and need to build it up to secure loans in the future. I only use this card for small purchases that I know I can pay off to increase my credit slowly. I’ve never gotten screwed with the rates, so if you were in my kind of situation then I would say go for it because this is a no frills basic starter card for people with no credit.


Great card for the inital 12 months

It had a 0 percent APR when I signed up for it, for 12 months. That was a pretty good deal, but I injured my spine and my priority was paying rent, and they wouldn’t work with me on payment plans, while my other credit cards had no issue doing so. Capital One plays hardball, and now I receive harassing telephone calls multiple times per day from them.

I would not do business with them again. They are not very accommodating, and once the initial 0 percent APR was up, the interest skyrocketed.


It’s ok

This card is unlike regular cards. You have to make a deposit of some type. Just depending on your credit score. I was told it raise my credit score, but that hasn’t happened. I thought I would get a review and get my limit raised, but it didn’t happen.


there custumer service are helpful and like the cash back rewards.

there interest rates are low the customer service is great and i like the cash back rewards yhat they have to offer.statements are easy to read.


Great card but would be better without the yearly membership fee

I love my Capital One credit card although I wish I could get a credit line increase. My credit score is low but my payments have always been on time for Capital One. The card has been very useful while traveling overseas. I don’t care for the yearly fees. All in all its a great card to own.


Great card for establishing or reestablishing credit

I’ve enjoyed this card so far. For awhile I had a hard time getting a credit card due to a student loan issue lowering my credit. I’d read good reviews about Capital One Secured Mastercard and decided to get it a try. I was immediately approved, and put down a deposit. I’m thankful to have a credit card for emergencies now, and having this card has decreased my financial stress. I think as time goes on my responsible use of this card will not only help me improve my credit, but also will help me become eligible for unsecured cards with higher limits.


Rebuild credit safely

Aside from the annual fee the Capital One Secured MasterCard is great for building or rebuilding credit. I had an issue with credit in the past because of a stolen credit card which took a long time to sort out. In the mean time this card provided a great way to maintain and rebuild my credit score.

Capital One has always been easy to work with and they have great customer support. I would recommend this card for anyone that needs to build credit or fix their credit score. Because of my experience with Capital One I began banking with them as well.


Great card for casual spenders

This card works exactly as intended. The only thing is I haven’t used it overseas yet but I plan to. Right now the card is used for paying gas and buying groceries. I do not spend more than $200.00/month with the card and I pay it off in full. The interest rates are definitely competitive and I believe missing a payment will result in a fee–this is normal with credit cards. I have never missed a payment and as long as you are responsible with this card your credit score is going to be top notch.


Great first time card.

My credit card (my first credit card, by the way) was Capital One. I was hesitant, but I knew I wanted to increase my credit as a young adult. I was approved (surprisingly) with a limit of $300, which could increase by two hundred within six months of paying my bill on time. This excited me and I wanted to get my card already. I received it in the mail shortly after and was even more excited to be able to be a credit card owner. It tracked my credit card usage online, and also gave me credit report updates on how my score was doing and how it could get better.

Another great thing is that I was late on a payment. I had a minimum 25 dollar payment, and I forgot to pay it. There was a long grace period for my payments and an even longer one in case I forgot my payment. I called and explained and they were nice and understanding. I was happy that I was able to get a credit card with no credit report or any type of credit, and I was even happier that Capital One had trusted me with a credit card. It is a great beginning or starter card.


Great for rebuilding credit

The card has helped me rebuild my credit after filing for bankruptcy. Like a lot of people during the great recession, I was laid off for two years. Because of the long layoff, I had to file bankruptcy to get a fresh start.

The Capital One Secured MasterCard helped me rebuild my credit over the course of the first year. I was skeptical about a secured card, but I was quickly able to move to a Capital One unsecured card. I wasn’t happy at first about putting money into an account, but I was quickly able to start rebuilding my credit. The payment history with this card really helped when it came to getting a car loan. It was a temporary card, but in the end it was worth it!


Great card for beginners

My experience with the Capital One Secured MasterCard has been an overall positive one. From the initial application process, the communication channel has been open, and easy to use. Anytime I had a question or concern it was easy to reach out to CapOne and have someone to talk to. I enjoy the feature to customize your card for free as well.

After becoming a Credit Card member with Capital One, I think that their evaluation process is very fair. I have had steady increases on the credit limit on my card. I also really enjoy the credit tracker app that is free and is updated monthly. To me this was a great feature because it allows me to watch out for any fraudulent activity. Recently I received a notice that I used my credit card at a store that had a security breach in customers credit card information. Capital One took care of everything. I had a new card issued and any suspicious charges on my account were removed right away.


A card to build on

It’s really a minimal credit card, and good for someone with bad credit.


Good card for people with bad credit

As someone with a poor credit history due to unemployment and numerous unpaid medical bills, the only way to build my credit back up was to obtain a secured credit card. I went with Capital One because I had used them before and never had a problem.

The APR is pretty high (22.9%), but the security deposit was reasonable ($49). There is a small annual fee ($29), and like most other secured credit cards, there are no rewards offered. As soon as my credit is built up I plan on switching to an unsecured card with rewards and a lower APR.


Best card for rebuilding credit

Sometimes people make poor financial decisions, especially right out of high school when the world of credit opens up before you like a yellow brick road of “free” money, leading to a world of money problems. Down the road these poor decisions really come to haunt a person. Want that new car, a nice apartment, that awesome rewards card your friend won’t shut up about? Not going to happen with a checkered credit history. I didn’t have the best credit a few years ago. I wanted to get a new car, but I was denied based on my credit history. I sought out ways of rebuilding my credit and one of those ways was through Cap One’s Secured MasterCard.
It’s a great card for rebuilding credit. The Cap One Secured MasterCard requires a deposit up front and subsequent deposits to increase the credit limit. Limits tend to hover around the $200-300 range, but can start as low as 100 depending on credit worthiness. The limit is ideal as it keeps the credit ceiling from getting out of hand allowing me to easily maintain a low balance and keep payments manageable and realistic to my income. The APR is not stellar, but Cap One does not punish the card holder either. If I have to carry a balance over to the next month, it won’t break the bank.


Good Card for fixing credit

This is a very good card for those needing to fix their credit. With a small $49 - 99 deposit you can get a credit card to help improve your credit. Unable to get a regular card, I got this and within 1 year, my credit made a huge improvement.


Best credit card to improve your credit

The capital one secured credit card is a great card to use when you are looking to improve your credit score. You initially make a deposit and then use that money to build your credit. As long as you make your payments on time, your credit will begin to improve.
The APR is a little high, but I think overall if it’s going to help improve your credit, it’s worth it. There is also a small fee, but overall I’m very pleased with my capital one secured credit card.


Decent starter Credit Card, but their are better options out there.

I felt the credit card was about average. The interest rate was too high. I didn’t like having the monthly fees.

I would have liked it more if it had better rewards or some kind of cash back. I also didn’t like the minimum monthly payment plan.

When I could not make payments, capital one did help with small minimum payments. But that is the least they could do with charging such high interest rates.


Perfect card to rebuild your credit.

This card gives you the perfect chance to rebuild your credit. They report the activity on this card to the three major credit bureaus, so as long as you pay your bills on time you get positive marks on your credit. My credit score has gone up with this card. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to fix their credit.


Great card to get your credit back on track

The Capital One Secured MasterCard is a great card to get your credit back on track, it requires a secure deposit that you will get after a year or two of solid payment history. On top of that there are no yearly fees associated with the card, which is common with these secured cards. The interest rate is a little high, but that is typical with a secured card that is helping you build credit.

The bottom line is that this is one of the best secured cards that you can get to rebuild your credit. You will be very hard pressed to find a better secured card that does not require a monthly or yearly fee. On top of that, you can add more to your balance by making deposits over time, those usually post to your account in 7-10 business days when I had the card. After solid history, Capital One will actually offer you an unsecured card on top of returning your deposit. Great card from a large credit card issuer.


Great for Folks w/Bad Credit or No Credit

This was my first credit card and after putting down a small deposit I was able to start rebuilding my credit! In no time my credit limit was increased and I began to see an improvement in my credit score. No longer do I have to depend strictly on the money in my checking account. Thanks Capital One!