Capital One Secured Master Card

Capital One Secured Master Card
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It has been ok, but I only use it rarely to avoid the interest rate. I do not remember how much they charge, but it is high for a credit card.

This card is okay for those trying to establish credit, but interest rates are high. There is annual fee. I knew that when getting the card, but I do not agree with having to pay an annual fee for a card when there are so many other charges involved with purchases.


Great card for those with less than perfect credit scores.

It is easy to use with both online and in person purchases. It is a great card to use to place limits on yourself or a family member’s purchasing power while allowing greater flexibility in types of purchases one can make by adding funds for larger item purchases or bill paying. The ability to have a credit card that you control the spending without the interest rates allows your money to be used for your purchases instead of being eaten up in the interest rates.


Great card for monitoring and improving credit score.

I love this credit card. It was so easy to set up and helped me easily track and improve my credit score. I love the credit tracker option. They also increased my limit after 6 months or so which was a nice surprise. I like how I can increase my deposit at any time to increase my limit as well.


No complaints

Very straight forward card. Easily used and accepted everywhere I have ever tried to use it. Never had any type of issue with it so I can’t really comment on the customer support. I am sure they are pretty decent, I have never heard anything bad anyway. Carry it mostly for emergencies but have used it online multiple times without any issue.


Good card to build up credit safely.

My Capital one card has been a good way to rebuild my credit. It’s good as a starting point, because at first I didn’t qualify for other kinds of credit cards. The card was a good way to start up again. Also, you put your own money into it so if something were to happen, you would be able to cancel it and get your money back that you put in. This card is also good if your just getting into building credit, but don’t want to take the risk of defaulting in case of an unexpected expense.


Great for ReEstablishing Positive Credit

Since I have bad credit in my past, I wanted to start correcting the issue. Capital One offers people like me the chance to work on bettering our credit by offering a secured card. Granted, I had to invest a couple hundred bucks to get the card but I think it is worth it.

The money I sent is kepts as a savings that I can get back once they see I have a good payment history with them. It covers them, also, because should Not NOT keep payments on track, they can use that deposit to recover their loss. I don’t like the interest rate, but realize it is necessary


I enjoy my card, though I do not use it much…

In my opinion, this is an excellent credit card. This card gave me a second chance with my credit after I messed it up.


Good for emergency use only and no forgiveness for accidental late payment if forgotten

Let’s face it you have real life, and you have bills that you need to pay. Late fees are never fun and sometimes are undeserved, and with this card, if you forget that you need to pay your card (and only until 5 PM EST) you’re looking at a great late fee, and the interest jumps up, and your minimum will increase for the next few months. It is so easy to forget a payment even with reminders. Now I know this is my fault, but to provide no forgiveness, especially when I pay at 5:01 EST is ridiculous. I do not get any benefit from this card such as earning points, etc, but I have a decent interest rate. I would only strongly recommend using this card for a backup source, or to increase your credit score.


Good company

Its a good company and card, the financing isnt that bad and when I lost it they were quick to replace it and get everything sorted out


Great First Card

I am new to the world of credit, just graduated university, and I have a lot of student loans ahead of me. I’d read, though, that this card was very reliable, with reasonable rates, and a great way to get started building credit. I was approved quickly, and now I’m working my way up!

I recommend this for anyone who wants to start building their credit score.


Easy Approval Card

I’ve had this card for several years. They don’t raise your balance very easily and the interest rates are incredibly high. I haven’t had any issues with their customer service and they seem very easy to get approved with. (I have 3 Capital One cards). Overall pleasant experience with them.


Great for credit card beginners

I don’t know what I would do without my Capitol One Mastercard. It has kept me out of a few jams. I am not charged a annual fee for this one. The interest rate could be a little lower but it is still a life saver at times. When I call them with a problem they are always courteous; they are happy to help me and resolve the problem. Have in the past removed late charges for one reason or another. I can get cash if I need it. It is a good card to have, and I DON’T leave home without it. Highly recommended to those who are looking for a basic, no-nonsense credit card.


No annual fee is really nice, it’s a solid starter card.

I think it’s a great starter card. The APR is a little high but there is NO annual fee, which is excellent. They are a great company too. Their website is easy to use and it’s easy to keep on top of my payments. They even have a free credit tracker so you can stay on top of your credit score!


This is a great card for starters that need to build their credit.

The Capital One Secured mastercard is a good first credit card to start building credit with. Initially I was offered a decent spending limit of $300 and after a short period my limit was increased. Of course this came only after making on time payments and never going over my set cap.


Good card for personal use.

Good credit card, the interest rate is comparable with other credit card companies. I use it mostly for small personal Items and try to pay off as much as possible each month. The credit card company does a good job of emailing my total due each month in plenty of time for me to budget it.


Great card for building credit.

This card is very great for building card, I had it for many years and made payments on time and my credit gradually increased as a bonus. It’s fees are very reasonable, and it serves its purpose for shopping, and especially for emergency moments where quick cash is needed. The card has been a lifesaver when I was broken down on the side of the road, and did not have any money in my bank account to cover towing and other related expenses. It’s interest is manageable, and the card is respected by most institutions and businesses.


Amazing Card for Rebuilding/Building Credit.

Overall, I feel very pleased with how my first 6 months with this card have been. I was a little hesitant to apply for this card initially given the Interest Rate (20%+) and the Annual Fee but given how low the credit limit was and the purpose of the card, neither has been much of an issue. The card is really helping me rebuild my credit after a rough patch and I am hoping my limit will be eligible to be raised shortly based on my payment history.

Another of my initial concerns was about it being a MasterCard which I was unfamiliar with in personal use having only had VISA’s in the past. Those concerns were quickly negated though as the MasterCard is accepted pretty much anywhere and everywhere at this point. The CapitalOne customer service has also been great to this point having answered any and all questions I had about credit reporting and ways to make payment.


Good choice for a first card

This is my first ever credit card and I’ve had it for a few years now. I haven’t had any problems with the card and has worked well for me. I don’t really get any bonuses or features from the card but for someone in college without any real credit history I wasn’t expecting to get anything exceptional. I would recommend this card for anyone looking for a basic, first time credit card.


Good for low or bad credit.

This credit card has high interest rates, low fees for cash advances and pretty good credit limits for those with bad or low credit. It would be a really good card if you’re trying to build your credit back up. It’s really flexible and you get to choose your due date. It’s not the best card, but it gets the job done.


Great for rebuilding credit

Capitol One Secured card is a card that is great for consumers seeking to establish or rebuild credit. It is a great way to credit scores and offer consumers with poor credit the opportunity to rebuild score. It offers the convenience of any card because it is accepted anywhere major credit cards are accepted. With an easy to pay security deposit credit cared holders gain access to their credit line for purchases or cash advances.

This card offers card holders with online access to their account with the ability to monitor spending and make payments. As card holders meet minimum payment requirements and credit requirements credit limits may be increased.