Capital One Secured Master Card

Capital One Secured Master Card
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Decent starter card

This card is ok. Never had a problem with it. But the rewards are pretty bad and the interest rate can be high. It’s really only good as a starter card, shouldn’t be hard to find a better one if you have a decent credit score.


Great card to build credit

If credit is a problem for you I recommend getting a Capital One Secure Credit Card. Not only does it help boost your credit score when you make on-time payments, but its your cash. You put down the deposit. If you don’t want the card anymore payoff your card in full and you’ll receive your money back. What an excellent card.


Great First Credit Card

This is a great first credit card. Zero interest for the first year, and automatic enrollment in a program to grant you a credit limit increase in the first seven months, if you make full and timely minimum payments. Also, even when my credit limit increased, my minimum payment and interest rate stayed the same.

It’s very convenient to have a credit card, and the comparatively low initial credit limit is very manageable. Capital One offers online payments and transaction information, which helps me keep track of my balance, payments, and it was easy to link to my checking account.


Great Starter Credit Card

I have had this card for a year now. I really enjoy being able to use it anywhere I like to shop. I also had to get help from customer service when I first got the card, and they were very helpful. They explained the APR to me and answered all of the other questions I had about my credit limit. I am very happy there is not a yearly fee, because some cards will make you pay a large fee each year to just use their card.


A great card for rebuilding credit.

This is a good credit card for rebuilding credit. I have had some mistakes in my past and wanted to improve my credit score. So I signed up for the Capital One Secured MasterCard. You have to put down a cash deposit because it is a secured card. So I put down $200 and because my credit was terrible I was only approved for a limit of $200. But after a few months of using the card and paying it off my credit limit was increased to $500.

This card has been instrumental in the rebuilding of my credit and teaching me to be responsible with my credit.


Stay away

hate the fees, it’s a last resort card for me.

customer service is ok, but I have had a hell of a time cancelling it.


Great card, Great service.

I have this credit card for a few years now. I have a high interest rate because of my credit history but the card has never let me down when I needed it in a pinch. There are no hidden fees or late charges that you don’t know about. Customer service and the website for Capitol one are great!


Bad bad bad

Been a cardholder for two years and had fraud charges as of recent. The receipt came back with different signatures other than my own. Capitol One wouldn’t credit the fraud and charged me double the amount. Took two months for them fix and notice their error. I would stay far far away from applying for any of their credit cards. Not anything like they advertise


Terrible Customer Service

They are stupid and rude. They don’t know the answers to any of the basic simple questions about their products and are sassy and have a bad unprofessional attitude.


Great app experience

Was really to get this credit card and love the great app experience I get with my android device


I Know Whats in my Wallet! THANK YOU Capital One:)

Back in Oct 2015 i applied for secured catd to rebuild my credit I got approved for a $200 libe of credit with only $99 deposit. I used my card responsibly throughout the past 6 months even though I had a $200 limit if I would use $150 I would pay that immediately to bring my available balance back up I would always leave an $8 balance at the end of each month so my credit utilization would stay in excellent standings. just last week Capital One increased my line of credit with no additional deposit to $500. needless to say I’m very thankful to capitalone for helping me rebuild my credit but I want to warn people be careful don’t put too much stock in looking at those numbers every day like I did because when I applied for the card my credit dropped like 70 points and it slowly went back up and each time you apply for a major credit card with a hard inquiry that hits your credit too and it takes points away. I’m glad I got educated and finding out about my credit utilization and I think Capital One for giving me the opportunity to be able to carry their card in my wallet. Do I just sound like a commercial LOL… one last thing I’ll never get my $99 deposit back because the only way to get that back is to close the card and closing the card means you’re losing the 10-year that you have for the length of credit so putting up the $99 to start to rebuild my credit was the best $99 I ever put up. Good luck to you all.


Most incompitent company ever!

I was approved for the low $99 deposit with a credit limit of $200.00. After making 4 attempts to make the deposit I gave up. Every representative I spoke with had a different excuse as to why they could not process the deposit, from funds not available (check bank statement and more than enough to cover a $99 deposit), the next one was they did not know why, after that I made a conference call to my bank with Capitol one to confirm the numbers, again denied. Fourth attempt unable to locate account! What??? If your company is so incompetent that after 4 attempts to get a deposit why would I trust you with my money. Not to mention the 25% APR is way to steep weather you are rebuilding or starting to establish credit. Shop around there are better options out there.


Best bet for rebuilding credit

Like most others, I am working of repairing my credit. I was approved for this card with a score of about 540, with a very dismal credit history including a repossession and many charge offs. After six months, they increased my credit limit from $200 to $500. There were even two instances where I went over my limit, but I paid my bill on time and always pay at least half my balance off (never pay only the minimum). My only suggestion would be to secure your account with a higher deposit. It’s hard to keep your utilization under 30% with only a $200 limit, so you may not see the benefits of this card immediately


Build your credit then scram

As many of you, after student loans (no consumer debt) ruined my credit I was nearing 30 and ready to rebuild. I was afraid to apply for cards for the multiple inquiries to my credit file. was approved and placed down the minimum for a $300 credit line i believe in 2014. fast forward two years, along the way i was increased to $500 great. now because it is a secured card, i cannot: 1. grow the card or increase the limit, 2.transfer to another product without applying for a new application or 3. do anything beneficial with this card, on top of the fact that there is a $29 annual fee that they are unwilling to waive, even though the current introductory offer has no annual fee. i am beyond frustrated with this secured card scam, and i would suggest taking your chances applying for a non secured card that you can grow and only use this secured card as a last option. Recently i was approved for an AMEX so i am outta here with cap one and closing in the next 6 months!


Best Credit Card Ever!!!

I applied for this card on August 2016 with a secured deposit of $ 200.00 I used it every month. What a surprise when I check my account this morning to realized they increased my credit limit to $ 500.0. Only 6 months after started using this card.


It’s a credit card

Nothing spectacular, but it let me in when none others would. haha. It’s good for low credit, and I appreciate the strict $ limit. The website is a NIGHTMARE to navigate/sing into.


Overall- Dissatisfied

When I first applied for this card I was pleased as I saw results on my credit score. I always made on time payments. Unfortunately, there was fraudulent activity on my bank account in which a full payment of 650.00 was made on my Capital One account. The payment was returned. I called Capital One to report the activity the same day, they assured me everything was going to be okay and a new credit card would be sent as well as extra security on my account. However, neither of the representatives informed me that my account would be closed due to a returned payment. A month later they closed my account over something I had no fault in, I even provided them proof from my bank and they refused to re-open the account. Now I am stuck paying an account that I can’t use. Poor customer service and lack of communication from there behalf and unwillingness to work with you.


Awesome card

I have had this card for several years now. Capital One has excellent customer service, and I enjoy the convenience of the app, allowing me to access my information or pay my bill right from my cell phone.


Its ok but doesnt help my credit score

I moved to the us about 2 years ago, back home i had a bank account credit cards you name it never in trouble for credit. Coming to the us was disapointing in that way. Some banks even denied me a normal account with a 100+k income…because i had no credit score and no credit history. I decided to apply for this card and got approved. My limit went up from maybe 500 to 750 but never higher. My credit score went up a bit initially but now seems stagnant so the card doesnt really add anything. I guess i need it for another 5 more years before i can play with the big boys and get everything on credit like you are supposed to.


Card #1

Small credit limit and paying off every single month is just what I need. Gradually rebuilding my credit is what I am looking for.