Capital One Secured Master Card

Capital One Secured Master Card
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Really helps if you are responsible

My credit score was around 580. I decided I wanted to rebuild my credit, medical bills in collections didn’t help at all. I’ve never owned a credit card before, so I researched and decided on this card. In March '17 I deposited $99 and got a $200 credit limit. I upgraded my wife’s phone and used my credit card to pay for the insurance via autopay. Roughly $12 is taken out monthly. Keeping my credit utilization at 6%. In Sept. '17, my credit limit increased to $500. By that time my score was at 614. By late Sept. some debt went past the 7 yr. mark and fell off increasing my score to 625. I paid my bills on time and always kept my utilization below 10%. I requested for a limit increase, got a letter saying secured cards can’t get increases by request. I got a little impatient and figured more of a limit is good and read posts where applying for another card only drops your score around 4 points. I applied for the Cap One Quicksilver card (unsecured yearly fee) and was approved for a 200 limit. My score dropped from 628 to 609. I was irritated at first, but it was my fault for being impatient. Slowly my score has gone back up as of Feb. '18 my score is 631. My Secured platinum card has just became unsecured and the $99 deposit was credited to my card balance after 11 months. I will continue to keep my utilization low and this time be more patient. I hope to get a limit increase after the 1 year mark. My advice is keep your utilization low, set up an automatic payment that is under the 10% mark of your available credit and don’t use it for anything else. I look at rebuilding your score as if you crossed your spouse. You are sorry for what you did, you want them back but you have to regain their trust. It takes time and commitment to regain that trust. You have to show them the effort that you are worthy. Time and responsibility is the key to that. It won’t happen over night but you will eventually get there.



Credit score 620. Denied for a secured card even though I had a 7 year old 300.00 unsecured card through them with 7 years of perfect payment history and a brand new 300.00 limit unsecured card both with CAPITAL ONE> WTF???


Love this card!

After 2 months (1 month waiting for approval, my deposit to clear and to get my card) my score went up 72 points. I got approved with a score of 512 and am now almost 600. I also added my husband to my card with a credit score of 0. I look forward to continuing business with capital one. Thanks so much for the opportunity!


Love it!!!

I’ve had this card for literally 2 months. I only use it for gas and diapers for my daughter. I pay it off about a week early, or just whenever I can, and my credit score has gone up 100 points!!! In 2 months!!! I definitely recommend.


to.gooder credit

keeping up credit line of credit if 2000 dollars and was ok for god credit


great card if you know how it works

this is a great card for those who wants to build or rebuild credit. let me just tell you that they still do a credit check when you apply for this. why? because its a credit card thats why. most people have a misunderstanding that since they are using their own money to open an account means they will be approved 100%. sorry but thats wrong. if want a card which doesn’t require a credit check better get a debit card, good luck however since a debit card will not help you with your credit LOL. the main point of this card is showing up to the creditors that you can handle your finances, its also about practicing on how to be a good payer on your loans. this card is not mainly for shopping thats why its just $200, its to prevent you from getting a large debt just incase you mess up. and yes its possible to get denied even for this card, why? maybe you credit is really messed you cant even qualify for a secured card if this is the case you need special help now, get a credit adviser. you maybe denied if messed up on you application information, you may have mistype something. in any case boys and girls, there is a reason for your denial and its mostly about you…this is a great card so long as you have understanding how it works and what it is. educate yourself people.


Don’t do it

I applied for this secured card Jan 18. After securing my $200 deposit I was able to usr my card. I got this card to build my credit bc the only things I had on my report was student loans and Dr bills. I had zero credit otherwise. Everything was going great until I went online to make a pymt and it said my card was restricted. So I called and they said there was fraudulent activity. What a joke. I had added my husband’s bank acct to make payments on the acct, well bc it’s was in his name they flagged it as fraud. I had to sent in verification of who I was before they would even speak to me. So I jumped through those hoops and then they wanted to verify it was his account. After talking with him, they then decide that we have to get verification from his bank that it is his acct. After literally two and half months and countless calls to them and waiting on the phone for hours, I cancelled this damn card. They had no intentions of ever removing the restriction. So now I wait and hope they give me my deposit back so I can open a different card. My credit score had went up by over 100 points since Jan. But I also paid off school loans in those few months so I’m not really sure if it’s the credit card or my payoffs. Whatever you do, do not get this card unless you have no choice


great to have

I started with a deposit of $99 which would give me a $200 credit limit. I added enough to start with a $400 credit limit. After paying on time for a few months my credit limit was raised to $700. very handy to have


Good card

Raised my credit limit after 5 months of paying on time. Mobile app is easy to use.