Capital One Spark Cash For Business

Capital One Spark Cash For Business
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Great small business card for those seeking travel rewards

I have had various Capital One Business Credit Cards for over 15 years including my current Spark Business Card. I have always been very pleased with the exceptional customer service representatives and the valuable frequent flyer reward program. I really do think Capital One goes out of their way to make sure that their business customers are made to feel like their ongoing business is valued and appreciated.

I have had a number of incidents where Capital One’s service has been exemplary. I have had my credit card number stolen twice. Both times, Capital One was able to spot the unusual purchasing patterns and turn the card off before more fraudulent spending could occur. In both cases, they contacted me immediately and we were able to limit the damage. All of the fraudulent charges were immediately removed from my bill. In another case, Capitol One agreed that they had mishandled a claim from me and they reimbursed me as well as providing an additional refund to my card to make up for the inconvenience it had caused me. I will continue to use Capitol One and can highly recommend them.


Great card for new or established businesses.

I am very satisfied with my Capital One business card. It is accepted everywhere that I need to use it. I pay it off every month, so I dont worry about interest fees. They are very prompt in talking to me if I have any questions pertaining to my account. Very little wait time on hold when I call. I am also satisfied with my credit limit. I have been with them for 16 years. It is also very easy to use it for payments over the phone.


Good rewards, but they are unreasonably inflexible about the credit limit

I used this card for 2 years. As our expenses grew, Capital One steadfastly refused to increase our credit limit above $25k despite the fact that we had many multiples of that available in our checking account, as well as a strong payment history. It got to the point where we were paying off the card 4 times a month, yet they still refused to budge. Finally we switched to a Chase Ink with a much higher spending cap, but with less attractive rewards - still don’t get why they didn’t just raise our limit.


Beware !

This is not a business card in fact.

I learned that when my credit score suddenly dropped down 50 points.
Credit card issued for LLC company personal debt !

Capital One responded that this is their 'normal practice'.

Don't be surprised if you would be denied when you apply for a credit, the reason

may be Capital One which make you responsible for LLC debts.


Best card for small business

I pay it off every month. The cash back reward credit has been amazing. I have had no problem with limit increase and I have never had to pay interest. Love love love this card.


Really the best card out there - no hassles 2% cash back

I have both Spark and SPG and hands down Spark is the best. If you spend $10,000 with SPG you’ll have enough points for most of the lower tier SPG hotels worth about $100-$150 per night. If you spend $10,000 with Spark you get $200 cash.



We just received our new business credit card and we have already earned the $500 bonus and the 2% cash back is posted for each transaction. Very excited about this card!


Great card and very fansy looking

i got my $500 bonus and 2% cash back with in the first month because I use credit to charge my expensive… love it…


Worst customer service

I just sat on the line for 45 minutes with Capital One waiting for them to find my account. Such bad customer service. They don’t respond to my faxes either.


Business spending shows up on personal credit report

my cap one corporate credit card business spending shows up on my personal credit report. Not desirable.



Got the card and was excited to use it. I made a couple large purchases for my business to be paid back all within one years time. I ended up finding out that they report to the primary cardholders personal credit as well as the business. So it looks like I have these a decent amount of personal credit card debt when it is actually just the business debt. It had decreased my personal credit score by 30 points in 2 months. There is no other reason for my score to decline. I was in the process of refinancing my home, and this is going to hinder me. So beware, this is truly not a “business” card. Until they change it, you should probably seek out another alternative for your business.


Sneaky practices

Be aware that the 3 month cash back rebate starts from the date of opening the account, not from when you receive the card. If you want to cash in, you should not delay in using the card because they will not budge on the 3 month from opening. Not fair?I agree



The worst card for business owners!!! Ruins your credit history!!!



This card is advertised as a business card but it not a business card. The entire line opened is reported to your personal credit bureau. Stick with Citibank or American Express. These companies truly have business cards. This card is a joke.



Capital one spark business credit card, report each dollar you spend on your business to your personal credit report. So if you need to use it many times and pay it off you will have a very high credit card utilization and your credit will go DOWN!!!

The Capital one Bank take advantage of the average costumer charging high fees bases on the costumer personal profile and not business profile. On top of that they dont explain about the corporate credit card!!


Personal Credit & Business Credit Reporting

I noticed all the bad reviews some people are giving about the duplication reporting process to personal and business. I can see why and how it can adversely affect personal credit, but if your a new business startup - I would think you would have to back your business anyway, right? I just got approved and am aware of the potential risks this card can have on my personal credit. I plan to make a switch to a true business card once my business credit is established, but it looks to me this is a great starting point. What do you think?


Love this card!

This card does have an annual fee but I pay it off every month. Every year I get a check in the mail for my cash back reward. Love that!


Great card, Stupid borrowers with low ratings

Of course a small business card will be reflected in your personal credit ratings. If you use a credit card for business borrowing, you deserve poor credit ratings. This is a credit card for people who can pay off the balance monthly. If you do, you can find no better card!!!


Love this card - credit wise is amazing

I wanted a business card that reported to my personalcredit. I agree that the $500 cash back starting date is a little tricky, itshould start when you activate the card not when your approved. With that saidthe features, online, and the no limit rewards is awesome.

I got my cash back the same day and the customer servicewoman was amazing.

In life you need to learn to read the fine print and alwaysverify with large company’s period.