Capital One Spark Cash For Business

Capital One Spark Cash For Business
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Make sure you understand the details first

There are 3 major problems with this credit card I have experienced. THIS IS NOT A BUSINESS CARD, AND YES, THAT REALLY MATTERS!

1. Capitol One will NOT tell you how much credit you are eligible for until they issue the card. This means you need to apply, have them run a hard credit check, get accepted, and then after receiving your card (which is when they tell you the limit they decide on) you can decide of this is enough credit to run your business. At this point it’s too late to cancel without hurting your credit.

2. This card will effect your personal credit score. If you fully pay it off every month, that is no problem. But… if you don’t the APR and cash advance rate is very expensive, and dings your PERSONAL credit score. Usually business credit score and personal credit score are NOT related.

3. The credit limit they give new customers is WAY TO LOW. I spend 15k+/month on my business credit card. With new small businesses they will likely only offer you $5000 - $7500/month, even with perfect 800 credit score and 5+ year strong business history they would not give me over $7500. It takes years before your credit is raised, even with perfect payments.

Don’t be fooled. Having low credit and making multiple payments a month is a HUGE PITA. You will spend hours every month making additional payments to Capitol One because they will not give you the proper amount of credit you deserve.


terrible card

they dropped my credit limit by 10k because I wasn’t maxing out card but now I am and they are declining it…terrible customer service. They never even contacted me.


Great rewards and easy to use

Easy to pay bills, keep track of different types of expenses, and redeem rewards. Rewards are a straightforward 2.00%. Last year I earned about $6000 in rewards. I like to pay my bill off whenever I have $1000 owed so I don’t have big huge credit card bills at the end of the month. Every six months I request a credit limit increase even though I dont need it. It helps raise my credit score. I now have an $81,000 credit limit after 5 years but only use about 3% of it at most at any one time.


This isn’t a real business card.

They put the business name on the card but all of the reporting is to you personal name. They can’t even handle multiple address.


Good but very low limit to start and very stubborn about raising the limit

I have half a dozen businesses each of which have cards. I have excellent with zero negatives going back 20 years. This is a good card but understand that you’ll get $500-2k limit to start. For most startups, that’s far too little. Even a single purchase (new computer, phone system) can put you over the limit. We use it, but it has to be paid off constantly. I probably transfer 6 or 8 payments to the card every month so that there’s enough balance to actually buy stuff. Very hard to use because of that. After a year, they’ve only raise the limit for one time… another $200 bucks. My other businesses have Chase and Discover business cards. The limits are on those are anywhere from $10-30k. Much more useful for monthly operations.


2% no hassle rewards, best online system

My favorite business card to use. Lots of negative reviews are written regarding personal credit scores being affected but if you don’t carry a balance this card is the best on the market!


Absolute Terrible Service

I agree the rewards are great and cash back is very fair/attractive but gosh this company’s customer service is literally one of the worst I’ve experienced in my career. They are difficult to work with and slow to process payments. We send checks to them literally > 10 days in advance and they fail to process them in a timely manner consistently. There are other options than Capital One and I’d recommend exploring them if your time is important to you.



This is not a business credit card it only affects your personal score. 7 years with this company I have over 800 credit score paid of my balance every month and only get $13,000 credit limit in 7 years it is like pulling teeth. I only keep this card because of how long I have had it I only put a cup of coffee on it etch month.


severely damages your personal credit!!!

I looked at my credit report and it dropped 40 points because I maxed out my card!!! Horrible card get AMERICAN EXPRESS 1.5% CASH BACK doesnt effect personal credit!!!


Refused my credit limit for my business

I read the reviews online for this card and applied. I run a business and was granted a $5000 credit limit. When I applied for a credit limit increase I received a letter stating my credit history didn’t support an increase. When I called customer support and complained that my business needs in excess of $10,000 the customer service representative just said sorry but you can apply again in 3 months. I closed it down immediately.


Great card

I’ve used this card for 1 year and have really liked it. The online system is easy to use, and the rewards are great. My bonus and awards are hassle free. They also email me alerts when something comes up unusual. It is an easy card to manage- the statements are separated by employee and easy to read and reconcile. Overall, I am very happy and would recommend to other established businesses.


Horrible application process

Was asked to re-apply three times with a credit score in the 700’s. Every time, they ask you to wait for something to come in the mail or simply wait 3-4 wks. Four months later, still do not have this card. Go somewhere else.


The only business card that affects personal credit

If you get this card, don’t use it to carry a balance of any kind. It reports on your personal credit like a consumer card which card ruin your ability to apply for personal credit needs like a mortgage as the balance & month payments WILL be factored into your debit/income ratio! This is unacceptable and frankly makes this Capital One a useless finance partner beyond 30 days. At that rate, as the other review stated, go get an American Express.


Highest Cashback Rewards

I’ve used this card for 2 years now and despite the negative reviews out there, I believe it’s the best business card going. No one can match the 2% cash back and with my 100K credit line I earn big bucks every month. Best of all you get the cash back to you personally with not tax consequences. I used to us AMEX Business but the rewards honestly do not compare with this card. I recommend this card to any business owner who has top tier credit and wants to be rewarded to using the card while running his business.


Well this was a big waste of our time.

Applied for the card about a week ago. After receiving the card in the mail I tried to activate it. It would not active on their web site, had to call. They informed me that the card is showing up with fraudulent activity (new never used card). Person on the phone was extremely rude, would not explain exactly why new card had this problem other then a mistake with our personal and business address. He wanted me to verify our address, after asking him what address he wanted to verify business or personal. He said “you don’t know your address” this sounds fraudulent and you now will need to mail us your driver license, SS card and proof of residency. No option to email or fax but needed to be regular mail.

Application for the card was submitted on line, no mistakes were made during the process. Capital One somehow made the mistake and then treated us like we are criminals.

Will not do any business with them in the future.


Huge waste of time

I was not able to activate this card. I spent 4 weeks trying to activate this card. First they sent me to the Fraud department, then asked for a copy of my drivers license. I followed up every day for 4 days, then I was told it would take at least a week. I called again after one week and they said they needed a copy of the back of the drivers license. I sent this in and they said they would call but they never did. I called again after 3 weeks and this time after talking to 2 different reps in foreign countries for 40 mins I was transferred to another rep who said they would now need a copy of my social security card and proof of residency. I’ve never been asked for any of this and I have had numerous credit cards. Waste of time.


Caused hard pull on personal credit; never worked due to false fraud alerts

Stay away. My headline says it all. CapOne makes a hard pull on personal credit (without clear warning) when you apply for this business card. I have never had this happen before for any card, personal or business. Also, like many other reviewers, when the card finally arrived, I was never able to use it. I tried 4-5 times to purchase something with it and each transaction caused a fraud alert and a decline. I cancelled it since I couldn’t count on it working when I needed it.


Terrible for small business

Capital One has recently done away with the ability to link your business card to any financial software such as Sage 50 or Quickbooks. Now you must go through the tedious, monthly process of manually downloading transactions into a CSV then again manually uploading them into your financial software. I loved this card until it stopped working with my Quickbooks.



The card gives great cash back. The one thing that I hate about the card is that they report my business expenses on my personal credit. I would use it a lot more if Cap One reported to D&B instead of personal credit agencies like my other business cards do. DON’T USE THIS CARD IF YOU ARE A BUSINESS OWNER THAT SPENDS A LOT AND WISHES TO KEEP YOUR PERSONAL CREDIT RATING HIGH. I would have no problem if they reported late payments or any delinquencies.


Best Card For Small Business!!!

Beside the hassle you have to go through to activate this card. This card is truly the best cash back card out there.