Capital One Spark Cash For Business

Capital One Spark Cash For Business
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Most pathetic card I have ever had

They never by n your side when u really need them. Yes, I am talking about transaction dispute. They have no idea what they are working on and what is required from your to support your transaction dispute.


No real benefits - Not worth a Pull

Excellent credit and no benefits. Tranfers are an awful deal unless you like 18% APR transfer offers. The interface is great, but capital one for an online oriented bank is terrible because they split all the logins up and that makes it hard for quickbooks.

It reports to your Personal FICO.

Beyond 2% cashback nothing to offer here


Best Business card, period.

My business use Amex Plum and SPARK. I really don’t understand all of this one and two star reviews. I mean People can’t activate card … or dispute question ? Guys this is irrelevant. This is the only card (correct me if I am wrong) to have 2% money back. My business spends around 700K a year. That means I’ll get 14K of free money. We don’t travel so this is does not matter. All I care is about getting hard CASH back.

So if you spend money and don’t care about travel benefits, get this card. For people with some pathetic troubles, please read policy and reviews. I had several problems with CapitalOne charges on my personal cards and I always received help from CapitalOne.


False fraud alert cost me all rewards

Similiar to other reviews here, they put a false fraud alert on my card and after hours and hours of trying to get it cleared and multiple rude calls I got frustrated and cancelled the card after the representative assured me I had no rewards remaining. After the fact I was able to get online and view that I had over $200 in rewards forfeited. They wanted a physical copy of my drivers license, original social security card and proof of residence


Don’t ever be late

They decline your card if you are 2 weeks late. If you travel and are out of town and don’t get to your bill in time, they throw you under the bus. Called customer service and they said basically “that’s the way it is”. I would hate to be stranded out of the country with a declined card from these folks. I am moving on. What’s in your wallet???