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Capital One Venture One
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Great card to accumulate points

I love this card as I pay a small yearly fee and all of my points are doubled. They have lowered my interest rate and have caught fraud before the transactions was completed. Their customer service is very friendly and they know their product and how to offer you other products that they have. I pay everything with my credit card so I can obtain as many points as possible but I pay it off before they charge me interest, most of the time. I have had other cards but the capital one is the best so far, I’ve had it for over 10 years now including upgrades that they offered me.


It’s a very good beginner card

I had problems getting a decent rewards card. This card was the first one that popped up for less then stellar credit. I happen to really enjoy the card and the 1.5% cash back is a plus. You can use it for straight cash or buy discounted gift cards. I will not hesitate to use the card again. What’s in your wallet?


Great starter credit card

So far I have had a great experience with the card insofar as I’ve had no negative experiences. I’m the kind of person who pays off my balance every month, so my experience is mainly involved with making payments. It’s easy to do online or on the mobile app.

I have not yet claimed anything from the rewards program, but it’s nice to know that I have those points there in case I want to treat myself to a trip or to something special. The rate of point generation is low but it’s steady and reliable. I have been very happy with it so far.


Great card for getting things done.

This card makes you feel on top of the world. The benefits and low APR are among one of many features you’ll enjoy with this card. Capital One takes care of their customers, and makes sure they get all they bargained for and more. I would recommend this card to anyone looking for a nice credit card, with nice benefits.


Amazing company, amazing card

I can’t complain a bit about my CapitalOne card. CapitalOne has extended me a ridiculously low ~5% APR on my card for as long as I can remember. I’ve had the card for going on ten years now, after having done a balance transfer off another card of mine and onto CapitalOne when they offered me a large credit limit. This card has honestly been a saving grace over the years, as there have been times where I’ve had to put living expenses on it while in between jobs or when disaster struck and I had to put emergency repairs on it. All throughout the recent recession here in the U.S., when it was impossible to get a credit card for less than a 14% APR and all the banks were reacting to the problems on Wall Street by raising rates, CapitalOne never once raised my APR. Add in the fact that I’ve never had to call customer service in all this time because I’ve literally never had a problem with my card? I would honestly recommend them to anyone.


Great card for business travelers

The rewards on the VentureOne card are awesome. You earn miles for literally every purchase you make which really come in handy if you’re a small business owner that needs to travel a lot for work. What’s also cool is that you can redeem miles for other travel related expenses like paying for hotels or something so even if you aren’t a flier the miles still help you. This is what I liked best about this card because I hate flying. I would definitely recommend this card for the rewards and I have never had a problem with the company or customer service.


Great for people who pay off completely every month

The credit card is good for people who are able to pay their bills on time, this is because the interest rate is higher than some other choices. That being said, the reward “miles” that you get are very generous and this is the main reason to own this card. It is also important to note that this card has yearly fees, which are negated by the lucrative rewards if you use the card regularly. You could certainly find a card with less fees or interest, but this is the best choice if you are responsible and make many purchases.


Even with a fee, still the rewards and cash back champ

I’ve ended up being very happy with the VentureOne card. I think it and the Venture card from Capital One are both kind of the stars of the rewards and cash back scene with cards right now. I switched to the VentureOne last year when my job changed and required 2-3 monthly plane trips and hotel stays I could put on the card and get reimbursed through my company for. I got a little smaller APR when I switched, and the miles and the purchases I put on it (I’ll do about $7-9,000 per year just in reimbursed expense purchases) makes it the best choice. I pile up faster rewards, and get more cash back with the VentureOne, and while I do have to pay an annual fee on this card as opposed to the Venture, it’s more than paid for itself.

If you do enough purchasing throughout the year on your card, I think the rewards and bonuses from the VentureOne make it worth paying for the annual fee. If you don’t charge that much, stay with the no-fee Venture card would be my advice.


Perfect overall choice for a credit card

This is a good choice for me. I am comfortable with the APR rate and the website is very easy to navigate and provides me with all I need to pay, monitor and manage my account.


Everyday spenders.

I like having this card around. Outside the usual perks of a credit card, i.e. having ready emergency cash, secure and convenient, this card has the great perk of earning points for travel and other extras. I have been able to build up a pile of points with everyday purchases that I then pay off at the end of the month, not costing me any interest.


Great card for travel expenses

The Capital One VentureOne card (COVC) is fantastic for those that travel. When I first submitted for the card in 2009, COVC offered 40,000 points after spending $1,000.00 in the first three months. The COVC offers 2 points for every dollar spent. My family uses the card for all purchases that we make when we can in an attempt to rack up points. I have used the rewards earned by this card to purchase round trip travel to Korea, Indianapolis and Texas so far. The only downside to the card is the annual fee; however, if the card is used frequent enough the points more than cover the fee. I recommend this card to those who are willing to use it to make frequent purchases otherwise, the card may not be worth the annual fee and the Capital One Venture not the VentureOne card would be more preferable. I believe the Venture card only rewards expenditures with 1 - 1.5 points per dollar spent; however, there is no annual fee as far as I know.


Capital One Venture One, venture out.

I like the Capital One VentureOne as it gives out great rewards. The more you spend the more rewards you get. Their customer service is great in answering questions you might have about anything. They don’t make you wait on the phone too long. The interest rates aren’t the greatest but then again not to many are that good. All in all I like the Capital One Venture One. I have had this card for a long while.


Great card for spenders who travel by airfare frequently.

This is an excellent credit card with some of the best travel rewards available. I have had this card for quite some time, and have yet to have any issues with purchases or fraud. I have had to have cards replaced a few times due to fraudulent charges on my account, but those were quickly refunded and removed, with no extra work on my part.

The rewards program is also excellent is you spend a good amount of money each month. I’ve been able to take international vacations for the past few years without having to pay for airfare, due to the reward miles with this card. I cannot overstate how nice it is to fly across the world for free, and save a significant amount of money on vacationing each year. Again, I cannot overstate how excellent the reward program is for this card.


This is an awesome credit card!!!

I love Capital One Venture One. I had never had a credit card before but I decided to try it out recently when we needed some extra help. My husband to have back surgery and was out of work for a few weeks. They gave me a $300 limit and then after I had the first card for a few months and kept the payments up they approved me for another one. I like that as a new comer to the credit card world it is interest free for the first year. I was very concerned about credit card interest because I have heard so many of my friends not be able to get out of debt because of it.
My monthly payment is low only $25 which is an easy amount to pay. The credit card is accepted everywhere which is a huge benefit. We only use it in case of emergency. I am thankful they took a chance on me because I have never had credit and this will provide a way for me to build some credit. I really love Capital One it is AWESOME!! No complaints from me!!!


Wonderful Card for Single Parents or Middle Income with High Bills

I have had this card for over a year now and I have been very satisfied with it and the companies services. High interest rate is something everyone is used to but there are some cards out there that are at the higher spectrum and my Capital One is at an average rate. Once a year I have a yearly charge and this is only around ten to twenty dollars. Other than that I have no other charges and the rewards are phenomenal. The other great thing about this card and what I am most happy with is the service. They help with any problems I have even not being able to pay a monthly bill. It is very simple to get someone on the phone and go over charges I don’t understand or any other problem that I may have. All of these things together add up to amazing service that I will continue to use as long as I have a credit card.


Good, easy rewards for a no annual fee card

For a no annual fee card, you get a good rewards rate, flexible to redeem, and no foreign transaction fees, which is a plus. Payment website is really straightforward, easy to track and follow purchases. All in all, a very solid card.


Capital one will change your card with no notice

I was very happy with my venture one card… Until capital one replaced it with a capital one “rewards” card, with no notice or explanation. I have zero debt, and a credit score of 765 - so I was quite surprised to be given another card with no notice - it’s actually quite disappointing. For now, It’s definitely not gong to be “in my wallet”.


Great rewards and web/mobile experience

Love the flat 2% back across the board and the huge sign up bonus! Also like how easy it is to redeem rewards as statement credits. Very low-hassle!


Great credit card for book trips

It could have a better miles reward like the venture but yet again the no anual fer its worth it plus the 0 % APR for 18 months on balance transfers its great i just that 3 % fee for the transfer its kind of a disappoint but well they need to get something from us I guess