Capital One Venture One

Capital One Venture One
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Miles perk is a scam!

The card is fine for purchases, support, and online account features. However, it is a complete scam that you earn "miles" -in the sense that traditional cards give you miles for mile.

With this card you technically earn one penny per mile (disguised as a mile). When you get ready to use your 60,00 miles you really have a $600 credit to use towards an expensive priced flight or hotel. With other cards you have a true 60K miles that allow you to book several domestic flights.

Buyer be warned..., if you're planning a trip with that special someone, using all those miles you've accumulated, you're gonna be disappointed.

Same on you Alec Baldwin! I'd rather a blackout date that allows me to plan a head and actually go somewhere.


Did not tell me deadline so i missed getting bonus by $13

I thought I had three months to spend $1000 from when I first made a purchase to get the 20,000 bonus miles. But it turned out it was when the card was approved. That was never told to me and I ended up $13 short. So I canceled the card. It was a waste of time.


Scam with Prequalified offer, “reservation #”, Access code

Over two years as customer of CapitalOne360 (fully funded MM Saving, IRA and checking) I received so many solicited mailings to apply for CapitalOne CC. Never responded but last offer of CC with 1.25 miles per $ spent sound like worth of applying. In a two days, with credit score 730, over 100K cash accounts I was declined this stupid credit card.

I am closing my accounts with this retarded Capital One (even 360 ING now is a more integrated part of this retarded bank). I will deposit my cash with the back that apprecciate good clients.


Bad refund policy

I use this card for all travel expenses. Recently, I had to cancel a trip because my mother became ill. I ended up with a credit balance that I intended to use for my next trip (3 months later). However, Capitol One zeroed out my credit balance, noting a refund “adjustment.” When I called to ask when the refund check would show up, they told me it would take up to 2 billing cycles to issue the check. So now I have to pay them again if I am to use their card for my next trip, to avoid paying interest on money that I already spent. Not cool! I am taking my business elsewhere for my next trip.


820 credit score and rejected

Really? With a credit score of 820 and an annual income close to $200K, they rejected my application, promising to mail me a letter in a week telling me why. You can take my application online, but you have to mail me a postal letter telling me what the problem is?


796 credit credit score and rejected

I am not believing this one


I love my card

Are use this card to purchase everything I can. I won’t pay an annual fee for credit card. I always end up making money on this one I never carry a balance. The points are very easy to redeem. I like that there is no foreign transaction fee when traveling international. The customer service is fantastic.


Sorry I got this card

After some research, I found that the 1.25 miles reward is not miles but a 1.25% reward rate. After you charge travel expenses on this card, you are refunded for that travel purchase at 1.25%. If you want cash back instead of travel rewards, they reduce the reward amount by half - that would be .625%. The other option is to redeem your points for a gift card (I think a limited selection of cards) then the rate is 1%. I have a Costco Citi card with benefits of 3% on travel and also no foreign transaction fees. I am not going to pay $95.00 per year to get the Capitol One Venture card that gives you 2% back. My Costco Citi card beats that and and there is no cost to the card. We are going to get a bunch of gift cards and stop using this card.


Poor costumer service

Got this card purposely to book our honeymoon and use on our honeymoon.

  1. Signed up online
  2. Put in all my security information
  3. Did all needed to do to make purchases
    Card was locked. Had to send SEVeRAL forms of Identification. They. Needed 72 hours (business days) to have it unlocked. Even though they had ALL of the information I provided ALREADY. Lost our hotel purchase and the deal we got on the hotel!
    “Nothing they can do, just protecting you”
    How is it protecting you when when they don’t contact you FIrST before they think it’s fraud.

Also! Can’t garuntee it won’t happen again they don’t put travel notifications on your card. What the point of a card for international travel if you fear it will be declined for “possible fraud”


20K Bonus ‘Miles’ Not Worth it

I got this credit card for the 20K miles deal. When I was looking for flights to Greece, I shopped through their website and the $200 credit wasn’t worth anything bc all the flights were overpriced to begin with! I found cheaper flights on other travel sights, without any credit. Since I wasn’t going to use my 20K miles for travel anymore, I looked to see how much cash back I could get and it is less than $200. Disappointed I got this card. Only upside was they gave me a decent credit line.