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Great Benefits for Travelers

The Capital One Venture card is a great credit card, not only for travel, but also for everyday use. The annual fee is low ($0 for the first year, $59/year after that) and there is no limit to the rewards you can earn. You earn 2 miles for every dollar you spend. Those miles can be translated into cash toward any travel purchase you’ve made on the card. So, it’s basically a 2% cash back card if you travel. Plus, you have the added travel benefit of no foreign transaction fees.

Some examples of the travel that can be reimbursed are: hotels, rental cars, cruises, and airline/train/metro tickets. If you don’t travel, you can still redeem for things like gift cards or other non-travel charges, but those are only at a 1% reimbursement. Since the miles don’t expire, it makes sense to save them up for travel, even if you only travel occasionally.

The online redemption site is quick and easy to use. You simply click the link to the rewards page, click Redeem Now and the website will list the eligible travel expenses from your last 90 days that you can redeem your miles for. Reimbursement usually occurs within a couple of days as a credit to your statement.


Decent for those with a new credit history.

I have had this card for a few years, no issues really, but I pay on time. No real benefits that I use, but I am not very picky with my cards. This was my first card that I used to build good credit, and to that end it was perfect.


Great for travel!

The card is a visa and is pretty much accepted everywhere. One of the good things about Capital One is that they don’t charge the international fee other cards do when you make purchases abroad. Also, you can collect miles with every purchase. So this card is basically designed for travelers.


Great credit introduction card

I have never had any issues with this card. The interest rate is reasonable, they are accommodating with late payments, and they are good at communicating. You are adequately rewarded for your usage. It is easy to sign up and make payments. You are not constantly bothered with offers and junk email.

They also offer frequent updates on your current credit score, which I find incredibly helpful. You are not hounded when you are maxed out either, which is also very helpful. Less stress means more time to concentrate on budgeting and getting payments made.


Great Interest Rates

I think the interest is very competitive. I have very low payments as a result. One thing that I struggle with is customer service. Sometimes when I have to call I get a agent on the phone with an accent that is so thick I struggle to understand the person. So I have to ask for a native English speaker. However, to CapitalOne’s credit the agents are always very friendly about it. I fear that this happens often if they are so friendly. Other than that I am happy with my card.


The Worst Credit Card Company In The World !

The service was really really crappy. My rates kept going up and up and i never could get an answer as to why? I was told it was the best credit card you could have. But with my experience i wouldn’t recommend Capital One to anybody. They have alot of hidden fees and don’t really care about your situation.


Great card to pay bills

My Capital One Venture card is pretty decent since it is currently not charging me any annual fees. In general I think the costs associated with the card are pretty far as there aren’t that many. I use the card to make purchases such as pay bills online and then I pay the card off prompty. I generally don’t pay interest fees since I keep the card at zero but every once in a while I forget to pay off fully. Overall I think this is a decent card to have as its low hassle.


Excellent customer service

I have had a Capital One card for years. Just one time I had an issue with charges being on my statement that I didn’t make. Those charges were removed within ten days.

Their customer service has always been excellent for me. Every time I call I get the help i need. If they can’t help me they will fin someone who will. Plan to stay with this company for a long time.


Great card for rebuilding credit

I have hand no problems with the Capital One Venture card. I had a $750 limit originally and after a year it was increased to $2250. I would recommend this card to anyone. I don’t have a great credit rating because I filed bankruptcy a few years ago and I am very pleased to have this credit card.


A terrible card for people with low credit scores

I am not particularly happy with my Capital One Venture Card. I have many cards that gave me a big bonus for signing up (for example, get 100 dollars if you make 1 purchase within 3 months of opening the account). This one had no rewards program such as that. It also has an annual fee which none of my other cards have! When I told them I wanted to close the account because of the yearly fee, they did, however, waive it.

The interest rates for this card are astronomical. It is essentially a card for people with really poor credit scores. If you have poor credit, this might be the card for you. I got this when I was young and had unestablished credit. I don’t use this card anymore, it just sits in my wallet in case of emergency. I prefer to use my lower interest cards - that earn bonus points or rewards. That is another drawback of this card. There is no bonus points program for every dollar spent.


If ya like their commercials!

It’s the best one I’ve dealt with. Not many mind you, but it’s still a good card. Interest isn’t somthing that’s on your mind with this card. The commercial was what had me look into it. Very good marketing on capital one part!


Great for young adults!

I have really enjoyed working with Capital One. Their customer service is always very helpful and quick to solve any problems I have encountered. Their website is also very dependable and easy to follow. I would recommend this card to any of my friends.


Credit card that pays

This is one of my favorite card that I use, it is has reasonable fee and very convenient. I also like the fact that I can build up a lot of travel mile. I aways use this card each month just for the travel benefits. I recommend applying for this card is has given my many benefits.


Great card for working individuals or professionals who have common expenses high enough to allow you to receive the benefits

My overall opinion of the card has been satisfactory. The rewards benefits are ample, but do realize that if not using the card to make large purchases on a routine basis it will take some time to build up enough points in order to achieve any type of substantial credit towards trips or gifts. When I was able to achieve enough, the internal travel guides available to capital one customers were excellent. I was able to book and plan trips through the site directly or with help from an agent. The interest rate on the card is not particularly any better than most of the major competitors, but is in line with the average market rates available. Based on security and customer service, I would say they do an excellent job. My first time using the card out of the US I was notified immediately that there was potential fraudulent use of the card occurring.


Great credit card for rebuilding credit

The CapitalOne card is a great card for those trying to rebuild their credit after a bankruptcy. They have a great online payment center and are very flexible with payment dates. They will work with those who are trying to rebuild their credit by offering them a credit line to reprove their credit worthiness. Great company Great card.


Great for travelers.

This card is great. Capital 1 is very accommodating, and when I had a name change, they were the easiest one to get changed. They offer an App just for the card, and its payment, and tracking. They sometimes offer extra bonus miles for spending certain amounts.


Great for getting credit back on track

The Capital One Venture card is a great card for people looking to get their credit back on track. I fooled around when I was younger with my credit and was in a bad place. I defaulted on 2 cards previously and after I finally got those paid off I decided I needed a new card to establish some credit. Capital One gave me a 2nd chance.

The best thing about the card is the free credit monitoring they offer. Also I have since increased my limit from $300 to $1800 in just over a year. The rates are very competitive and customer service has been fantastic. They noticed an expensive charge that I made shortly after my increase and they called to verify that I indeed had made that purchase. Capital One is definitely my credit company of choice.


Great card for secure purchases

I’ve been pretty satisfied with it. I would like a few more travel rewards, however. The APR has never been terrible, even though initially I was working on rebuilding my credit. I’m able to use it most places, and I’ve never had my identity stolen. This is pretty fantastic, as most people I know have had it happen at least once.


Accommodating Card

I have enjoyed my Capital One Venture card. I have never had a problem using it online or in store. I missed a payment within a few months of having the card, and was aloud to make that up without any penalties or fees. The customer service rep I spoke with was very kind, patient, and understanding to my situation. Another time, I knew ahead of time, that I would be unable to make my payment on time. I spoke to a customer service representative, and they scheduled a date for me to make my payment without penalty.

I would highly recommend this card to anyone. The customer service alone, has made it very much worth while.