Capital One Venture

Capital One Venture
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Great card for frequent travelers

The Capital One Venture card is actually one of few cards that gives back rewards on purchases. Actually it gives 2% rewards on purchases. I like that It has travel perks. Ie. They give a bonus 40,000 miles once you spend over $3,000 in purchases. That equals about $400.00. In my opinion that is a great amount. I would recommend this card for frequent travelers the like receiving great offers such as the offer stated above. There are a few more perks , but for me since I travel often then one listed above is that most important.


Best card for Fair to Good credit!

I have had this card for over 2 years now. I really like the APR that I received and it has helped my credit a great deal. I decided to go with this card when my husband told me about it. He had his for awhile before I applied and said it was a card worth looking into. I applied online and was shocked to see that I was instantly approved.
I have only had to contact customer service about 3 times but each time was great. They are so ready to help and very professional. The agents always do very good security checks and I never have to worry about someone else gaining access to my account. They are prompt when I have a concern or question and very attentive about credit limit increases. I totally recommend this card to anyone who gets approved.


Perfect for Travelers

The Capital one Venture card is one of the best cards in the market in my opinion. It is one of the few cards, in my experience, that provides a full 2% rewards. It has a chip which is a plus for those who use their card frequently and are concerned with privacy. This particular credit card gives 2 miles for every dollar, which is twice as many as most competitor cards. And it offers an interest rate as low as 13.9%

I have been a Capital One customer for over 12 years and this has been one of my favorite cards so far. Especially for someone who travels as much as I do, the concierge and travel upgrades are definitely a plus. There is a very nice sign-up bonus for new accounts. New accounts have a $0 introductory annual fee for the entire first year which will save you a lot of money compared to cards that charge large fees. Their customer service agents are helpful, and fast. I have always had my questions quickly answered by an agent.


Great card for beginners

Interest rate is high. Easy to use most major company’s accept. Payments are reasonable and if you are not able to make your payment they are willing to work with you. They understand life happens and sometimes you just cant make a payment.


The only card to have in your wallet

Capital one is great. If you start with Capital one and make all your payments on time, they will tale care of you. I started with Capital one secured, now I have 4 different capital one cards including my favorite the Venture. I would recommend it to anyone who can get it.


This is a solid card with a good cash back rebate

The card is accepted at almost everyplace that I go. It is easy to use. There is a 2% cash back which is helpful. I use it for most of my purchases


Travel friendly card

The reason I’m such a huge fan of this card is simple, the rewards! I’m able to get 2 percent cash back on every purchase that I make. A lot of other companies do the cash back, however it has to be on a certain purchases. Not with this card. I buy and I get cash back, simple as that. I love to travel and do quite a bit of it for work so this car dis perfect for me. Its very travel friendly. There are no transaction fees when on foreign soil so that’s a huge plus. You also can receive a huge sing on bonus in form of miles if you have purchased a certain amount of money. So to conclude, its great when it comes to rewards and its travel friendly. Two things that I enjoy quite a bit.





It’s a credit card, nothing super special

I have a pretty high balance on this card right now, but I do like that my monthly payments count toward my rewards/miles total. I don’t really have anything bad to say about it. It’s a credit card. I’ve used it almost too much. I’ve been trying not to use it and just pay down my balance. Pretty soon in the future I’ll be redeeming my rewards/miles for a plane ticket, I think.


Easy to acquire and utilize

i really enjoy this card because of its flexibility and reasonable interest rate. The card is lean and I use it everyday to buy groceries and gas cards.


As good of a credit card as you can get

I like it. It took me awhile to build up my credit limit so I can make a few major purchases but overall I am satisfied.


I like it

This card has a good rewards program which I have used many times. The website is easy to use an fast. I also appreciate the email notifications to keep me up to date on what is happening in my account.


It is a good card to all travelers.

The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card is the best travel rewards cards on the market today. It’s one of the very few that give a full 2% rewards on all purchases, and comes with a host of traveler-friendly perks, including a generous signup bonus. Most importantly, the Venture, like all Capital One cards, has no foreign transaction fee. In addition, it gives concierge service and travel accident insurance.

It will be the greatest choice of all the people those who are willing to travel all over the world. It will give greatest impact on the purchasers and it will be a stress free and no transaction fee for that.


Great for Travelers

The Capital One Venture card is a good card if you are looking for a new credit card and have a good credit score. The card has some great perks, especially the 2 miles for every dollar, which is the best I could find in comparison to other credit cards. The card also comes with a low interest rate of just under 14% if you have good credit. I love that you get free miles with almost any purchase, anywhere, at anytime.


Great Card Loaded With Flexibility

I have been using the Capital One Venture card for a few years now. I have never failed to be impressed with the service I receive each and every time I speak with a Capital One representative. I have had a couple of issues where a charge hit my card that was either an amount above what I purchased or I was charged a fee for something that was advertised as free. On both occasions, Capital One resolved the issues for me quickly and accurately. That gives a card holder a great feeling to know you have such great customer service at your finger tips.

The Capital One Venture card offers an erase feature for any traveling expenses you incur. There is really no time limit for using the feature as I have actually gone back many months to have a charge erased. You can use the miles you earn based on the dollars you have charged just like it was cash. Just make a call to the rewards center, tell them what you want erased, they let you know how many points it will take to make it happen, you give the authorization and within a few days you have a credit on your account for the amount you wanted erased. I had never seen that feature on any of the other cards I used to carry.

If you are looking for flexibility, I would recommend looking into the Capital One Venture card.


This is an incredible card.

I love this credit card. I first obtained it back in August when I had finally repaired my credit to the point I could actually get a credit card and in the time I’ve had it I’ve been VERY satisfied with it. The company’s website makes managing the card very easy, customer service is incredible and as I’ve continued to make ontime payments my credit limit has been increased.

I’d recommend this card to anyone looking for a card that will help them re-establish their credit.


Cool card for fun

I think this credit card if fantastic. I have used it for over 2 years and I have to say my social reputation has become great. All my friends love me and like how popular my card is. Not only is the brand name recognizable but the design proves its legitimacy. I can’t wait to subtly show all my friends my cool card before I make purchases. It makes me feel good.


Great rewards, fair interest rate

I like the Capital One Venture Card because the interest rate is fair and I can earn quite a lot of miles to use on different things. Also, there is a great annual bonus of I believe it is 40,000 miles after you spend a certain amount. It’s a great card!


Great card even with hardships

I first got my card when I was a student at University. I really went overboard and filled my card to my limit almost immediately. Capital One was able to work out an affordable payment plan to get me back on track without having to cancel the card. This was really helpful because I initially got the card for emergencies, and it’s nice that they gave me a chance to pay down on the balance rather than just taking me to collections.

They also have a very easy to use online portal that allows you to login and see your current bill, your purchases, make a payment. I really like the online tools provided to help manage your credit card.


Great Low Interest Rate Card

I really like this credit card. I started with a secured card from Capital One due to my credit being very bad. Once I had that card for a few years I applied for the Capital One Venture Card. I love that it gives me the security of knowing that if my car breaks down or that my house needs repair work, that I can get it done using my card. The interest is very low and I like that my payments are low enough that I don’t necessarily have to pay it off in full every month. Some months I pay more, some I pay the minimum. This is one of the best cards out there in my opinion.