Capital One Venture

Capital One Venture
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great card for getting back on your feet.

I am so happy with this card. I am trying to get my credit back on track after a few financial setbacks i had. Capital one has been completely awesome. As long as i am being honest with them they are standing behind me. They have already raised my credit limit once this past hear. Their customer service is outstanding. I am so impressed. They actually treat you like a person. I would highly recommend them to anyone else.


Excellent card for Travelers

The Capital One Venture card is ideal if you are someone who likes to travel. Although this card has a very high interest rate, it also provides a lot of points which can be used to pay for travel related expenses like hotels, plane tickets, and the like. I have been using mine for a couple of years now and make sure to pay off the entire balance as soon as it comes due. If you do this regularly you will find that you are able to cut travel costs down pretty drastically. In the span of two years I have been able to get a couple of round trip flights covered by the points.


Good rewards for giftcards.

The card is fine. I get 2% back in rewards, and usually get giftcards with the rewards.


Great card for miles without an annual fee

I have had this credit card for about 3 years. I got it for the airline miles. So far I have used the miles for a trip to Las Vegas which was a pleasant surprise since I did not think that I had enough after about a year. I have not used them since because I wanted to use them for a longer trip. I use the iOS app to check my balance and check transactions. So far I am satisfied with the card however, I am debating using another card to get cash back since I could see the benefits more quickly.


Best Cash Back Card

I really love this credit card. Not only is it accepted virtually everywhere since it is a Visa, I get a comparatively high cash back percentage. By using the Purchase Eraser I get credits on travel purchases, which includes public transportation and cabs. Living in NYC, I make these types of purchases frequently so it’s easy to get cash back on smaller purchases so I don’t have to wait for points to accumulate as long. Though I have used this card enough to get a flight to New Orleans for free! Can’t beat that!


Not bad, got the job done

This credit card was able to help me get work done on my car earlier than I could have if I saved up the money working week to week. I was happy to be able to get my freedom back and it didnt have much interest to pay when I paid it back. I am happy with my use of the card.


Great customer service

When I first opened this credit card it was just to help rebuild my credit. I had originally had a credit card when I was 18 and proceeded to ruin my credit by maxing it out and not being able make payment. I was thrilled when I was able to get a small credit line with Capital One just to prove that I could be responsible and make payments. Now 5ish years later i have 5x the credit line that I originally had and continue to be impressed with the nature of how they handle my account. I have yet to have a bad experience with them and look forward to maintaining this account going forward.


Rebuild and Reward

I got this credit card after I had some serious financial issues and was trying to improve my credit. I decided to use it at least once a month and pay the bill in full each month. It really worked. After about 3 months, my credit had improved where I was sent an application for another card. I accepted it and did the same thing with it.

I never charged more than I could pay back in less than 3 months. If you are in need of rebuilding your credit, you need to pay your utility bills each month and make sure you pay your credit card bills each month. After working so hard to rebuild my credit I know think twice about buying things that I can’t afford, but it is great knowing that I can if I want to.


Feel Secure and VENTURE out to see the world with this credit card

Getting this credit card has been a change in my life, its not every day that a credit card gives you 2X miles-”that’s 2 miles for every dollar you spend on purchases, One-time bonus of 40,000 miles-”equal to $400 in travel-”once you spend $3,000 on purchases within the first 3 months, its pretty low 13.9% APR and balance transfer fee of NOTHING really helps in this time of uncertainty and when everything seems to need a credit card and when you go to the store and see a wall full of prepaid credit cards with no offers or benefits not to mention they are based mainly out of country and who wants to not know where their money is? I really was sick of throwing my money away on monthly maintenance fees and fees just to keep my card active, at around $10 a month on just being privileged enough to let your hard earned money go through them. I work to hard for that and with this Capital One Venture card I really cant say enough good things.
To start out they give you a very nice but not overwhelming $5,000 credit minimum limit to get started with depending on credit it could be more but the minimum you will start with is the $5,000. I have been able to rent cars and get double the miles back on everything I spend a dollar on and when you travel it really pays off for anything or any emergency. I really couldn’t tell you enough to get this credit card. I’m a momma and would never leave home without it because you just never know.


Best rewards system, hands down.

This is possibly one of the best credit cards that I have been a member of.
As an international traveler, I have to constantly be aware that I could be a victim of credit card theft while overseas. All it takes for me to give Capital One the heads up is a simple message informing them of my intentions to travel and the dates I will be abroad. They take extra care to not only watch your account for suspicious activity, but when you come home they will keep track of any additional charges that could happen even though you have returned home.

The second best part of this card is the rewards program. As I stated before, I am an avid international traveler. With this card I can use my points to purchase flights, book rooms or even purchase excursions! The points that I get by using this card for everyday expenses build up quickly, and I have taken over a dozen free flights all over the world for almost nothing just by using their reward system over the past few years. If you are looking for a credit card that has an amazingly low APR, an excellent rewards program and overall fantastic customer service, this is the company and the card for you!


It is a really good card.

I really like this card. They provide excellent rewards and tremendous flexibility. I also really like the built in security alerts that are provided. The only thing that I am not crazy about is the support for the card. I have called about an issue before and emailed and almost never get a response. That does not take away from the card though and I would rate it a 5 out of 5.


I am satisfied with the card.

I am vsatisfied with the card. It is a good reward cards for those who like traveling. I don’t have a lot of experience with other travel rewards programs but I think this one is reasonably generous. As with any credit card, I would prefer that it had no annual fee but maybe that is just the cost of a good rewards program.


I love my card!

They make it so that I don’t have to do any sort of calculations or remember what quarter it is so I can use a different card for different savings. They simply give me one card to use that gives me 2 miles for $1 spent which works out to 2% reward, plain and simple. I recently booked a trip to Disneyland and they made it incredibly simple to redeem my points. I simply logged in, clicked the purchase, hit redeem and done! Free trip to Disney.


Great Card for Travellers

I have enjoyed working with Capital One. Their statements come on a timely basis and are accurate. The one time I had an issue with a charge the situation was resolved professionally and accurately. I enjoy the cash back bonuses I receive from the card. I expecially love that there are no foreign transaction fees associated with the card since my son attends Mcgill University in MOntreal Canada.


Use it all the time

At 2% reward rate for travel, this card has netted me countless free taxis, flights, etc. Plus, since my landlord lets me pay rent with a CC for just a 1.7% fee, I get to earn a few dollars back on that each month thanks to the difference. Finally, I give Capital One props for catching fraud on my card twice over the past 3 years I’ve had it. I plan to keep it around for quite a while.


Awesome card, easy to use, but a bit overzealous with fraud denials

I’ve been using the Venture as my top of wallet card for 5 years. It works as advertised, and the points are super easy to redeem against statement credits, netting you a real 2% back when you use on travel purchases. The travel expenses are really easy to find on your statement - things like Uber qualify. You don’t deal with annoying point or cash accruals that only redeem once a year, or are hard to redeem - you can redeem anytime.

It’s my top of wallet because:

First, the Venture is accepted almost everywhere because of the Visa network, whereas my Amex is not. This is a big issue in SF, but was not an issue in my former home, NYC.

Second, it is extremely easy to use, unlike my Fidelity Amex. Capital One makes it easy to see last month’s balance. My Fidelity Amex, on the other hand, makes you jump through hoops and open a PDF to find your previous month balance - the Fidelity homepage only displays the minimum balance and the total balance, not the amount I owe from last month! It makes my skin crawl.

Third, I want to maintain a long credit history, and I know I can always call in and shift this to the no fee version when I want to make it dormant and switch to a new card. Right now, the annual fee is massively offset by the amount I spend on this card, and the foreign transaction fee waiver.

My main complaint:

The sheer number of times I’ve gotten denied by the fraud department over the past 5 years. It happens probably three times a year. One time at my local Safeway, one time at a WalMart 2 hours away, one time at a local department store, one time overseas, and one time at dinner on a date. I’m guessing this is an issue with most cards, but it was never an issue with my Amex Blue Cash while I was living in NY. Most of the time when I get denied on this card, I pull out my Amex and it works. This is a bit embarrassing, but made slightly less horrible because calling in to get it reactivated is a fast process.


love it!

I just got this card last month and I am really happy with it. I travel overseas quite frequently and itd really nice having this card


Overall Good Card

The only issue I have is that I have excellent credit and I get charged the max interest apr. I’m also a good customer and use my card for all my purchases. They also have a $59 dollar a year fee. I feel that since I am being charged such a high APR that fee should be waived or vice versa. A lower APR with the yearly fee.

Not sure what type of credit rating you need to be rewarded with a better apr.


Great for travelers

I love the Venture card, low annual fee for a card with 2 points per dollar spent, no foreign transaction fees which saves me hundreds of dollars per year in traveling expenses, and its a Visa signature card which has its perks and benefits.


Will be forever loyal

Capital one is really great at giving people 2nd chances (bankruptcy 4 yrs ago) and the venture card is excellent with rewards and gives a very generous credit line. The annual fee is the lowest of all the comparable credit cards. I really love the 2 points per dollar spent, given it is only to redeem for travel purchases. Everything else is .50 per dollar redeemed. This is actually a plus for my family since it gives us an excuse to treat ourselves once in a while. Have never gone anywhere by plane with my family but this year we will be traveling to Disney. The $400 in bonus rewards helped incredibly and the more than enough credit line of 20k is great to have for emergencies. I truly hope Capital One can be recognized as more of a prestigious card one day rather than the credit card known to given to poor/fair credit people. It’s the image they still have today and lots of people just cringe at the fact of having a cap one card in their wallet, no matter the benefits and rewards, credit line, etc. I guess the card just screams “low status”. It’s also sad I think this way as well, and would most likely opt for an Amex $1,000 credit line over my 20k cap one card. However, the venture card and the venture one card really do have a more sophisticated look and does not have that obnoxious capital one signature design that you can spot a mile away. The venture cards are clean, classy and capital one logo is located small on the upper corner and color of the card is nice as well. Overall, I don’t have anything negative to say so far. Customer service handled my fraudulent charges quite smoothly that had incurred couple months ago. However, they did deduct those charges from my available credit until case was closed which took a little over a month but the charges were removed from my balance within couple days of report. Customer service was professional and kind, better than lots of other credit card companies. I hope this review can help those hesitant of choosing the right card. I really don’t write reviews especially positive ones but I felt the need to give Capital One something back since it has done so much for me. Just knowing the money is there when I need it, it really eases the burden and financial stress we all can go through sometimes.