Capital One Venture

Capital One Venture
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CapOne Venture Card Is Beneficial

I have had my Capone Venture Cards for years now, and annually save at least $1000USD using my card for flights overseas. I’ve learned to save my miles and not use them on Domestic Flights or International flights in North America, but save them for long hauls to Europe. I even pay my taxes and purchase coins with my card as well as gas and groceries. And the 2 miles credit for each dollar is the cream on the cake. But there is one pitfall never to do, is cash in your mileage for dollars. Then you only get a 1:1 payback and that is costly if you like to travel. And, CapOne saved me money when I was hacked by an unknown party. In fact this have occurred several times, and I haven’t lost a dime. My only complaint is that CapOne uses snail mail to replace lost or replacement cards. And they try to get a higher fee for expedited service with replacements, but otherwise I have learned to adjust or complain. But Overall I have been highly satisfied with my CapOne card.


best rewards card i ever had

best rewards card i ever had, points to cash conversion is straight, and no BS. Thats the best part. Unlimited miles and no expiration helps too. though all banks have started to do this.


Great Rewards - Major Flaw with auto payment

I would have given this card a 5, but there is a major flaw with how they execute the auto payment. I am setup to auto draft the full prior balance each month. Although I like to pay my card with different bank accounts, so during the month i make several manual payments and then expect to auto draft the remaining balance from the account i linked. THIS IS NOT the case! They don’t take into consideration your manual payments and will just deduct the full prior balance. This caused my account to over draft and pay a fee to the bank. Even though that balance was not truly due and they drafted my account for more money than the balance. I asked to get reimbursed for this fee and they said no. So far i have noticed bad customer service with this card but great rewards. I am all about customer service and using services that give excellent service. I will second guess using this as my primary card now.


Be careful of Car Rental benefits

They only cover car rentals up to 15 days in the US. I rented for 16 days and found out the hard way after getting into a finder binder. Overall not impressed with customer service or card benefits. Canceling this card and interested in better alternatives.


Great rewards, terrible customer service

Love the rewards, website, and superlative iOS apps, but…

Hate hate hate having to talk to their support people, especially their fraud team. Chat agents are unable to perform many basic account tasks (like rushing replacement cards). Their fraud staff, just as far as language comprehension, tact, soft skills, are among the worst I’ve spoken with (think Comcast bad). Hold times are often quite long as well.

Definitely the worst of the financial institutions I have relationships with from a service perspective.


Perpetually Flagged - Canceling

5 phone calls in 2 days. Day 1. Account flagged for fraud, I confirmed transactions. Account flagged again hours later. Fraud specialist cannot tell me why but insists on reviewing a dozen or so transactions. Rejected again. Now I learn I’m 3 days late on payment. Really? Schedule payment of full balance(they can see this), ask to have hold lifted as I am traveling. Nope!

Day 2. Trip fraud detection on wife’s card. Email makes it look like a merchant triple billed us, so I call. After talking to the specialist finally figure out we weren’t triple billed. Worthless call, but her card is okay not, right…Nope…Later in the afternoon, flagged again. Called, but they can’t tell me why because system down.

Goodbye Capital One.


Basically 2% Cashback If you travel or use Uber

I love that you can redeem your points for 2% refund on any purchase semi-related to travel. Uber, Taxi’s, restaurants at hotels… super flexible categorization. Also like the mobile app… great notifications on transaction, and purchase Eraser makes it a breeze to get my 2% back. Overall its a no brainer!


Love the Card - But Hate the Fraud-Related Hassles

The card itself is great. Most importantly, you can earn rewards quickly, and there are a ton of options to redeem your rewards. Because of that, this is our “go-to” card that we use for big purchases, monthly auto-pay purchases, etc.

Two major downsides: First, their fraud department is extraordinarily overzealous, and they’re prone to cancelling and reissuing the card if there’s a hint of any fraudulent activity. At times, they’ve cancelled my card completely unnecessarily, which has meant that I’ve had to update each and every online account that I use to pay with this card. This is such a pain that I’m actually looking at applying for other cards, despite all of this card’s benefits. Second, I’m not sure what’s up, but they recently reprogrammed their mobile apps, so it’s actually become more difficult to redeem your rewards on a mobile device.


I paid 700$ more for a trip

I booked a trip (flight and hotel) January 10th for $8700 and on the 25th I saw more or less by accident that if I would have booked my exact same trip separately on and Hawaiian Airlines I would have saved $700!!! I called Customer Support at Capital One to cancel the trip or to maybe get a better price but neither was possible. I will definitely think twice before booking a flight and a hotel at Capital One in the future! What a rip off!


Great no-hassle card

I have the Capital One Venture and like it because it gives a standard 2 miles for every dollar I spend. Other cards offer a lot of promotions or specials, which Capital One doesn’t, but that just makes it easy to spend and get miles. Plus, it’s really easy to redeem miles when you need them.


Prepare for purchase declines aplenty

While I do support fraud prevention activities, Capital One routinely declines purchases, with little or no method to the madness. Rather than attempting to reach the customer by phone, text or email, they just decline. I had this card for several years, and the problem grew worse until recently I cancelled it. Do not use this card for client entertainment, as it can be embarrassing when they decline for no reason. I called to complain at least 3 times, but despite promises to fix this issue, they never did. I now have Bank of America, who calls before declining. Much better.


Classic bait and switch

We found an ad online for 0% balance transfer, applied using the “apply now” button, got a “congratulations, you’re approved” web page with "0% on balance transfers through Feb 2017 (it was Feb 2016 when we applied), then called to transfer our balance. We were told the card had to be open for 10 days before we could transfer our balance, so we waited the requisite 10 days, called again, and were told that not only were we NOT getting 0% on the transfer, but that the transfer rate was 22%!! That’s more than double our current rate. I was snidely asked if I had read the terms and conditions when I called…so, I closed the account, and will be closing my capitalone checking and savings account, too, as well as capitalone investment account. I’m so disgusted by the blatant bait-and-switch.


I like this card

great customer support


great card

liked it very much


Really like this card

Just started using it recently and it’s been great.



This card is fantastic 20k to 40k bonus depending on which promotion adds up to 200 to 400 bucks back to you… they pay that bonus immediately ! after 7 years of no credit I was awarded 10k to start of my unsecured line of credit… Wow! thanks… and I use it all the time… Just nothing wrong with it except I hate chip cards! (they take too long to get approval) The website is easy to navigate and has little icons before the description makes naviagating and looking for your activity a breeze … Just love love this card… ! will get a buisness line of credit next…



Not bad at all



It’s not use on anything. You have to have exactly the miles needed to redeem. Chase allows you to pay the difference. And I it’s only .01 per mile value.


Great rewards, great customer service

I seem to accumulate miles/points quickly and have had really great experiences via chat and on the phone with the customer services dept.


A credit card to earn reward points

I like it because there is no annual fee and I receive points. I don’t like it because it is stricter in credit limit increases.